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Toshiba HD CRT TV Owners: Problems, Fixes, Solutions, Services....Discuss Them Here!!

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Ok first waltchan can you edit your first post and write down the method to get into the service menu,designer mode, and the reset mode. I have ultralink component cables for the 26hf85 and the other toshiba dlp. They are very good (thick cables no spaghetti) and I paid 50$ canadian. If you're considering Monster cables you can't go wrong but they are very $$$$.

Here's the link for the Ultralink cables: http://www.ultralinkcables.com/
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Just wondering, if I am going to purchase the Toshiba 26HF15 at Costco for $500, I wonder which component video cable is best for the TV? Is Monster Cable a good choice? Also, what is a good cheap calibration disc out there?

why? you claim they are junk everyday now you are buying one
~seems ironic

but monster cable is nothing more than overpriced, the company is scum of the earth
and their business practices of "We will sue you out of business" should not be supported

walter you have been around here long enough to know what and where to get cables (and if you do not)
Ramelectronics and bluejeancables
both are sponsors I believe and there is a powerbuy for Ramelectronics cables

for DVD calibration discs
DVE is cheap on Amazon at 18 dollars
add another 7 dollar item and shipping is free
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here's the powerbuy

their main site

and blue jean cables

site appears to be down now though

also I like the Belkin Pure AV cables which can be purchased cheap at Amazon but they are not part of the free shipping promotion
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So does the HDMI help eliminate the white glow and what does the design sevice menu actually do?

I have been fortunate to not have the problem as I extreme as I have seen in this forum. Mine has it, but not bad. I just want to get it under control and was wondering whether the HDMI cable actually eliminates it -- as I already have ordered one.

Thanks to all. I have been keeping up with this problem for a while and have been keeping up with this forum for some time. Have a good one all.
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Another thing I was wondering about, is there a way to adjust the border gap between the outer plastic trim and the viewable screen (the black 1cm gap that goes along the entire edge of the screen).

Is this physically fixed in place? or is there a way to adjust it? The overscan adjustment in the service menu only controls the underlying picture image. But, on my computer monitor for instance, you can move the image all the way to the edge of the screen, so that there are no gaps.

If this can be done, it might also help with the white glow issue.
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To go into the service menu (this only applies to Orion-made Toshiba TVs as well as all the other Orion's off-brand TVs):

Turn the volume all the way down to 0. Press and hold the TV's front panel volume down button, and then press and hold the remote's "9" button for about a second. The service mode will appear. Change item with the chanel button up and down. Change value for an item with the volume button up and down. Press "6" instead of "9" for the designer mode. Press "1" instead of "9" to reset the TV settings, but not the service settings. Make sure you copy down all the original service settings in a separate paper before you change the values.

I wouldn't recommend playing around with "designer mode" This key combination is used to give a confirmation of hours used. It also puts you into Data Set mode and allows you to modify the address settings for the Memory IC. (EEprom) . Service manual has an extensive table listing the correct values, I don't think any of these should be changed.

Playing with this can result in a dead tv real fast.
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Tomorrow I am going to exchange my "old" Toshiba 30hf85 for a new one at Sears -- thank goodness for Sears' easy return policy. I had it for a month and had the white bar at the top -- though not as bad as some I have seen. However, it was not until after I discovered a greenish spot on my set that would not go away that I decided it was time for a new one. So maybe by exchanging the thing, this time it will be the tv I hoped it would be and save me another crazy trip with that heavy tv. So pray for me. Anyway, will post my results!
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Walter, why not consider Samsungs 26" sets, to me they looked to have better PQ and a better value if you get the one with a built in HD tuner.
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I guess I'll chime in here, haven't posted for a while though. I own a 30HF85 which I purchased back in May. Overall I like the Tv and it is the only one I could fit in the space I have. Unfortunately, as of today though, my Tv is in the shop.

The Tv worked fine when I first got it and I was pleased to finally be able to watch DVD in widescreen and progressive scan, in fact, aside from a slight geometry problem which I noticed on the very top left and right all seemed to be good.

Flash forward to this past couple of weeks and my geometry has gotten all screwed up, the right side is wavy and the top left and right are still whacked out. Convergence also appears to have gone south and becomes a real problem for DVD. On top of that, the Tv just looks really blurry and it appears really grainy (though some of this could be attributed to a bad DVD it looked like it was everywhere on all sources), friends are even commenting on the bluriness. I calibrated with Avia but just couldn't get rid of this graininess and actually ended back with my original settings.

The HDMI port on my Tv was also weird, and had problems with 1080i. I can't confirm if this was the Tv or the upconverting DVD player I had but I switched to a standard progressive scan player hooked up through component and haven't had a problem since.

I called Toshiba tech support (who were kind of rude and flakey) and they directed me to the service center which, lucky for me, is located right where I live. The service guys came today to pick up my Tv and they will have it for at least two weeks, lucky there are a couple Tv's in the house . The work will be covered under the warranty which is good but it is kind of frusturating. I going to have them address the problems I've mentioned above and even gave them a nice little note covering my problems and concerns, mainly with the geometry and convergence.

Anyone else have a similar story? I'm not really angry but I'm a little frusturated. Hopefully the Tv will come back in a couple weeks good as new and ready to go.
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Someone in another thread asked for specific examples of the Orion-built Toshibas having problems. I'm copying my response here, as it's relevant to this thread:

The only "evidence" I have is my own, which is hardly a statistical sample

However, I had problems with my Toshiba/Orion 34HF85. The tube was so far out of alignment when I first got it, even with the tilt adjustment all the way to the right, it was still a full inch higher on one side. A tech came out, openend the back, and adjusted it from there. Problem solved.

Then I tried to calibrate the set using Digital Video Essentials (after close to 50 hours of use.) I couldn't get the colors calibrated. I could get the blues pretty close, but the reds and greens would be way to hot. If I turned down the color so the reds and greens were close, the blues would be way undersaturated. I settled for a middle of the road setting, with all three colors off a bit. Also, the whites were way too bright at the proper brightness setting (using the pluge pattern.) Whether I was viewing a DVD or SD or HD satellite, the whites were overly bright and glowing around the edges. If I turned down the brightness, the blacks became too black, and I'd lose detail in dark scenes.

Finally, I had the well documented "white glow" at the top of the screen when viewing HD content at 1080i.

All of this was enough for me to upgrade the set (after 3 weeks of giving it my best effort) to a Sony 34XBR960. I must say, the difference in picture quality is very real and very noticeable.

So, there's one person's experience with Orion-built Toshiba CRTs. I'm not in any way saying I had problems *because* the set was built by Orion, just saying that I did have problems, though.

One thing that put me over the top when deciding to bite the bullet and spend the money on the Sony: I spend a couple days reading through both the official Toshiba 34HF85 and the Sony XBR960 threads. The number of people reporting problems or otherwise bitching about the Toshiba was quite large. Conversely, the number of people complaining about the Sony was relatively few. Also, there were *many* post where people said the Sony was the best CRT they've every seen/owned. No such posts for Toshiba. The positive posts in the Toshiba thread are mostly that "it works fine", or "I found a workaround for the glow issue." Well, I'm not going to drop $1000 bucks for something that requires a workaround in order to compensate for a design defect.

Edit: note that I wasn't refering to THIS thread in the paragraph above, I was refering to the older Toshiba CRT thread (can't recall the exact thread title, but it has the word "Official" in it...)
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I just got it and i'm having some issues. I have had a toshiba 57hx93 in the basemant and have loved it since the day I bought it about 2-3 years ago but the newer and smaller Toshiba just doesn't seem to have the same PQ that i'm used to seeing...the HD channels are soooo dark and it just doesn't seem to be as clear...the 57" is a cinema series and that could be the difference, can I get a 30" that has the cinema series? anybody else have this experience?

One thing I can't figure out is how to move the picture. I'm talking about the black bars for example...there is a thicker black bar on the right then the left, and some of my guide is cut off too. Looking through the manual it says to hit the pic size button....but everytime I do it tells me "info not available" what gives!?

Edit...now I just noticed that I've got a yellow spot in the bottom right corner of the screen!!! It's not beside a speaker or anything really, except my sat. receiver. What the heck is that from?

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Well I took back my Toshiba 30HF85 to Sears and got another one. After one day, I was fed up with the new piece of junk I received. It also had the whitening at the top, but it was actually worse than the one I returned. I tried using an HDMI/DVI cable to solve this problem (as I heard others had done). Despite losing the infamous whitening, on 1080i channels there was noticible color bandings that made my stomach churn. It was ugly! One of the main reasons I bought the tv was because it had an HDMI input. But if I cannot use it, what's the use?!

So today, after one evening with the replacement set, I lugged it back to Sears and exchanged it for the Sony 30HS420. I am very happy with the new set -- as it has a sharper picture, no more overly black blacks, and none of the problems that plagued my Toshiba. Please note: I am definitely not a Sony fanboy (I actually loathe Sony fanboys) nor do I hate Toshiba and the whole fiasco concerning the outsource of the televisions to Orion -- if Orion made a great, reliable product, I would not care who made the Toshibas. I just must say that the Sony is a much superior piece of machinery compared to the Toshiba, and if Toshiba does not correct the problems infecting its tvs anytime soon, Toshiba will lose the one thing that has made it such a popular name -- its product reliability at an affordable price!

Oh well. I hope you all make due with your set. I hope all goes well and that you all are able to overcome the television's shortcomings and find a balance that makes you happy. I admire all of your attempts to make the thing work. But after readig all of the problems with this model and my own experiences, I had to go elsewhere. Take care all.
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Thanx for the reply...In the menu, there is a "set up" menu and when I go down to picture size and picture scroll it skips over it...this is the only thing I can find that might have something close to moving the picture around, but I can't access it! I changedthe aspect on/off, 540p to 1080i.....none of it helped me access the option...i'm lost.

I've definitely got very black blacks also, i've got the contrast and brightness up to 41, what exactly is color banding?
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Originally Posted by waltchan View Post

Toshiba can't correct the problems nor can't they solve the bad picture quality. Orion design all the technical specs in the TVs. Orion design and produce the circuit boards. Orion set the picture quality in the TVs for Toshiba. Toshiba only ask the specs they want in their TVs, then Orion produce them, and then Toshiba buy them from Orion and ship them to stores.

Yeah they could. In the contract between Toshiba and Orion, I am pretty sure there are standards that must be met. If these standsards are not met, I am pretty sure Toshiba could say something or even break the contract.

Furthermore, if the Toshiba name is on it, it is still a Toshiba! Hey, Corona beers are made in Chicago and Honda cars are made in the U.S. So does that mean it is still not a Corona beer or a Honda? You put your name on something it becomes your product. So I do not care if Orion is producing them or if they are made in Willy Wonka's factory. It is up to Toshiba to ensure that the quality they have provided for years continues in the outsourced sets. Similar to how Honda tries to ensure that the cars produced in the U.S. still retain the same quality as the ones produced in Japan. Please do not shift blame soley to Orion. It is a mutual contract and Toshiba has to live up to its end.
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Anyone have a url for the pdf of the owner's manual for the HFX85.

Tosh appears to have stopped updating owners manuals available online in 2004.

Is that when Tosh started outsourcing to Orion?

I wrote Toshiba and asked they send me the pdf and they replied:

"If your model is not listed, hard copies of our manuals are available through a parts distributor. "

Not very supportive support.
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Originally Posted by oilfan
Thanx for the reply...In the menu, there is a "set up" menu and when I go down to picture size and picture scroll it skips over it...this is the only thing I can find that might have something close to moving the picture around, but I can't access it! I changedthe aspect on/off, 540p to 1080i.....none of it helped me access the option...i'm lost.

The adjustment in the menu you are referring to will only scroll the picture when the picture size is in Theaterwide 2 and Theaterwide 3 mode. It is will allow you to nudge the picture vertically.

I think you were complaining about the width of the pillarbox in 4:3 mode not being equal. My settop box (Samsung SIR-TS160) has a raster control that allows centering of the screen when using the DVI output. See if your box has something similar.

If it bothers you that much you will probably have to set the overscan in the service menu. If you are comfortable doing this yourself, you can pick up a copy of the 30HF85 service manual on Ebay for about $10. It details how to correctly set the horizontal and vertical positioning, it takes about 10 minutes. I have to tell you though, I can't get my pillarboxes perfectly even on my 30HF84 without throwing my oversan off. The tech that adjusted my set on the assmbly line fudged mine to get it to look good. I improved it a bit, but each set behaves differently. Besides, I watch everything in 16:9 anyway.

You can always take the set back (you just got it) and try another one.
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I've spent all day in the service menu of my 26HF15 tweaking all the geometry settings to come up pretty happy. In 4:3 mode there are still slight bends, but overall it's something I think I can deal with. It's a much welcome tradeoff with the progressive scan I get with my Playstation 2 games (especially this new one, Tekken 5, looks absolutely gorgeous on it). I really think there should be some plastic mechanism that folds down like a transformer to cover the silver bars on the sides though. The tube doesn't exactly cut it perfectly when drawing straight lines down the side.

I am experiancing a bit of this glow from the white bars when viewing a black 4:3 screen though. It's a little annoying, but how often are you going to be watching a solid black screen? Still it would be nice to know how to fix it.

Also, how would one go about calibrating the Red, Green and Blue colors perfectly? I know you can do this via the service menu, but having a color wheel or something handy would be nice. Is there an "official" color calibration device type thing?

When viewing regular TV, is it normal for it to look a little blocky when stretching the image? I don't really understand why that happens...are these the artifacts everyone talks about?

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I just recently purchased a 34HF85 and I am very disappointed with the quality of the HD picture. My provider is Cablevision and I have a HD cable box. The signal is routed via a HDMI / DVI cable. When watching sports (football or tennis), I get very noticeable flickering and shadow lines. It is almost better to watch it in SD. This can't be normal. Am I missing something? Thanks
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Yes. As I stated before, the HDMI picture is HORRIBLE. There's flickering EVERYWHERE where there is movement. It's far worse than the glow thru 1080i component. As I stated before, I'm saving my HDMI for the PS3 when it comes out. Hope that helped!
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Will your box allow a component connection?
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Yes, both component & HDMI. And just to give a heads up, I'm using a THX certified Monster 6' component cable (IE - not some dollar store cable) and it did nothing to deter the white glow, so it's not the connection that's causing it. Good luck!
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I really hope that doesn't happen with my 26HF15. Right now the only thing wrong with it is the rainbow strip that *sometimes* appears on the upper left corner (but that is very very rare). I won't have an HD Tuner for a while to test the white glow you're talking about either. I do however experiance some white glow moreso on a 4:3 aspect screen while it is black with the grey bars "leaking" over. I also noticed while watching DVDs that a very very very faint white strip appears at the top of the tube where the black bar is...is there any way to get rid of that? I can hardly ever notice it but I definately don't want it to get worse.

Has anyone in here tuned their 26HF15 or similar Toshiba with an Avia (or equivalent) calibration disc? I ordered one on ebay to help me tune my TV as the colors are sometimes too vivid (and I'm hesitant to mess with the colors via the service menu...there are just too many options I don't want to change without the proper color strip). If anyone could give me their impressions using such a disc that would be great...it's like, even though I view progressive scan pictures with great resolution, the color is way off and makes the image (in that sense) a little worse than my old TV.
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Lennsx thanks for the advice.

I made the switch to component last night and it as a solid improvement in HD sports picture quality. I watched the Yankees game last night and the picture was great. I did come across another issue. I get an intermittent flicker or static when watching a DVD. It also happened when I connected my Xbox. It appears to be focused on the top part of the screen. Maybe I am going crazy or over critically regarding this TV. Does anyone else seem to have this issue and a possible work around?
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Here is a list of my possible problems and solutions with this set.
1- Flicker - possible fix, use component cables, not hdmi.
2- White glow- possible fix, turn off 1080i on stb and let the set upconvert the signal to
1080i. It worked for me.
3- Black level - I am still trying to find a fix for this. If I had any idea what all those settings are in the service menu, I am sure we can find an answer. I cant find a 34hf85 service manual on the net. I can get a 30hf85 service manual, but will it help me figure out what the settings are with the 34hf85?
Also, someone posted something about a "Black Level Expander" in another thread, it could be in the service menu.
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With all the problems with crt sets lately, for example: Geometry, convergance,bulk, weight,etc.

I would rather recommend you get a flat panel display which has perfect geometry,sharpness,convergance,and are very light.Prices have come down a lot lately and i myself am looking to upgrade to a flat panel display due to weight and space issue with my sony 34" HDTV, i want to free up more room in my bedroom and am looking for a flat panel display.

Only question now is LCD or Plasma?
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Damn, sorry to hear that. Every DVD I throw at this TV plays perfectly. I watch them via my newer PS2 (the slim one), using the basic Sony brand PS2 component cables, with Progressive Scan on and the display at 540p (NOT 1080i, although when I do switch back and forth I honestly see no difference, so why not just keep it at 540p, no?) Sin City looked fantastic - going to rent Episode II to REALLY see this TV crank!
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I'm unfortunate enough to have an older model PS2, so I'm going to have to buy another DVD player to get progressive scan going. At least Costco has reliable ones for $60.

If anyone has info on where a service menu manual can be found, please post it. I'd be very grateful.

I don't know about your XBox game flicker issue, but with playing PS2 games w/ component cables and in progressive mode, there is no flicker. Who knows what it could be for you. The only problem I have with PS2 games and my set is the glow some colors have...they end up overlapping onto other parts because they are so bright...it's probably something that can be fixed via the service menu.

Is it normal for cable TV (not digital) to look kind of...weird? Like it's being processed by a TV card or something. Sure, when I'm 9 feet away it looks fine, but up close it looks almost blocky. And does switching to digital fix this?
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Just thought I'd chime in.

I've connected both my Denon2900 DVD player and OTA tuner via signalcable component cables. I've set the tuner to 720p and let the TV either upconvert to 1080i or down to 540(?).

No glow, no other issues. I'm very pleased with this TV and the picture looks great.

Just wanted to post a positive response. Perhaps Orion is having trouble maintaining consistant quality control.
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Originally Posted by waltchan View Post

Get the Costco's $50 Toshiba SD-K750 DVD player for your 26HF15. It's made by Orion also and will look great with your TV.

Yah my mom's had one for a year now and it works great.
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