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RGB switches?  

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What are my options for switching RGB signals to my CRT projector?

I would like to switch between my Dish 6000, DVDO, and 1 or 2 computers. The best I can find are the VGA/keyboard/mouse switchers. These would work, but I'm looking for something I can control with a programmable IR remote, or autosensing for a signal.

Let me know your experiences with these? I know some of the computer switches I have used degrade the signal somewhat.
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You could use an Extron unit, such as the SW4ar model. It is on the expensive side, but will not degrade the signal in any way, can be remotely controlled via RS-232, or will auto-switch based the active input.

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Anyone have some experience with the belkin Omniview line as far as signal degradation goes?

Rather affordable, with keyboard swtiching by hitting a few keys. (which should be remote controlable with an IR keyboard.

Jeffrey Macko
The Royale Cinema
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What about the Inline stuff. Any thoughts on quality? They seem to be reasonably priced.

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I use the Extron SW 4AR HV xi (http://www.extron.com/tech/tech.asp?id=np-swxi93) it can be had for around $550. It can switch manually, or when it detects a signal in auto mode. I recommend it.
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