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Onkyo S780 - Surround Audio  

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I recently hooked up my Onkyo S780 HTIB and was wondering about the different modes it is capable of playing. I am basically wondering which one if the best for the 7.1 surround setup. It has Dolby Digita, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, DTS and a few others. Please let me know.
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It depends on the source. For tv programs use Dolby Pro Logic 2x movie, if you are listening to music there is Pro Logic 2x music. With dvd movies Dolby Digital EX is pretty much standard on all dvd, some have DTS ES if that is available I would recommend that mode (sound is much more impressive). Neo 6 is also great for tv and music. I say listen to both Pro Logic 2x and Neo 6 as judge for yourself, when it comes to tv and music. Good luck and have fun.
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was wondering what settings people are using for the speakers and subwoofer-trying to get the best sound and how much base/treb etc.

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The settings are different depending on how your speakers are installed, how far away you are, how big the room is, etc... No one has the same settings.
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guide to surround sound formats......
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I would recommend against using the DTS Neo:6 modes. The surround upconversion simply isn't as good as the DPLIIx.

Check out hometheaterhifi's comparison test of various matrix modes. They've basically concluded that the Neo:6 modes don't image the rear speakers well...that is, the panning is too wild and distracting.
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Doesn't the Receiver select the best format anyway?
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Originally Posted by Newmie
Doesn't the Receiver select the best format anyway?
It does for DVD audio. The only exception would be for some DD 5.1 EX titles that aren't flagged properly and you have to go into the config menu and change it from AUTO to ON to get DD 5.1 EX. Leaving it to ON will give you DD 5.1 EX on all DD 5.1 titles. But from what I've read it's not recommeded and should only be used for EX titles.

For music you may just want plain stereo rather than Dolby PLII Music. Lots of choices for music.
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