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Question about how to capture video from a Motorola 6412 via Firewire  

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I hooked up my Motorola 6412 DVR to my pc last night. I followed instructions posted on the internet on how to install the drivers and get everything up and running. I got everything set up and my system is recognizing the dvr.

The problem is that when I went to try and run CapDVHS, I don't see anything to record. When I hit the record button, the counter starts working, but if I check the file, it is empty. I also don't see any files within the software. Do I need to have the dvr hooked up to a tv set and then select what I want to record first? I was hoping that just by hooking up the dvr to my pc via Firewire, I'd be able to see what was on the dvr hard drive and then be able to download the data.

How does this work exactly? The instructions aren't clear about how you actually capture the video to your pc. The problem that I have is that I don't have a pc near my tv and dvr box, so if that's not the problem, I don't want to waste my time setting it up this way.

Any help with this would be most appreciated!


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I could be way off, but since you haven't rec'd any other responses I figured I'd give it a shot....

Someone please correct me if i'm wrong - I haven't tried any of this yet, but I have read up on it a little....

anyway, I didn't think you could hook your computer up to read the harddrive in the cable box - I think we're just trying to capture the video that's coming out of the box when you playback something that's been recorded -

said differently, I think the firewire output on the back of the 6412 is esentially the same as the component out or any of the other outputs...the picture is displayed over the firewire cable and captured by the computer (like if you were to hook up a vhs camcorder and capture something with one of those TV Cards)

so - to capture, i think you'd need to hit "my DVR" on the remote - and then play - to get the output started

I would need to also hook it up to the TV or i wouldn't know what recording I was playing.....

again, sorry if i'm way off - but this is what I would try anyway

Good luck
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RickInMA is absolutely right - the firewire output on the box is just another video output, so it "broadcasts" whatever is currently playing on the DVR. What I did when I wanted to record a half hour show I had saved is set the recording time on CapDVHS to 40 minutes, started the recording, then ran to the DVR and hit Play, then waited until the show was over and voila! The file was there. Note that for me that was the EASY part - actually working with that saved video file is even more of a pain, depending on what you need to do with it.

There is NO way to look at the DVR as a "hard drive" and just copy files off of it.
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Originally Posted by puck71
RickInMA is absolutely right -
There's a frist time for everything....

Now I just need to 1) buy a wire 2) add another hard drive to my PC and 3) find a way to play it back...

Puck, what do you use for playback from the PC? - I was considering the Buffalo LinkTheater, but I really just started looking into this
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Excellent guys! That's what I thought. The reason why I wasn't seeing anything with the recorded programs was because I needed to select the show and then hit play. Without it being hooked up to the tv, I had no way of knowing what I was looking at. The reason why I couldn't capture anything live was because I didn't have the dvr box hooked up to the coax cable.

I don't know why I was thinking that I'd see just a bunch of files on my dvr and be able to download them, then later convert them. It would be MUCH nicer this way, especially because in order to capture what I have recorded, I have to record it in real time. That's going to take a while because I have a dvr nearly full of shows that I want to keep.

So.. What I need to do is either move my computer next to my tv, move my tv next to my computer or grab a 50 ft. firewire cable (which I doubt that they make).

Thanks again! Hopefully, someone will have this same question and find this thread useful to them.

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Can you post the internet address that gives the instructions on how to capture video?
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RickInMA: I usually just use Media Player or Winamp. You need to do a little work before you can just play it back usually, but that's covered in the guides.

xsiveone: I also needed to look for long firewire cables. I think I did find a site with 50 foot cables, but they were very expensive (over $100 I believe). I finally managed to find a cheap ($10) 25 foot cable that was long enough for my needs. Hopefully you can get them that close together: http://www.newegg.com/product/produc...82E16812149012

garysm99: http://replayguide.sourceforge.net/dct6412/
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Originally Posted by garysm99
Can you post the internet address that gives the instructions on how to capture video?
Gary: Here's the link for the instructions. Follow the driver install instructions exactly how they are written. Edit: Puck -- I see that you already provided the link for Gary.


Puck: Thanks for the newegg link for the inexpensive Firewire cable! :D
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