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Panasonic PHD8UK (or 7UY) settings  

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What are good starting point settings on these commercial models?
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The best way is to have a qualified calibrater do the adjsutments. I have a 50PHD7UY and all the fiddling I did to it go nowhere close to how it looks after calibration. Theuser settings and even the advanced menu do little to correct the gray scale. The set looks great out of the box and absolutely fantastic after a good calibration.
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I posted my experience in the plasma section but I need to edit it to reflect latest experience.

Cut a long story short... my problem was the colour level coming out of the HT PC over DVI (and the OPPO DVD player over component). With no Colour control available on the DVI input I was trying to correct what appeared to be too high red and green with the advanced R & B controls...

Eventually I cut the saturation level on the PC desktop (Ati radeon 9200) from 100 to 82
With Display on "Cinema" setting
Increased Picture from 10 to 11
and Brightness from 0 to 1
in Advanced: change Gamma from 2.2 to 2.0

This was checked over a few different films and trying to keep as much detail visible in the shadow areas.

Now it's pretty good, especially with the upscaled image from the PC at 1024 x 768 (1:1).
But I did just notice some scaling errors on Bugs life which disappeared when switching to the wider desktop (for same vertical height) Think it was 1280 x 768, for only a slight reduction in sharpness.

I found a ISF calibrator lives round the corner and he'll calibrate for 240$

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So PHD8UK DVI input has no color/tint control????

That is quite disappointing.

That means that these controls must come from the source or an outboard processor/scaler.

I put HD RGB signal from my OTA STB into plasma's VGA and it was unwatchable because the colors were over-saturated and I had no way to control them.

I've had TH-50PHD8UK for a week now and its limitations (like the above) start to annoy me.

Anyway Steve - thanks for the above settings.
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the controls that are available, seem to be specific to each input type. Maybe they're programmed in to each input board based on whatever the chip supports ?
I tweaked my DVI input again last night and turned the saturation down on the HT PC to 78 !!

There is a Colour control on the Component input (I have my OPPO DVD on that for the moment) and I set it to -8 on the display and the DVD colour control on full minimum (-9).

This all seems rather odd, because the HT PC was fine at stanadrd settings before using two different LCD 15" PC monitors (Philips and Acer). My Digital photos looked fine on them.
But now - viewing the photos on the plasma, the red & greens were 'way off'.
It suggests that the input on the Plasma is set to be too sensitive to the colour level.
(I don't remember having to adjust colour on the LCD PC monitors. I did setup colour level on my Philips 32" TV back in Switzerland (simply using the THX video test) and the settings worked fine across all inputs (a UK Dig Sat receiver, Pioneer DVD player (left behind) and the same HT PC which I brought here to the US), suggesting that all inputs were pretty consistent in their outputs. The Sat receiver and DVD player were connected using the European (21 pin) SCART connection which carries an RGB signal. The HT PC was connected to the TV by S-video.
Now I have the HT PC connected to the new plasma by DVI (which is digital RGB).
Results were the same using the VGA input from the HT PC, and there was also no colour control on that input. (There's a Input Level control but I don't see any effect from that).

If this seems to be a general 'problem' for the display across all inputs - maybe a ISF calibration would help to "push it down" so at least you get a correct neutral responce on the inputs where there's no colour control (like the DVI blade).

The output adjustment on the HT PC desktop (100 down to 78) has resulted in a pretty good picture but I'd prefer to "correct" the display device than tweak each output from each source, as maybe some sources it's not possible, like on a STB.

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