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I should be heading in that area pretty soon when I go thru there to do some clients in West Chester, NY and Stamford, CT.

Let me know if you don't find anyone in that area.
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Originally Posted by Q of BanditZ View Post

I'll do this on behalf of someone, since I know he's very busy and doesn't post on this forum very much.

Name: Chad Billheimer

Website: http://www.hdtvbychadb.com/

Email: badchillheimer@yahoo.com

Equipment used: http://www.hdtvbychadb.com/equipment.htm

Biography/background: http://www.hdtvbychadb.com/bio.htm

Coverage area: The website advertised "Full ISF calibration and service for Ohio, Indiana, W. Virginia, and Virginia" but Chad's been "cheating" and going out past that realm more often and may be looking to expand his base, after a point.

All of his references, means of contact, and other information are on that site.

He tends to actually cover a greater area that you might think, case by case. He hails from Ohio, but he's been going out as far as Maine, FL, and way out west as well. Case by case.

All you have to do is fill this form out here: http://www.hdtvbychadb.com/order.htm

It's not a binding contract at all. He'll contact you and case by case, you may just be pleasantly surprised. I won't speak for him one way or the other. It can't hurt to take a shot!

My personal testimonial about Chad's services:

This is my own personal testimonial thread about Chad and his services. You'll see plenty of other forumers, like UMR and such, that jumped in the thread and really gave a lot of useful information and plenty of great discussion!

Chad calibrated my SXRD last night and we were very pleased with the results. We thought it looked great out of the box; and I had "tweaked" it with Avia. I was a little skeptical about the need for the ISF; but had seen the major improvement provided on my prior CRT HD RPTV. So, I scheduled Chad after reading positive comments about his work on this site.

Turned out I was right in two regards. The SXRD benefitted significantly and Chad was definitely the correct choice. If you live in Ohio or a nearby state, Chad is a warm, personable guy and an outstanding calibrator.
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I use the following instrumentation along with an array of associated gear during my calibration sessions.


Photo Research PR650 SpectroRadiometer
TVSPro Optical Comparator


Sencore VP-403 Multi-Scan Video Generator
Accupel HDG-3000 Multi-Scan Video Generator
Digital Video Essentials PRO DVDs
Digital Video Essentials DVHS Tapes

I've been performing ISF calibrations since February, 1997 and on a full-time basis since January, 2001. I principally service the New York tri-State areas, but have done and continue to do extensive touring throughout the United States having performed over 100 tours to date.

Before becoming an ISF calibrationist, I was involved for many years in audio/video sales and installations in both the professional and consumer markets.

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Hi all,

Eliab calibrated both my big Sony CRT and my Optoma H77. Very pleased with his work and his recommendations. Oh, and he likes Chinese food.

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Chad Billheimer calibrated my Sony CRT RPTV (KP-57WS520) and did an outstanding job. Highly recommended. He travels to lower Michigan, as well.
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Randy Tomlinson......Atlanta, GA. and surrounding states.

Currently a member of Gregg Loewen's exclusive LION AV group and handling Gregg's accounts in NC, SC, GA, TN, AL, and MS. Have tours coming up soon to TN and NC. Travel sometimes to Calif and Florida as well.

Reviewer for The Perfect Vision magazine so have direct contact with top factory engineers.

Got tired of grossly inaccurate tri-stimulus color analyzers so bought a Gretag-McBeth LightSpex spectroradiometer that's used to verify accuracy of all calibrations. This product (not to be confused with the cheaper Eye-One) has twice the potential accuracy (256 sensors) of the PhotoResearch PR-650. I also use the top Sencore video generator (VP-403) which has ATSC output. It's a big mistake these days to trust any conventional color analyzer with LCoS, SXRD, LCD, and DLP sets. To monitor any change in analyzer calibration, I use a Sony D65 CRT monitor as a known reference whose phosphors always glow at 6500K. This was carefully measured with all color analyzers and the spectroradiometer the day each came back from factory calibration.

ISF certified since 2000 but been doing full convergence/white balance setups since 1966! (long before we had color analyzers) Front projectors since the 80s.

Contact me at LIONAV or my website at advancedtechservice
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Hi Folks

I live in Northern WI. Any know of someone who could do a calibration on a 34xbr960 just bought a couple of weeks ago?

Thanks much
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Where in Northern WI? I am from Eagle River, and get up that way now and then. I've got an ISF certification and a nice Sencore system, but Joe Coda is my calibrator I send abroad. His father is Doug Coda of Coda Electric in St. Germain, we do several projects up there every year, though our shop is in North Oaks MN, just north of Minneapolis. Send me a message if you want to set something up. We service all of Minnesota and Wisconsin and every major city in The US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Hong Kong/ Tokyo, Japan. Glad to help,

Matt Ballard
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Hi All,

I am Kevin Miller and my company is ISFTV. My contact information is listed below:

Kevin Miller
Phone: 718-274-0236
Email: kevin@ISFTV.COM
Web Site: www.ISFTV.COM
Founding Imaging Science Foundation Member since 1994
Industry Consultant ~ ISF Instructor
Contributing Editor to CNET.COM & The Perfect Vision

I have been calibrating in the New York Tri-State area since February 1994 when the ISF was first formed. I have been a co-instructor of the ISF seminars for the last five years.

I have extensive experience with all display types and all makes and models of HDTVs. I am also a consultant to some of the major TV manufacturers including Samsung, Sharp, Runco International and others. My equipment arsenal is state-of-the-art and includes the following:

Equipment Used: We are constantly upgrading our arsenal of test equipment, which includes:

New Gear: The Minolta CS-200 is designed to measure luminance, chromaticity, gamma and contrast of light emitting products, such as large flat panel and plasma displays, compact LCD's and OLED's, outdoor screens, high pressure lamps and instrument panels. In short, it can accurately read any type of display device. The CS-200 has 40 high accuracy sensors to calculate spectral response where as most color analyzers have only 3; 3 selectable measuring angles, and measurement speed as low as 0.5 seconds. The CS200 was tested against several Photo Research PR650 Spectraradiometers by Joe Kane of JKP and found to be just as accurate, and perhaps more accurate than the PR650 below 1.5 Footlamberts.

Sencore Color Pro 5000: This laptop software based meter has been developed mainly for the new fixed pixel displays like DLP, Plasma, and new forms of LCD like LCOS, because fixed pixel displays often have much different color space and gamma than traditional CRT based displays. This means old fashioned tri-stimulous meters like our trusty old Philips won't do the job as accurately as desired.

The Sencore 5000 has been compared to the industry standard calibration device, the Photo Research PR 650 Spectraradiometer on several occassions with many different types of displays, and has been proven to be as accurate if not more so than the Photo Research.

Sencore VP403 HDTV/SDTV signal generator with DVI Output and ATSC RF Output. The VP403 is the industry standard signal generator primarily because of its ATSC RF out, which allows us to go into an off-air or Satellite HDTV receiver's antenna input, and keep the set-top box in the signal flow making for much more accurate HDTV source calibrations.

Sencore CP5000 Color Analyzer

Philips Color Analyzer

Sencore CP288 Color Analyzer

The Visual Standard Optical Comparator

Accupel HDTV (720p, 1080i) HDTV signal generator

Sencore VP403 (480i/p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p NTSC and PAL) signal generator
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Moderator note:

this thread is ONLY for Calibrators and not for discussions

Please: only ISF Calibrators post here- Thanks

(thread may be cleaned up to delete OT posts)
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Can anyone recommend an ISF certified calbrator serving the Detroit area?
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6500 K Calibrations

Serving Oregon, Washington State and Idaho with frequent trips to Tampa/St Pete and Southernmost Texas.

ISF calibrator since 2003.

To save space here, check the website below for testimonials and equipment used.


Doug Kinne
Mt. Hood (Zigzag), Oregon
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Looking for a ISF calibrator in Buffalo, NY for my Toshiba 51HC85..let me know..thanks
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Just wanted to give the heads up that ChadB will be in the Detroit Metro Area(Feb17 and 18th) to calibrate a TV for myself and a friend. I know his rep is very good on this site, so if anyone is looking to have it done and you live in this area, you may want to drop him a line http://www.hdtvbychadb.com. I have seen a few people asking about calibrators in this area, so just wanted to give the heads up.

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Home Theater Calibration is now an "Authorized ISF Calibrator" for the Brillian LCoS displays in the Los Angeles and surrounding Southern California area.
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I tried to get Chad B down to Florida before the Super Bowl, but he seems to have basically dissed me. So does anyone know a good ISF calibrator that serves the Tampa Bay area? Any leads would be VERY appreciated!
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I would contact isf directly. They are in FL themselves and may have someone there that can do it for you. www.imagingscience.com
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Thank you very much!
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I'm trying to locate an ISF calibrator with front projection experience to help me with a review of a yet-to-be-released HD DLP front projector in NYC.

The review will be part of an email newsletter to a sizable national audience (details on request) and the calibration service would be in exchange for credit for the calibrator in the article (e.g. "Projector Calibration and testing performed by John Doe of XXXXX Calibration Services in XX, XX"). We woud also like to get the usual data (actual contrast, actual lumens etc.).

If you are interested please PM me.


Dan Canale
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Can anybody suggest someone experienced with the Sony G90 in the Dallas / Fortworth area?
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Originally Posted by lennsx View Post

Thank you very much!

You are VERY welcome!!!
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Originally Posted by brez View Post

Can anybody suggest someone experienced with the Sony G90 in the Dallas / Fortworth area?


He's not in Ft. Worth/Dallas area, but Terry Ferrentinos from Atlanta is a master with the G90's and all the other Sony FPs. I think he does some tours around the USA, so I'd suggest trying to get hold of him and see if he'll be in your area anytime soon. His handle here at AVS is "CHUCHUF".
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what about steve martin. He's in Plano I think: http://www.smartcalibration.com/

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Anyone serving the Rocky Mountain region, Denver, et cetera?
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Looking for an isf calibrator in the Baltimore, Maryland area. Looking to get a Panasonic PT-AE900 calibrated ASAP.
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Originally Posted by lgo51 View Post

Anyone serving the Rocky Mountain region, Denver, et cetera?

Not sure exactly who's there now, but there'll be a bunch come Sep 2006 during the next CEDIA in Denver if you can wait a few months???

Originally Posted by zgraen View Post

Looking for an isf calibrator in the Baltimore, Maryland area. Looking to get a Panasonic PT-AE900 calibrated ASAP.?

I am only about an hour away if you need me? I just did a Panny AE900 last Sunday. Shoot me an email at daveharper@avscience.com
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My name is Zygmunt Wojewoda (Zigmund Voyevoda), I am owner of Perfect Home Theater in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.

I am THX and ISF certified.
I have i1 spectroradiometer, Sencore generator and full set of BluRay, HD-DVD and standard DVDs for proper calibrations. I also have Sony PVM-96 as the reference monitor/comparator.
My software - CalMan and ControlCal (for Pioneer displays)
I cover New England area.

Phone: 617-965-6984
e-mail: ZW@PerfectHomeTheater.com
(I also speak Polish and Spanish)
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21st Century Calibrations

David Evans
P.O. Box 1737
Fairview, OR. 97024

Servicing: All of Oregon / SW Washington / Boise, ID Area

Services: Calibration and Consultation Services for all types of Home Theater Audio and Video devices.


Konica Minolta CS-200 (Chroma Meter)

Progressive Labs C-5 with software (Tristimulus Color Analyzer)

Sencore - CP6000 (ColorPro Color Analyzer)

Sencore - CP5000 (ColorPro Color Analyzer)

Sencore - ACP6500 (Auto Calibration Pro)

Sencore - VP403CSH (VideoPro Multimedia Video Generator)

Sencore - accuGray DC14

DataColor - ISF C3 interface for Pioneer Elite

Sony - PVM96 ( D65 Reference Video Monitor)

Sencore DAG5161 SoundPro Digital Audio Generator

Sencore SP295C SoundPro Audio Analyzer

Sencore MX299 SoundPro Microphone Multiplexer

Sencore Acoustic Calibration Report Software

THX Room Mode Calculator Software

TerraLink 2.2 Calibration Software

AVPro Audio Suite Reporting/Calibration Software

Numerous test and reference DVDs

Please visit my website for services and complete pricing details.
Fell free to contact me with any questions.



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Realistic Imaging
Servicing: Missouri and Illinios

Sencore Color Pro 5000
Sencore Accugray
Sony PVM-96 as an optical comparator.
Avia DVD
Video Essentials

I calibrate all types of displays including medical monitors and pc's.
I am a participant in the Brillian program as well.
I can be reached at 314-583-1784.

Eric Smith
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Ron Foster - Calibrations by Ronster

Providing ISF calibrations on all type displays in the MidSouth within 150 mile radius of Memphis, TN

ISF Certified

Website: calibrationsbyronster

Ron Foster
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