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Calibrate new plasma?  

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Just bought new plasma 60 inch LG. Does it need to be calibrated. What exactly or specifically does that mean and if necessary how do you calibrate.
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Originally Posted by GBC410
Just bought new plasma 60 inch LG. Does it need to be calibrated. What exactly or specifically does that mean and if necessary how do you calibrate.
Calibration is properly setting the brightness/contrast (grayscale) and color balance (and other settings such as overscan) for each input to established standards: usually displays out of the box or in showrooms have their settings 'cranked' (referred to as torch mode) to make the PQ appear better, but many prefer a properly set up display : a plasma is a fixed pixel display so many calibration steps such as convergence are not required

Calibration can be done by an ISF professional, or you can try it yourself using calibration DVD's or other equipment; or you can do it 'by eye' using a test pattern many broadcasters transmit :

Calibrators prefer to make adjustments in a service menu, if available, which is a menu not available to most consumers, so if a user made adjustments to easily available menus, you can get back to the calibrated settings: an ISF calibrator will leave you with all the setting info per input in written form or on a disc

Before an ISF pro would come to your home, he would ask that you have at least 100 hours of run time on your new plasma: there is a specific break-in procedure descibed in the Plasma Forum Master Burn-in thread: basically you turn down brightness settings from 'torch mode' and run full screen video (no static images) without logos or toolbars for the first 100 hours or more: many will tell you phosphor wear is greatest and most uneven on a new plasma: hence the reason behind this procedure

You don't have to calibrate a plasma, you can adjust the settings to your taste if you are happy with the picture, but you can learn a lot by seeing how an ISF calibration is performed, and a properly adjusted plasma could last longer if you do the break-in and properly calibrate it
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Thanks for your reply. My problem I bought this 60 inch plasma by LG and upon installation the the analog stations looked not impressive and the hd channels looked alot better however not up to what the cable guy said. I am using cables company hi def cable box and using the 3 color component input connections Cable person mentioned that i might want to use HDMI cable from cable box to plasma for better hi def reception. Signal coming frpm main box to house is good. In addition a dedicated line is assigned to this tv, no spltting of signal. Some people have mentioned that I should look into satelitte, direct tv, for better reception. Any thought on that. Any ideas of how to improve situation. Finally new dvd players support selectable upscalling. Would this improve quality of DVD movies on my screen. Should I wait for new dvd players with hd capability. Thanks for your help
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going to HDMI is not going to improve SD analog picture quality (assume you mean the SD digital channals which are somewhat better than analog)

re DVD upscaling players: some users report better results with these: worth a try: myself I am waiting for HD DVD once the format, whatever it is, to be released

You should post in the appropriate forum (plasma or DVD forum) for more info
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You would seek out professional calibration if you were interested in getting a more accurate image than what the TV provides from the factory.

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