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TV or DVD  

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When setting with dve should i leave the dvd player pic options on default/standard?

Thx, Will
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Usually it is preferred to leave the source as default unless there is a problem such as clipping that might be rectified by changing options or settings in the source. In my experience and those of others, source adjustments are far more likely to be an afterthought and be implemented quite poorly and can do damage to the picture.
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Thx Chris.
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Depends on whether the DVD player is screwing with the picture it outputs. Depends on the player ...

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On my dvd player, it have four video settings on dvd output.

Normal - this is more accurate and more natural but my model seem to have a slight color push (red, green, and blue push). But the color push is no more than 5% off.

Cinema - hmm..similiar to "normal" mode, but it seems to crank up brightness a little...

Animation - this actually crank up the color and all the primary colors are way oversaturated, my guess the color are slightly clipped at about 15% off.

Dynamic - (misleading name) this actually crank up the white level and it have a white crush and it's really easily noticeable on grayscale test pattern where all the higher shades of gray are crush as bright white.

So, I use "Normal" mode as its have the least enhancement and most accurate compare to the other settings. Of course, DVD players varies from brand to brand and different model to model.
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When i first calibrated i had the dvd player set to "cinema 1", i then also had the tv set to "Theater 1".
Haveing them both on really screwed up the black lvl,but now the dvd player is set to standard and i'v set the basics bright/con/color/ ect, the picture is now crystal.

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