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I have a z2 and it is hooked up to my HD DVR cable box (comcast) and i have it hooked up to the same box with component and dvi so i can see the ups and downs of each connection. When i use the dvi, almost everything is better about the picture, it seems clearer and for some reason the shadow detail is bette. But there is one huge prolem, in oder to get good shadow detail on the z2 you ned to have the gamma turned all the way up. This sometimes gives the picture sort of a gray look but it can be countered by turning the color up. When you use the dvi input, you cant turn the color up, you can only adjust the balance of each color (rgb) and i have found that turning the red, green, and blue up is completely different than turning the color itself up. I have tried tweaking the srvice and factory menu so if you have some service menu adjustments that should hep with this i am open to suggestion (i practically know the whole service menu by heart ive been in it so many times now its crazy).

I really need some help with this because the picture is better on dvi but just that gray look is the only problem with it.