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Hi All,

I really need your opinions, suggestions here. I have a 37"inch Aquos display, which I love. When I initially got the display, I ordered a Motorola 6412 from Comcast. I live in New Jersey. When they came to install it, the guy was basically clueless, and I had to install and attempt to configure the unit myself. This unit did not have HDMI. After playing around with all afternoon, I came to the conclusion that although the HDTV recording was pretty good, I couldn't stand looking at non-HDTV programs and found that HDTV was also a bit fuzzy looking. That evening, I exchanged the 6412, for their basic HDTV box, installed it via component and DVI. I prefer the looks of component. Don't know why, it looks more saturated and lush to me. My current setup looks great, but I wish I could record some programs. I think the basic problem I have with the 6412 is that the hard drive is constantly buffering the signal and there's no way to turn it off or bypass it. Do you think I should give the 6412 another shot? Are there any configuration tricks? Does anyone here have the Aquous with the 6412 and like the picture?