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Service Mode for InFocus ScreenPlay 5000  

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I am ISF Certified, and finally bought myself a FP. I can get the greys very good, but from my previous ISF experience with sony TV's I am seeing some Red Push. I can not seem to get rid of this. Does anyone know how to get into the service menu?

Paul Hilgeman
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The service menu is open on the SP5700 and up - it contains the ADC controls which is what I think you are looking for. The SP5000 was not designed by the same team- so I don't know if the service menu is the same. I know the SP4805 is lacking that access as well - so maybe the SP5000 does too - but then that would be why they are in the HomeEntertainment lineup rather than HomeTheater.

Any red push I have seen on the other ScreenPlays is mild - about 10% - so I never bothered fixing it.

I have not had any luck getting service codes on ScreenPlay - they are strictly reserved for authorized service centers. And I am a calibrating dealer!
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Hmmm... I am not sure how to quantify the ammount of red push but this seems to be equal to if not a bit more than what I see on a sony TV without the color axis in monitor mode.

It seems a bit 'sharper' too in that it seems to really affect midtones but not highlights or shadows. The Sony red push seems to have a mild affect on the shadows and highlights as well.

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The only other solution is to use an external processor that will correct the color decoder errors before reaching the set.

Lumagen Vision HDP is one of these processors that will work here.

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I do use an HTPC for most of my viewing besides HDTV, what are the settings that I would look for in my video card controls to alter the red push?

BTW, I am using the DVI inputs, and it shows up on DVD, OTA HDTV, as well as the HTPC.

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Then you are not seeing red push from the projector. red push is commonly referring to the decoding of the video adding a bit of extra red - to compensate for typical blue greyscales. With DVI your projector is not the one decoding the video.

AVIA has color decoder test patterns to estimate the amount of RGB video push. Only AVIA comes with the RGB filters you need to test it.

Are you sure you are not just unfamiliar with an accurate red primary? TV's often have an orangish red primary.
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Well, I have to do a full calibration, I did the brightness/contrast by eye and roughed the grey scale since the bulb only had about 3 hours on it. It is now up to 30 hours, so I will just sit down and do a full calibration shortly.

I suppose what I could be seeing are primaries that are off. Only measurements will tell. I typicaly work with Sony CRT's and Pioneer plasmas which are both pretty easy to calibrate out of the box.

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My wife and I enjoyed National Treasure last night, and believe it or not it seems to be completely gone.

This is one of those things where it was VERY noticable the first few hours that I got it and it sortof stuck in my head for a while, now that the bulb is burning in a bit it seems to be totaly gone.

If anything I have a tiny bit of blue push, but this is a very complex situation to evaluate with the HTPC involved. Overall it is not nearly as bad as what people claim with regard to an HTPC ruining PQ and SQ, overall with minimal set-up and tweaking I think I am doing pretty well.

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Yes I have noticed that lamp burnin makes the Infocus Reds more natural. They do the optical design assuming some burn-in. Red spectrum always burns away.
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