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Review my proposed Klisch/Denon setup

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I am considering the following setup and wanted to get sme feedback on it:

TV: Sharp Aquos LC-45GX6U
Receiver: Denon AVR-3806
Klipsch SLX for Center, Left and Right channel
Klipsch KHC-6 for L-Rear and R-Rear surround
Klipsch Sub-12 subwoofer

I'm am particularly interested in knowing if using the KHC-6 for the rear surrounds is acceptable. They are rated at 50W.

Also, The Denon may land up being overkill for my use (doing a 5.1 setup since the room is pre-wired and adding additional rear speakers would probably be too much effort/cost) and I was wondering if anyone had any other recommendations.

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Originally Posted by sneaker View Post

I'm am particularly interested in knowing if using the KHC-6 for the rear surrounds is acceptable. They are rated at 50W.

If you like the sound, don't worry about the power rating. They're 50W continuous, but 200W peak. With a 92dB efficiency, they will be fine for surround use as long as you cross them over at 60 or 80 Hz. With a 5.1 system, make sure that they're not located too far back, a common mistake. They should be more to the sides.

Originally Posted by sneaker View Post

Klipsch Sub-12 subwoofer

I had a KSW-12, and can definately say there are better subs for the money. The Sub-12 is supposed to be much better, but I havn't heard it. If you're getting a package deal, go for it, but if you can buy the sub seperately without a penalty, you'll probably do better getting one from an respected ID company.
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Thank you for the advice. Much appreciated.

I haven't found a good deal on these yet (suggestions are welcome!) -- looks like Best Buy is the only place that sells the SLXs (I emailed Klipsch as well and that's what they said) and so that may be the only option (not much room for getting a better price there either I guess).

The Sub-12 has a much higher rating that the KSW-12 and part of the reason why I'm considering it is the aesthetics factor to make it all look like nice and matching. (I know, probably not a good reason, but I'm hoping tha the Sub-12 is a improvement over the KSW-12!

Thanks again.
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I am interested in any replies to this question also.
I am thinking of doing the same thing.
Or KHC-6 for entire 6.1 set up with the sub-10 or sub-12
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My only concern is that the Denon 3806 is alot of receiver for those speakers. I would put more $ into the speakers.

I used a 2805 with Klipsch Reference 35's. I now have a Pioneer 56txi which cost me less than the 3806 would.
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I'm am particularly interested in knowing if using the KHC-6 for the rear surrounds is acceptable. They are rated at 50W.

I've been using a Denon 2805 with Klipsch RF5's for a while now, and the Denon/Klipsch combination, IMHO, works really well. Don't concern yourself with power ratings. You are more likely to do damage with too little power rather than too much.

Just for your information, I've recently added a Rotel RB 1070 amp between the Denon and the Klipsch, and that has wound up being an even better combination.
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I personally would not buy anything audio thru Best Buy. If you do you will be upgrading shortly and wasting money. Start with the Denon and spend the rest on just TWO channels. (Not BB's Klipsch junk) From there upgrade as the money allows! Two awsome towers will always beat a 2nd-rate surround sound system, even for movies!
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Some thoughts...

I wonder if the SLX don't go low enough (82 Hz), but I haven't heard them. I understand they might have the look that you are looking for, but if you like Klipsch (great dynamics in general for HT!) you might do better with larger Synergy F-2 or F-3, or a Reference series bookshelf. Getting a speaker that will go lower will make integration with a sub easier.

The Sub-12 is supposed to be much better than the KSW-12, but you might do better with a sub-only brand such as Hsu or SVS.

Don't worry about the 50W handling capability. In fact, wattage is usually the last thing to worry about. But if I were limited to ceiling speakers, I think I'd try to get the largest and best I could up there since they will likely stay there longer than free-standing speakers before an upgrade happens (harder to replace). Perhaps consider moving up the Klipsch lineup a bit.

To free up some money for these better speakers, spend less on the receiver. You don't need a heavy-weight like that. Unless you need something in particular that this model was providing (HDMI switching?), you could do well with a lot less money spent. I think that the speakers will contribute way more to the overall performance than the receiver.

While limiting yourself to only a pair of speakers is great for music, you will likely be disappointed with movies using Dolby Digital since the downmix will force the dynamic range compression of midgnight-mode on you.
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Restricted by my wife due to asthetics, I have purchased four Klipsch Synergy KHC-6 in-ceiling speakers for my Front and Rears and have purchased the Klipsch Synergy III 5-1/4" 2-Way Center-Channel. I am using a 12" JBL Powered Subwoofer to round out the system.

For purposes of surround sound, will the setup involving four in-ceilings work? The tweeters are pointable and the subwoofer I have is great for the base. I am a novice when it comes to this so looking for all input. Room is conventional in terms of ability to locate fronts and rears at advantageous surround sound locations.
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