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hello. I'm looking into getting a standalone DVR to use with my Cox basic (analog) cable.
I have HDTivo DirecTV setup, but want this cable set-up for a backup, plus recording a few local channels that aren't offered by DirecTV. already have the basic analog cable from cox, just want to throw a DVR in there.
if i go with Cox's DVR setup, i'd have to pay $60+ a month for digital cable + DVR fee.
i'm just looking for a cheap DVR solution that would work with analog cable. i understand that there would be a conversion of analog to digital by the DVR and some quality loss would take place.
so given that, here some questions i have...

1) recommendations for standalone DVRs?
2) do standalones require a subscription of any type? was reading about Tivo's $12.99/mo or $299 lifetime.
3) if i don't get (or have to get) a subscription, can i just manually program the recordings?

have searched the net & forums, but haven't come across what i've been looking for. most questions are about digital cable dvr service.

thanks for any advice.