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Just get a pair of Energy's and see how you like the sound. wwstereo is in Philly so its not that far to northern VA. Return shipping shouldn't be too bad.

or check Energy's website for a dealer close to you.

In a few months those Energy's could be gone since they're on clearance. Listen locally and see if the bargain setup is right for you.
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I may do that when I get a bit more serious about looking, but with a wedding coming up, my time is limited, and honestly I'd rather spend what free time I have doing other things. I also don't really have the money or time to be throwing around buying and then returning speakers.

But once the wedding is over and I really get an idea of what I'm looking for, I may just do that. However, from your description it doesn't sound like the Energy's are likely to be what I'm looking for, so... really a trip up to philly, though not that long, (But at least a few hours) isn't likely to be worth it to me just to see how I feel about them. But if there are some local dealers, then that might be worth it.

Anyway, thanks so much for your advice, I had a feeling the Energy's would likely just be "different" rather than better.
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They get alot better when you go higher up the line. If you were getting the Energy RC speakers then it would be a no brainer because they are significantly better than the C series.

That av123 ELT 5.0 package from everything I've read is a great deal for $799. And they look like classy furniture too.

I think the fact you've got that Marantz receiver probably tames some of the highs in the Athenas. So they probably sound really good!
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Yeah, what I've heard of my friends ELT's has been pretty good! Unfortunately of course I have no idea if they'll still be on sale when I'm ready to buy.

I really am very happy with my Athena's and my receiver, a combo I ended up with basically by accident. I got the receiver when I was in college in like 2002 and was just getting into higher end equipment. My roomate had a Marantz 2 channel receiver and CD player I was really impressed with, and I really didn't know all that much about higher end brands and such. My parents, being unusually generous, agreed to let me pick out a receiver for my birthday, and didn't balk at the $600 or so I spent on the receiver. I'm super happy with it, but really I didn't know much about what I was getting into, so I really just kind of lucked into it!

The speakers as I said came later, (had been using the receiver with different combo's of my own and various room mates speakers for the next few years), and I really got them because Best Buy was closing out the line, and I could get them (most of them were floor models) for huge discounts.

The combo of the speakers and receiver was a pretty clear upgrade from my "franken-speaker" set up's previously, and as everything got really broken in the sound only improved! My happiness with the set up is actually why upgrading the speakers is the part I'm still most hesitant about!
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I'm pretty much like you on the Athenas. I first purchased B2 bookshelfs for $110/pr from Best Buy open box. I liked them so much I bought more Athenas a few months later. I got B1's for $79/pr new, C1 for $79 and then a couple Point 5 speakers for $30 on ebay. Finally I found some F1's on sale and BB had a 30% off coupon so I ended up getting an open box pair for under $100. That was ridiculous! I really like the F1 towers.

When it was all over I had F1, C1 and B1 in my bedroom and B2, C1 and S.5 in the main room. I'm going to put a 5.0 setup on craigslist one of these days, just haven't figured out which pairing to do. Most likely sell the B2, C1, B1 and keep the F1 towers, the other C1 and S.5 since those can be wall mounted and come with brackets.

They were good speakers at regular prices and a steal for what I paid.
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I would like to make a recommendation to anyone using the SCT series in a large setup. I use the S3's paired with P3's in a 7.1 setup and the C1 always sounded so thin but I love the S3's so I went in search of another center and found the Niles HDLCRbx it has a Teteron tweeter just like the athena's but it is a much more impressive center than the C1. The Niles sounds great with the S3's and fits perfectly in my studiotech u-22t.
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I have been looking for some new speakers and I keep hearing good things about the Athena Point 5 MKII speaker setup, but all of the reviews are from 2006 or later. I can find the set for between $200 new and $110 used, are these still considered good speakers and is that a good price for the 5 speaker set?
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Has anyone used a WS-100 for a center channel? I've found an reasonable deal on one and I've been looking to upgrade my point 5 center... is the WS-100 overkill? Thanks...
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anyone running 4x LS-500B's? Is this overkill? I'm considering upgrading from my 4x AS-B1.2's

What kind of jump in quality should I expect?
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Just to update my post above, I just bought 4x LS-500's and a LS-C100 center from Audio Advisor. The LS-500's were only $50 more than the LS-100's so I decided to go ahead in get them for the surrounds. Did I make a good decision? Are the LS-500's not suited to be surround speakers? I am upgrading from 4x AS-B1.2's and a AS-C1 center. Should I notice drastic improvement? My order is to be delivered on Friday.

The rest of my setup includes:
Onkyo TX-SR805
SVS PB10 NSD Subwoofer
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The LS-500s were $150/pr? I know the LS-100s are $100/pr. If so you got a great deal?
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Originally Posted by afrogt View Post

The LS-500s were $150/pr? I know the LS-100s are $100/pr. If so you got a great deal?

Yes they were factory refreshed.
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Just FWIW... Their website lists them as $149 each. A steal if you got a pair for that price! And they don't list the LS-C100 at all. Do you know if they had any more of them?
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Originally Posted by Swive View Post

Just FWIW... Their website lists them as $149 each. A steal if you got a pair for that price! And they don't list the LS-C100 at all. Do you know if they had any more of them?

I see them here!

And yes, I see the LS-500 is $149ea, but maybe Boogie got a special deal?
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Ya, I was surprised to see the LS-C100's there after reading about how impossible they are to find.
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Right as usual! I don't know why they didn't turn up in my search. I've already bought the Energy C-C100, so other than looks, I cannot see a reason to switch. The energy matches perfectly, soundwise, with my LS-500B's, but they are large! For the kids to listen to the TV, I have to move it out of the way! I cannot raise the Plasma any higher (floating mount attached to the stand). I wonder if anyone ever A-B'd the difference between the LS-C100 and the C-C100. I recall much discussion, but never an actual A-B listening test.
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Even though they have the same or similar drivers, the C-C100 weighs quite a bit more. Its 19.8lbs vs the Athena's 13.4lb so the Energy either uses a thicker cabinet, better bracing or something to make it heavier.

Haven't heard about anyone comparing the two sonically.
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Crap just got my order and one of the speaker boxes is punctured and the side of the speaker has a 1 1/2" gash on it.
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Anyone know where I can buy a single pair of point S.5 speakers? I'm looking to add a pair to my rear surround but am having a hard time tracking down a pair.

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Originally Posted by ingchr1 View Post

Hi all, this is a great thread. I'm looking for a center and surrounds to go with my S3/P2. With the Athena line no longer available is there a center that would match? Or should I just run phantom as mentioned a few posts prior? For surrounds I think my best option is in the ceiling due to the layout of my living room. I found a pair of AS-IC6 for sale, should I pick those up or are there other recommendations for in ceiling.



Problem solved just picked up a C.5 from Audio Advisor and I got the AS-IC6's. Now I just need to install everything and see how it sounds.
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Originally Posted by Zipplemeyer View Post

Anyone know where I can buy a single pair of point S.5 speakers? I'm looking to add a pair to my rear surround but am having a hard time tracking down a pair.


out of circulation a couple of years, ebay is your best bet!
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I had the fortunate option to recently buy an orig AS-F2, AS-C1 and AS-R1 all in perfect shape (by the way, they do sound more full then the X.2 series so I kept the orig set). This marks the end of the hunt. For over a year I have been assembling the lines of the Athena speakers that I wanted and I'm done. I have WS, LS and AS....I have sold the AS-X.2 line still have a center .5 and LS-50 center in the "to sell" pile. If anyone is looking, make me an offer.
anyway, I have spent so much time scouring ebay and CL looking for the deals and now with a bit of sadness, its over. No more need to hunt, no more room to put speakers either...!
All in all....I have 7.1 WS - cost $450, 5.1 LS - $500 and 7.1 AS - !!$250!!.
Not bad for around the orig price of the off the shelf AS line cost alone.
I guess there is just one more thing......Sony and AS sounds horrible together....way too much hiss so there is a Harman Kardon in the works.
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I have to say, after listening to my new 5.1 LS system, I do not like the C100 too much. The dialog sounds really muddy and it's just dull. I liked the AS-C1.2 center much better. The LS-500's sound awesome though. They fill the whole room with sound and it's not such a one directional sound as the AS-B1.2's were.
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eye candy
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Looks like you need a TV with your AS speaker system!
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Originally Posted by afrogt View Post

Looks like you need a TV with your AS speaker system!

I don't know what the rule of thumb is but the AS sitting around a 50" plasma dwarfs the TV....these need a BIG tv. I am not a big fan of projection as there are even more wires to conceal, so I am looking at a 72 inch DLP, but you cannot hang that one. I know projection would give me what I am looking for, but I am not sure I am ready to deal with bulbs and running wire through the walls in a finished basement to get the look I am after. Its not huge room, maybe 24 x 30. Maybe a 60 + inch Plasma will suffice. I am watching prices steadily go down.....and trying to figure the best time to strike. I wonder if waiting until Christmas will present even more robust deals.....maybe the sub $1000 1080 60".....that would be a steal...as long as its not stamped with Funi or Botang or some other unrecognizable producer. I noticed that for Christmas there are new brand names that you only see around Black Friday...after that they are gone. I understand that the main line companies will spin off a sub brand just to cash in on the buying frenzy...but the quality is at best...horrible.
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Pioneer 60! GO BIG OR GO HOME! haha
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here's a question:
How long is Athena going to be remembered? Lots of great speakers have come out over time and while I am certainly partial to Athena and it will live at the top of my list for a long time, they are discontinued, all sales are online now so no auditions available, ebay has various pieces come up from time to time but seem to be overpriced or at least close to last shelf bought retail.
I believe those who frequently post already have what we want and maybe a few expansions to 7.1 from 5.1. I also see other "vintage" speakers on auction sites from the 80's and 70's selling for huge $$. Certainly the wood veneer, lack of modern design and paper based cones would eventually rot and doesn't technology get better over time? Yes it gets cheaper (I mean in quality too) as people learn of ways to cut cost. I guess its really safe to say that Speakers and entertainment equipment over all is a heavily depreciated after market. This stuff does not "appreciate" over time. So again I ask, how long with the Athena name survive in the records, on auction sites....?
I guess its safe to say already that since its not currently on the production line, it can already be checked off as a collectors item. I think the day will come when we stroll by a yard sale and sitting there with a $25 sticker on it will be a pair of AS towers. Eventually they will move to the garage, be found sitting on curbs along with other discarded college student furniture. OR, will they remain a strong name for 20 or 30 more years.....becoming even more precious as scant auctions appear and "we" the collectors buy them up...will there be a new breed of "retro" resurgence in 10 years and will these speakers rise again for a new generation?
Is there any speaker brand or model that stands out in the mind as timeless? Was there a speaker you owned in the past that you now wish you had never parted with?
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I currently have the Audition series of for Front, Center, and Rears. I am thinking of replacing my AS-C1.1 with Polk Audio Model: CS10 BLACK. Have anyone hear ever compared the two. I have a customer who has the Polk Audio Model: CS10 BLACK and the dialogue appears to be so much better than what I get out of the AS-C1.1.
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is your friend running the same receiver...? Same setup. I get different dialog from all three sets of athena I have and for a long time thought the WS-60 sucked, could barely hear it until I figured out that the receiver had reset itself back to default and all channels were equal. That was on an Onkyo. Now properly adjusted, it rocks, then again the C1 is even brighter...
So take your C1 to his house and see how it goes...you may be -re-impressed.
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