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USB Port Power  

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I know that the RCA DVR gets hot and that this has caused me some of my problems, when the unit cools, it goes back to working correctly. So, investigating cooling options;
1) Would the USB port on the back of the unit be able to power laptop cooling units
2) If not, how do I get the fan to stop cooling when a) it does not need it (thermal) or b) when the unit shuts off.

Any help would ba appreciated.
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I installed a pc slot fan INSIDE directly above the tuner chips. It blows out. The fan has a plug adapter that clips on the power plug on the hard drive.

I also place a 12V 120mm square fan (used in many pc cases) in the back of my entertainment cabinent to exhaust any hot air surrounding the UTV. It is quietly powered by the 5V USB connector.

Both of these fans are quiet. It allows me to close the door on the cabinet (completely closed cabinet except for the 4in exhaust hole in the rear). The UTV case temp is only 78-83 deg, just a few degrees above the ambient room temp.

I used to use a laptop cooler under the UTV but after a few months the cheap thin fans started making a racket and quit shortly thereafter. They just aren't made to run 24/7. The case fans are an ideal cooling solution. Quiet and reliable. Since they are so quiet, I don't use any thermo on/off feature. They run whenever the UTV is powered.
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So it is possible to run the laptop cooling unit from the USB on the back of the unit? Shouldn't it shut off when the UTV is powered down?? I do not want to drill holes in the back of "her" new cabinet, at least without trying something else.

I also thinking of sticking one under my receiver to help cool it down too, but will do that once I get this one kicked.

Thank you for your reply.
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No laptop cooler will adequately cool UTV (or receiver) in a closed small cabinet. It might work with door open...that's what I did until I got enough nerve to cut a nice hole in the rear. The rear exhaust fan now draws cool air in around the closed door. Door obviously does not close tight and has no air blocking insulation like a home front door would have.

UTV NEVER powers OFF unless the AC power is shut off with a power strip or cord is unplugged. Front panel switch and the remote just shuts the green power light off. Power is still applied to tuners, hard drive and all other electronics including USB port.
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I agree with boondocker... I once used the Cybercooler (brand of Laptop Cooler) on one ( of 4) of my UTVs and it worked for a time but it didn't last more then 6 months or so for me...

Before, During, and After the Cybercooler I've used Plastic bottle caps (1,2, or 3 stacked) to elevate the bottom of the UTV and increase air flow. I'd also attempted for several months the Internal PC Card Slot Blower Fan modification in my Bedroom UTV but as you might imagine that wasn't very popular since it wasn't as "silent" as I would have liked. If you happen to "upgrade" your UTV and want to pop in a blower fan it is a quick and easy option.

In my entertainment center where I have TWO UTVs I've several bottle caps under each. They are seperated by wood shelves and enclosed by the front glass door. However, I didn't install the back panel so the entire backside is open... Considering the RATS nest of cables and wires I wouldn't even try to enclose the back of that cabnet.

Of my original 5 UTVs... Two had Tuner failures (both were "refurbs" or open boxed units, one failed almost 3 months after purchase (replaced with DTivo by DTV), the other my Sony (which I used the Cybercooler on for several months.) failed after a good two years of service... Sent that in for repairs and it's still going great without extra cooling...
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