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Just set up: Paradigm Titans, Atoms and CC-170. No sub as of yet.
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Swan 5.2F and 4.2C, 4.2F are on the way for my rears. I will be purchasing a SVS 20-39+ when I move into my new house.

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Mirage Omnisat v2 5.1 system.

It consists of:
60" Sony SXRD RPTV
Denon 2106
Mirage S10 sub
Omnisat v2 CC
Omnisat v2 FS
Omnisat v2 satellites (w/stands)

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kef 205 fronts, 201 rears, 202c center, 2 sunfire true subs and 1 def tech supercube 1. i am getting 1 more super cube and the 202c will be in the rear and the new front center will be the 204c!
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orbaudio 7.1
mod2 FR FL CC
mod1 Rear and Surround
orb sub

Not the best for music but hard to beat at any price for movies.
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Ascend 340SE mains
Ascend 340SE center
Ascend 170 Classics for sides and rears
Hsu VTF3-HO w/ turbocharger (eventually )
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wholy moley, i just replaced a very old pair of Bose interaudio-4000 10" 2-ways (which way back when i had replaced the cheapo paper tweeter with some better silk dome units) with a pair of JBL 8" 3-way E60's.

the E60's handle more power but the Bose had a richer bass. i do have a small sony powered sub to help in the low end. i'm slowly building a HT setup now that i have a panny 42" plasma.

it's always been the case that the smaller the woofer driver the less bass was produced well at higher power. i heard a pair of 15" Cerwin Vegas a few years back and man oh boy did they have a nice punch to them.

the tweeter on E60's seem to be a tad sensitive, but i can EQ it.
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Panasonic 50" 8UK - Monitor
Receiver = Kenwood VR409 (HTB)
Front = Audionics (vintage 70's)
Center = Kenwood (HTB)
Rear = Bose 201's
SW = Kenwood 8" (HTB)
I am in process of upgrading. Just did the TV, now I am looking to replace the center channel speaker. I am planning on testing the Klipsch Synergy III C-2.
Any comments or suggestions, other than damn that's a suck system, would be appreciated. I spent my big bucks on the TV.
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Toshiba 30" Widescreen HDTV monitor
Pioneer VSX-815 Receiver
Fronts: Dali Ikon 2
Center: Dali Ikon Vokal 2
Rears: Crap no-name rears; Soon to be Dali Ikon On-Walls
Sub: MTX SW2 12" 100W

I just got rid of a pair of JBL E-80's and a Polk CSi-3 center and replaced them with the speakers above. I could not be happier. It's like eating flank steak one day and then enjoying a nice juicy New York Strip.

Jimp: I would suggest looking elsewhere for the Center channel speaker. I know Klipsch is a major brand name and alot of people are happy with them, but think of it this way. BB sells them for around $250.00 with a markup of lets say $75.00 so the wholesale price from Klipsch is 175.00, now assuming Klipsch wanted to make $50-$75 off of each speaker that brings the price down to $125-$100.00 and it cost probably $25.00 to make it. So what kind of technology could you buy to put in that speaker for $75.00.

Anywho it really all comes down to what you like and what pleases your ear. If you like the sound of the Klipsch then go for it, just test and compare to some other speakers.
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Originally Posted by dburchet View Post

Anywho it really all comes down to what you like and what pleases your ear. If you like the sound of the Klipsch then go for it, just test and compare to some other speakers.

dburchet - You are absolutely right. I tested a paradigm center yesterday and it sounded like the treble was turned all the way down. So I returned it and the salesman suggested I look at the Klipsch because they are "brighter". Anyway, the credit card bill just came in for the TV, so I am holding off for a while. BTW - How do you like your new speakers?
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My stuff is really (really) old from the mid-80s

Infinity RSIIIb - fronts
Infinity Kappa5 - surrounds/rears
Infinty Video 1 - center
VMPS "large" - subwoofer

I've felt the sound change on these things over the last twenty years but just now have come to the conclusion to replace them - at least the main and subwoofer speakers. I've had so much enjoyment from these things it's hard to let them go.
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Jimp, I absolutely love the Dali's. I was listening to the Eagles When Hell Freezes Over Cd and I had it on hotel california, I could hear the plastic pick strum against the guitar strings. I was amazed. Sure I am not looking forward to the CC bill when it comes in but these babies are worth it.
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50" SXRD
Yamaha 5850
Athena B2.2's (front)
Athena WS-60 (center)
Athena Micra 6 satellites (rear, ceiling mount)
Athena AS-P4000 (floor shaker)

Thats it. Thats the list.

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I,m in.........

Good Idea!!!!

Paradigm Studio 40

SVS 20-39 PC+
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HT 5.1
NXG Center NX-PRO 5520 CLR
NXG Fronts NX-PRO 6220
NXG Rears NX-PRO 6220
Velodyne Sub DPS-10
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Hey everbody!

Center Channel - Polk CSM
Main's - Polk M20
Rear's - Polk M10
Sub - Dayton 12"
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I'm in:

BIC Acoustech HT-75 Mains
BIC Acoustech HT-65 Center
Wharfdale WH-25 Rears
Mirage Omni S12 Sub
Conntected to HTPC

Just got pretty much all of it. Still trying to decide what I think of the BICs.
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Hey everybody,

I may be new to this forum but not to equipment and HT, so I thought this would be a good place to say "Hi".

HT: LCR - B & W FCM-8's
LS/RS - B & W SCM-8's
Sub - B & W PCS-8 x2

Audio: Cello Amati's (double stacked)

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Hi all:

SBS-01 7.1 Set with PB10-ISD Sub....from SVS...
pushed by a Denon 3805...
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I have a 6.1 system:

M&K LCR THX 750s
M&K THX SS 550s
M&K 750 center channel as surround back
and a M&K THX V1250 subwoofer.

Driven by a Marantz SR 9600.

Coming soon are two M&K SS150s and moving into a 7.1 system.
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Living room
3 x Athena AS-F1
4 x Athena AS-B1
SVS CS-Ultra

Athena Point 5
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My Setup:

Cerwin Vega MX-250: Fronts & Center
Paradigm Studio 20 v.3: L & R Surround
Polk RT f/x: Back L & R Surround

A constant work in progress....
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Mains: DCM Time Window Seven
Center: Tannoy S6C
Surrounds: Tannoy S6LR
Sub: SVS 20-39CS+
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I guess this is as good a time as any for my first post....

Mains 1: Cerwin Vega 1215 (Forward firing 12" + a 15" downward firing woofers)
Mains 2: Polk Audio SDA CRS+
(Currently saving up for a Paradigm Signature 7.x setup to go with my Velodyne)
Sub: Velodyne DD-18
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Family Room
Center Polk CSi25
Front Polk 2 R30
Surround Polk 4 R15
Sub Mirage S12
Receiver Onkyo TX NR801

Official Fatwallet speaker system

Bed Room
Sony 685 watt 5.1 system.
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HT system set up in family room

Plasma - NEC 50XM4
Mains - Dali Suite 2.8
Center - Dali Suite C0.8
Surrounds - Dali Suite R0.8
Rears- Dali Suite R0.7
Sub - ACI Force
Power Amp - Rotel RMB-1075
Surround Processor - Rotel RSP-1068
DVD Player- Denon DVD-1920
Turntable - Denon DP-59L
Cartridge - Grado Gold
Cables - Monster
Cabinets - Salamander

I'd like to show it off, but I still haven't bought a digital camera. Sorry.
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Front/Rear- 4x NHT 1.5s
Center- AC-2
Sub- SVS20-39PC+
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parasound c2 processor
parasound t3 tuner
parasound a51 amp
monster 7000 sig a/c
kef q11s frt
kef q10c center
b &w surrounds/ dipole
svs pb/ultra
.............................This looks good............real good
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Orb Audio 6.1 (Mod2 front, Mod1 rear)
Denon 3805

Love it. Great at both music and movies.
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Pastrami King --- Nothing personal, but when I saw your screen name I immediately had visions of Tony Siragusa. Now he is the ultimate Pastrami King.
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