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McIntosh LS 360's
Paradigm Studio 100 v.2
Paradigm Studio 20 v.2
McIntosh HT-4 center

McIntoch MC352 x2 (one for each front speaker )
Anthem MCA 5 for rears, center and zone 2
Anthem AVM 20
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Theater zone - B&W DM 602 S3 (4)
B&W ASW 600

Living room zone - Totem Acoustic Arro

Office zone - Paradigm Studio 20 v.2

Outdoor zone - Elan om650w
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H/K 630
Bose 901 VI front
Bose 301 rear
Bose VCS 10 center
Velodyne 3750 sub
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I have had Proac, Paradigm, Mirage and Magnepan

I was waiting around, years actually, for a used pair of Proac Response 3's. After reading the Triangle reviews I bought a used pair of the Celius 202's. Given I use a tube amp and I am over 40 (hearing rolling off) they sound excellent to me. (I plotted them in my room using Room EQ and a Behringer 2496 to fix low freq problems. Even though they are rated to 40hz I get 30hz flat because my room helps. On high freqs they actually roll up a bit over 10K - even with the tube amp. I think my hearing compensates for that)

Equip - AMC Int Tube amp, Systemdek IIX with Goldring 1012GX, Behringer 2486, Denon 1250 CD with Audio Alchemy D/A and jitter reducer, Dakiom stuff, AC/DC/AC converter etc. I treat all first order reflection points - including behind my head and the ceiling.
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HT Room:
Pioneer VSX-1014 receiver
2x HTD Level 3 Towers
2x HTD Level 3 Bookshelfs
1x HTD Level 2 Center
1x HTD Level 3 subwoofer
InFocus SP 4805 projector
DaLite 106" VideoSpectra screen

Family Room:
Sony STR-DE835 receiver
2 x HTD Level 3 Bookshelfs
1 x HTD Level 2 Center
2 x Technics mini (really crappy - don't ask)
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TV Room

Martin Logan Clarity
Cinema I
NHT Dipole surround
HSU 1220 sub
Lexicon DC-1
Hafler-DH200 (for Clarity)
Outlaw 750 for center and surrounds

Listening Room
B&W 801 series 80
Carver 1.5T amp
Amber preamp
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DefTech BP2006TL
DefTech C/L/R 2002
DefTech BP1.2X
PhaseTech 3T
PhaseTech Power10

yeah i know the phase tech's aren't exactly timbre matched but they're just fine for watching movies
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Ascend 340 classic LCR + 170 classic sides + Hsu VTF3. Awaiting upgrade to "SE"s hopefully withing the next several months.
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Family room:
Phase Tech PC1.1 fronts
Phase Tech PC33.1 center
Phase Tech PC6.1 surrounds
Velodyne HGS10 sub
Marantz SR5200 receiver
Some Sony 5-disk CD/DVD player
Dish Network satellite receiver
Sony 36" CRT

Thiel CS1.6 fronts
Arcam AVR300 receiver
Acram DV79 CD/DVD player
Dish Network High Def satellite receiver
Samsung HL-R5678 56" DLP
(Thiel SS1 sub, SCS3 center, Powerpoint surrounds to be added later)
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My speakers are as follows:

Front: Martin Logan Summits
Center: Martin Logan Cinema I but I have the new Martin Logan Stage on order which replaces the Theater I
Rear: Martin Logan Script I
Subwoofer: James 1200
They are powered by:
Pass Labs X250 (2 Channel)
Pass Labs X3 (3 Channel)

The sources are:
Cary DVD-6
Musical Fidelity KW DM25 Transport and DAC System

The Preamps are:
Pass Labs X-1 for 2 channel
Mcintosh MX-134 for Video
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diamonds, very nice setup It seems like me, you have an integrated 2ch/HT setup as well(see page 3 in this thread.) How do you like the Music Fidelity? I was thinking about using 2 different preamps as well, but I think I am going to focus on getting the Classe SSP600. If it is good for 2ch, that will be it. If not, the search will continue. But again very nice setup.
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Thanks for the compliment on my system.

The Musical Fidelity is amazing!!!! Totally ridiculous how good it is...it is the best CD player I have ever heard.

Remember that a Surround Processor will never sound as good as a dedicated 2 channel preamp that has class A circuitry. But if you are going to just have one preamp the Classe SSP600 is a good choice.

How do you like your Krell??? I have heard good and bad about it???

I am sure your system sounds awesome!!!
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Thanks. It has taken many years but I am very happy with how it sounds. I have been happy with the Krell but I feel that it is breaking down. I know that it may be a trade off by going with one pre for both but here is my situation. At the store where I got my Esoteric DV50S they sell Jeff Rowland, Arcam, and Lexicon gear. Now, the Arcam does not have Balanced inputs of my cd player. So that means I would need a Jeff Rowland Pre. But I have read bad things about the Arcam's reliability so out the window it goes. So that leaves Lex+Rowland. And that = serious money that I do not have. So I asked around and the Classe was mentioned. I may try and do two if the store I am going to on Sat has the gear and price range to fit my budget. Also, I have all my gear connected with balanced interconects. And I really don't want to change that.

So Like I said, on Sat I am going to check out some stuff and we shall see what we shall see.
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Mains: Snell E2
Center: B&W CDM CNT (surprisingly good match to the snells)
Surrounds: Boston Acoustics something or others (a100's?)
Sub: 2x CSW Newton p1000
Receiver: Rotel rsx-965
NAD T-571 changer
Rega Planar 2 turntable
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Mains: Infinity SM122s (no longer in use though)
Surround: Infinity SM65s
Center: infinity Primus C25

And thse will be changing soon.
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25-20 year old stuff:

Fronts: Infinity RSIIIb
Surrounds F/R: Infinity RS2000
Matching Infinty Center
Sub: VMPS Large

That stuff is on it's way out for some home theater equipment.
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Castle Acoustics UK Compact for L R and rR rC rL duties

a Castle Acoustic LCR Centre for better headroom in the centre

a Castle Acoustic Cube Sub Woofer

All hand built in pure maple veneers...

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Studio 100's (mains)
cc570 (center)
servo15 (sub)
4 minimonitors (surrounds)

Power: Denon avr5803
Source: Denon dvd2900
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2 Sonus Faber Concerto's
Sonus Faber Solo Home center
2 Boston VRM-50 in rear
Definitive Technology ProSub 200

Powered by

Yamaha RXV-750
B&K 3220 3 channel amp.
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My W.I.P.

Aerial 6 Fronts (Rose Walnut)
Aerial CC3B Center
powered by Proceed HP3

Klipsch KG 2.5 Surrounds
Powered by Yamaha integrated

Lexicon MC-1 controller
Arcam DiVA DV88 DVD/CD
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HT room:
3 X Onix REF.05s (LCR)
DCM OW2 rear surround X3
Dayton 10" sub

DIY bookshelves w/ Vifa drivers
Mirage BPS-100 sub


2 X Onix XL-S bookshelf
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My all vintage 2 channel system-

Altec 604-8G Studio Monitors (model 17's)
Pair of McIntosh MC40 tube monoblocks
Sansui 1000A receiver (used as preamp)
Thorens TD160/LinnLVX/Goldring 1042
Marantz CC-65se
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Aerial 10T for the left and right front
Aerial CC3 center channel
Aerial SR3 surrounds
Velodyne FRS18 (2)
Vandersteen 3 (I can't sell a great speaker)
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Originally Posted by jsimmons View Post

Aerial 10T for the left and right front
Aerial CC3 center channel
Aerial SR3 surrounds
Velodyne FRS18 (2)
Vandersteen 3 (I can't sell a great speaker)

10T 's , I'm jealous.
How do you like the SR3 's? They are next on my wish list.
My Klipsch surrounds are becoming more and more annoying, as would be expected (when combined with Aerials).
What amps do you use?
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Klipsch RF7
Klipsch RC7
Klipsch RS7
Klipsch RF3-II
15" Dayton Titanic
Yamaha RX-V4600
B&K Ref 200.5
Pioneer Elite 59Avi
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RTR's in the 70's
PN6's in the 80's
BP8's in the 90's...1st attempt at HT with PN6's

New wife, kid's and career from mid 90's to date...relegated to 2 speaker stereo only with reduced opportunities to really enjoy the music.

Just replaced my old Yamaha RX-V660 with a HK635

Added a Mirage S12

Plan to move the BP8's to rear surrounds and purchase matching fronts of a different flavor for a 21st century renewed attempt at HT. Excited.

Really enjoyed AVSForum over the past 2-3 months. Very educational updates to much of what I had forgotten related to home audio.

Good thing I handle the finances and the wife has no idea of my expenditures.
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HK AVR 435
NHT SB-3's Front
Klipsch Forte's Rear Surrounds(till the Classic Threes move the SB-3's to the rear)
Hsu STF-2
Phillips dvd 724 (dont laugh...plays every type of burned media....)

Incoming Soon:
NHT Classic Three's(preordered awaiting delivery date....Hurry up damnit !!!)
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Front's: Klipsch RF7
Center: Klipsch RC7
Surround: Mirage OM 10 (Replacing Triads or Klipsch RS)
Back Surround: Mirage OM 10 (Same as Above)
Subwoofer: Paradigm Servo 15 v2

Power: Pioneer Elite 74
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Front's: BP7002 (I just bought)
Center: Haven't decided yet...open for suggestions
Back Surround: In-Ceiling UIW 94/A
Subwoofer: JBL 12" enclosed (Looking to upgrade if you have suggestions)

Power: Denon 3806 & Denon 3910 w/HTS3600 MKII

here is a pic I took today of the towers...

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