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Fronts- Focal JM-Lab Cobalt 816 S's
Center- Focal JM-Lab Cobat CC 800 S
Side Surround- Polk Audio FXi3's
Back Surround- Polk Audio R15's
SubWoofer- Polk Audio PSW303
I plan on upgrading my sub.
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kef 107s
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Screen Channels: EAW CB153x
Surround Channels: EAW CR82
Subwoofer(s): LAB Subs

Powered by 6000W of QSC amplifiers
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Front: Vienna Acoustics Bach Grand Towers
Center: Vienna Acoustics Teatro
Sub-Bass: REL Q201e
Surround: Vienna Acoustics Berg

Powered by: Pioneer Elite vsx-74txvi
Disc Player: Denon 2910
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I thought about going with that set up, but where I auditioned them they didn't sound good at all. I was disapointed because I hear the B25's with the C60 center and it sounded good, but had to go to a different store to hear the T55's. I ended up going with JM-Lab Cobalt 816 S's & CC 800 s.
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Fronts - Dynaudio Audience 42
Center - Energy AC300
Surrounds - Energy RVSS
Sub - SVS PC plus 25-31

Supply - Outlaw Audio 950 processor and 7100 Amplifier
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Fronts - Boston CR85
Center - Boston CRC
Surrounds - Boston CR55
Rear - BIC Venturi center (left over from my old HT system)
Sub - JBL PS120

Powered by Denon 1604.

The above low budget system sounds good to me. I think they sound like Sonus Faber. Don't laugh. It may be yet another illustration of "you hear what you expect to hear".
Seriously the BA speakers sound natural and balanced. Perhaps it's that I like Advents and the original KLH speakers.

Oh by the way, since others are posting their video, I may as well include my InFocus 4805 projector & low budget 27" Magnavox tube TV. Man the Magnavox is still going strong after 10 years. I remember my previous Magnavox did not last that long.

Oh yeah, I have Energy C-1 speakers powered by Harman Kardon receiver in the bedroom.

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Mains: Ascend CBM-170SE
Center: Ascend CMT-340SE
Surrounds: Ascend HTM-200 (2)
Sub: Mirage Omni S12
Receiver: Panasonic XR55S
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Infinity Prelude MTS fronts and center
B&W DS6 for rears
Anthem D1 pre
Anthem A5 amp
Aragon 2004 MKII (for fronts only)
California Audio Labs CL10 CD player
Pioneer Elite DVD changer
DaLite 45x80 fixed screen
Audioquest Jaguar interconnects
Audioquest Pikes Peak speaker cable
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Here's my low budget setup.I have 4 jbl L100's running on a yamaha ax700 and 2 dahlquist dq10's with klipsch 12" woofers,2 klipsch kg4's,2 jbl e50's and 2 jbl j350a's to fill in the sound on another ax700 soon to change to a yamaha m60 with a yamaha c2 preamp. Using 16guage landscape lighting cable for speaker wire . .A real solid wall of sound.Excellent imaging and with the power up bass shakes the house like an earthquake.I find no need for a subwoofer.Not for the fainthearted.
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I have a very "humble" system, ahem, but for the price I paid for them, I am satisfied.
I have Quest loudspeakers, QT66 fronts, QC5 center, QB6 rears, and a QS1011 sub.
I got them for roughly half price from a "big box" store up here in Canada.
All total, I paid around $450 Canadian. However the sub quickly gets overwhelmed at higher volume watching DVDs. So I bought an athena AS-P6000 on sale for $399 and I must say that for the price, am happy.
I won't pretend that Quest speakers are HI-FI, or even MID-FI, but they do a reasonable job. Of course, I would like to have more esoteric speakers, but for 4 times the price, or more, that would be a hard justification. (At least for quite some time).
Driving them is a Panasonic SA-HE75 AVR.
That's one for us "modest" system owners.
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I've recently purchased a complete 5.1 Energy C-Series set-up. Very nice form and function (especially for the price).

I'm very impressed with construction quality and materials, and of-course sound.

I have:

C-300's (fronts)
C-C100 (center)
C-50's (rear-surrounds)
S8.3 (sub-woofer)

I hoping to see other posts for users with new C-Series out there. I mostly see previous (and current) Conisseur Series (ie. C1, C3, C5, C7, C9, etc.,..).

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Mains: Vandersteen 2CE Signatures
Center: Sonus Faber Solo Home
Surrounds: Definative BP-2 (however considering an upgrade)
LFE Sub:Vandersteen V2W
Rear Surround Sub:Sunfire True 10
Preamp:Parrasound 2500U
Amps:Parrasound HCA1206 & HCA1000
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I have RBH 61-SE/R bookshelf speakers (mains) klipsch rc-30 klipsch ss-1 surrounds and RSW-10 sub. I'm in the middle of upgrading to rbh/ status acoustics. Parasound c2 and parasound A51.
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klipsch centre
jamo mains but are being replaced by my RTR series 3(getting refurbished)
sony bookshelf rears
isobaric subwoofer
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Snell THX series all the way around including subs.
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All Paradigm Speakers

Monitor 9s in the front
CC-370 Center
ADP-370 Sides
Mini Monitor Rears
PDR-12 Sub
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All Vienna Acoustics:

Waltz Grand center
Beethoven fronts
Hayden Grand surrounds
MK Subwoofer
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does anybody have anything to say about PIPEDREAMS?
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I have panasonic speakers
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Snell k.5's up front (LR) with CC1 center. Paradigm Atom rears with Paradigm Sub. Running 5.1 from Pionerr Elite VX-45.
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Onix Rockets:
RS850's (mains)
RSC200 (center)
RS250MKII's (rears)
UFW-12 (sub)
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B&w N804 Mains
Htm1 Center
Scm Sorounds
Hgs18 Velodyne Sub
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I use Monitor Audio GR10 speakers for front, rear, and center. Aperion Audio for the sub. It's a good combination.
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Main L/R Modified Klipsch La Scala's: Tweeters Crites CT 125's (these have a horn identical to Klipsch K77 but are mated to an Eminence APT 50 driver) Mids Altec 511B mated to K55M Bass horn is stock Klipsch La Scala. Crossovers are ALK Eng Universal repalcements

Front Center and Surrounds: Klipsch Heresy II's.

2Ch: the same modified Klipsch La Scala's
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I have all Paradigm Monitor speakers. Monitor 7s in front, CC-350 center, and Mini-Monitors for surround. These are all v. 1 speakers that I have had for nearly 8 years. I am getting the upgrade bug, but have to hold off until I can help get my son through college. Only three more years left.
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L/C/R M&K S100
SUB(2) M&K V125
(2) DYNAUDIO D28AF tweeters
(4) DYNAUDIO 30W100 sub bass

I've had all of this since the late 80's except the 30W100's, thinking about upgrading to KEF IQ9, IQ6C & IQ3 for the rears. Going to Russound R12DT (2) for the subs. Going to upgrade everything else too, to keep up with PJ.

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Hi All,
I have a lot of audio equipment to sell. I have 2 sets of speakers : B@W Matrix model #80311B and B@W Matrix 80311B . My question is this: Where can I go to find out what a 'fair' selling price would be? I also have McIntosh power amplifier 350wpc Model MC352, and Conrad Johnson Premier fourteen preamplifier. My husband died a year ago and this was his love and hobby - I don't know anything about audio and don't know how to price it. Any responses will be deeply appreciated
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Def Sub
Def center channel
301 bose fronts and rears
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