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Home Theater

All Dynaudio
Mains Contour 3.3
Center Contour 2.1
Surrounds Countour SR

Please 2 Velodyne SPL-1200R
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5 NHT Superzeros and a Velodyne CT-100 subwoofer
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Here is my 7.1 setup
Front: Paradigm Signature S4
CNTR: HTM7 (to be upgraded to C3)
Sub: DD12
Working on Paradigm Reference Signature setup(almost there)
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Polk R-30 for mains.
Polk R-15 for rears.
Polk CS-200 center with a new R-15 tweeter for better timbre match.
Homemade sub using a Dayton QT210-4 8" Quatro Series Subwoofer 4 OHM, Cerwin Vega cross over and amp.
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All B&W's plus a Paradiam sub.

Cdm 1nt Mains
DS6 S3 Surrounds
Indoor/Outdoor B Surrounds
B&W center
10 in. Paradiam Sub.
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All Definitive Technology:

mains - BP7000SC's
center - CLR3000
side surrounds - BP2000's
rear surrounds - BPVX/P's
subs - 2 Reference Supercubes, 1 Powerfield 1800

Velodyne SMS-1 parametric equalizer for the subs

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Mains: Sierra-1
Center: Sierra-1
Surrounds: CBM-170SE
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Main: Yamaha NS-5 vintage studio monitors 10" 2-way with silk dome tweet.
Surrounds: Matching mains
Center: Tried many, settled on DIY w/Eminence Pro Audio 6" MTM, matching silk dome tweet.
LFE: Biamped DIY EBS cab tuned to 12Hz w/4 - 15" JBL 2235 below 28Hz XO'd to 2 - JBL 2235 above 28Hz.
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Atlantic Technology 8200LR (One pair)
Atlantic Technology 8200C
Atlantic Technology 8200SR (Four total for a 7.1 system)
Atlantic Technology 8200Pedsub (12"x2)
Paradigm Reference Servo-15v.2

Powered by:

Yamaha RX-V2500 (as Pre/Pro)
Atlantic Technology A-2000 Power Amp (180x7)
Monster M & Z Series Cables

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SB3's front left and right
SC2 center
SW12 sub
SB3's rear left and right

Marantz SR4500
Panansonic TH-50PX60U
Monster Power HTS3500MKII
Panasonic DMR-E85H DVD HDD recorder
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Coby cd player!

yamaha rxv2400
klipsch rb25
klipsch rc25
ar s20
polk audio rsw 404 (can't fit anything bigger in the space that I have) any suggestions?

coming soon...
ascend 340se (main and center)
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My HT / Music speakers consist of:

ML Ascent i - (Mains)
ML Theater i - (Center)
ML Script i - (Surrounds)
ML Descent - (Subwoofer)
Sony SS-MF315 (Rears)

Associated Electronics:
Pioneer Elite VSX 59TXi as Pre-amp/Pro to power rears
Anthem P5
Momitus V880 HD-DVD/CD player
Pioneer 43" HDTV Plasma
Monster Power conditioners/surger protectors
Cinemaquest/Audioquest Cable
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Front: Yamaha NS-777
Center: NS-C444
Surrounds: Polk Monitor 30
Rear: Polk R 50
Sub: Polk PSW 12
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Front - B&W N802
Rear - B&W N804
Center - Klipsch RC-7
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Fluance SX-HTB+
12" Pioneer home made sub with Eosone ESP-910 plate amp
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Bose Acoustimass 5 Series III
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JBL Northridge;
N26II (mains)
N Center II

Mirage FRx S8(sub)

the mirage just kicks butt for an 8"
bass is tight not flabby, and very musical(though I wish it had a phase switch)

the Northridge series are not high end by any means, but they do sound good,
the tweeters are all the same so they are timber matched.
the mains don't have alot of bass...but that's why I have a sub
the surrounds do their job well for their size.
the center is ok, the cabinet is made of plastic and would resinate easily when you tap on it, so I decided to fix that...

I removed the drivers and the batting and why jbl didn't spray a sound deadener on the inside surprised me, there was one brace in the middle and that was it
so I cut some mdf for more bracing, 4 more to be exact, and I glued them in with a hot glue gun and whole lot of glue
I even added pools of glue to a few places to add mass to the panels so as to reduce vibrations, the tweeters are mounted on a plastic plate that is to thin and also needed to gain some mass.
the verdict? much better tapping on the cabinet results in a thud not a ping.
I think I reduced the possibility of cabinet vibration causing coloration by a factor of 10(a guess )

I will be doing all the tweeters soon

the speakers I really want for my theater(when I build it) are:

Energy Veritas:
V2.3i (mains)
V2.2i (center/rears) I don't like that the center doesn't have the same tweet/mid combo.
V2.0Ri (surrounds)


Mirage OMD series: I'm looking for reviews
OMD-28 (mains) darn sexy speakers
OMD-C2 (center)
OMD-R (surrounds)
I can't watr till I see what else they bring out in this line.

and for the sub....a diy solution,

so far I will have 2 Alpine "TYPE R" 10's w/dual 4ohm voice coils
1500Wpeak/ 500Wrms
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Sony KDP-51WS550 HDTV
Yamaha HTR-5660 AV Receiver
Mitsubishi DD-6040 DVD
Klipsch RF-82 Main
Klipsch RC-62 Center
Klipsch RB-61 Back
Working on the sub...

Promedia 4.2 THX in the office.
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My living room/home theater recently went through a spouse-encouraged renovation and all of the "big boxes" were removed. I've now got B&W Signature 8NT in the front and B&W Signature 7NT on the sides and in the back.
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I have the following speakers in storage. In the process of moving and can't wait to set it up in the townhouse

Klipsch Pair RF-83
Klipsch Pair KS-525-THX
Klipsch RC-64 (One heavy center)
For back surround Definitive Tech. Pair of BPVX/P
Velodyne DD-12

And Denon AVR-5805 pumping out the wattage to the speakers
Cable is RAM bi-wire (Yes I click the sponsor link to purchase it )
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Bose Acoustimass 16 6.1 surround system.
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I have 2 front Klipsch KLF-20

1 klipsch klf c-7 center

2 klipsch forte II floor used as surround

2 kilipsch ksp-s6 reserve surround

2 klipsch synergy floor reserve

1 Velodyne 15

receiver-Denon avr-4802

Toshiba 65h81 rear projection hdtv
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My setup:
4 Paradigm Cinema 90s

1 Paradigm CC center

1 Paradigm 110 sub (10")

H/K AVR335 receiver

Panasonic 42PX60u
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heres my budget setup:

2 Hand me down vintage Warfedale Mach 9's towers that my parents bought back in 83'
sony center and surrounds
Technics sa-dx950 receiver
no sub though, but i think the Mach 9's do a pretty nice job
sanyo z3 projector
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HT setup:

FL/R NHT Supertwos
NHT Super Center
4 NHT Superzeroes for SL,SR, RL, and RR

Sub Mirage BPS 400
Driven by Denon 3806

I was considering replacing the NHT's with Infinity Primus 360's in the front, and Primus 150's for the surround channels, with a Primus 160 for the center. Any experiences on how this would compare with my current setup? Thanks.
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My 2 Channel Setup Is:

Polk SDA 2A's
Harman Kardon Avr 235
Adcom 555 MK II
Sony 9000ES SACD Player
MIT Speaker Cable
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B&W 703-Front, HTM7-Center, CDM1-NT-Rear, ASW750-Sub (All in Rosewood)
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Den rig : Smallish Martin Logans (Aerius i, etc.) all the way around, with a REL sub.

Big Rig : tweaked Talons all the way around, with CAT subs.

(And no, I couldn't have paid for this stuff in a million years. Points for product sales contests from manufacturers.)
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Originally Posted by elmac View Post

Here is my 7.1 setup
Front: Paradigm Signature S4
CNTR: HTM7 (to be upgraded to C3)
Sub: DD12
Working on Paradigm Reference Signature setup(almost there)

Fronts are now paradigm and are working well with brand new DD12
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Right now i have the Infinity TSS 450 speakers system hook up to a pioneer 1015tx
Sometime this week or next week I will do my speakers upgrade with the Athena B1.2 x2 and C1.2
sub will be Bic H-100 or Velodyne VRP-1000, surround will be the athena Point 5 SAT if I can find them.
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