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Infinity's all around

IL10-rear surounds
Alpha-25es side surounds
CSW10 650w sub

S/N p-965 prepro
ATI amps
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Def Tech 2002 TL Bi-Wired (fronts)
Def Tech 2500 Center Bi-Wired
Def Tech BPX Surrounds
Velodyne 10" Sub

collection=JBL L46 (won't get rid of)
Bose 901 VI Concerto ( in closet in case someone from AVS stops by)
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JBL Studio Series II S38's for the front

SCTRII for the center..

Matching towers for the rears...

And a PB10 and a PB12 for the sub(s)
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Cerwin Vega LS-5 times 6
Cerwin Vega LS-6C center
Cerwin Vega LW 15 Sub

For Stereo, I have an original purchase pair of Original Advent Loudspeakers in oiled Walnut. Replaced the surrounds once. still sound good.


Advent Laureate pair
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DRM Staged IV and B&W D7 Mark II
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At the moment - a pair of Ohm Walsh 2

The 5.1 system was decomissioned for a remodel a few months ago. It is being replaced with a 7.1 Klipsch system with RF7/RC7 in front.
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HT (mishmosh system, in transition):
Onkyo TX-SR702
B&W DM602 S2 mains (at least for now)
BIC DV62CLR-S center w/Ed Frias xover mods (Don't laugh, it's not bad)
Boston Acoustics CR-75 surrounds (soon to be Ascend CBM-170SE or SVS SBS-01)
TV: Nothing to speak of, plain Panasonic CRT til I can afford sump'n BIG

Mixing room (2.1 chan. -- I offer live 24-track digital recording services):
PowerMac dual G5 2.0
Vintage Luxman LV-117 Integrated Amp (2-chan)
BIC DV62CLR-S pair with Ed Frias mods (soon to be Ascend CBM-170SE or SVS SBS-01)
Hsu VTF-2 Mk 2 (on sale in delicious piano black!)

I'm pre-ordering a pair of both the Ascend CBM-170SEs and the SVS SBS-01s for comparison against each other and the B&Ws. I'll settle on each set's permanent home after extensive house-rocking sessions.
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System configuration: 6.1
Front: Zu Druids
Rest of system: Heavily modded RCA Pro LX-550 (CS-550 for center channel)
Sub: Homemade Dayton 15" DVC in a 3 CuFt box (sealed) with 1000 watt plate amp

Strange mixture, but the combination of the Druids (breathtakingly musical) with the LX-550s (great for surrounds with their dipole Linaeum Tweeters) is fantastic sounding.
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Joe Rod's HOME THEATER Room...

Pinnacle KLCR x2
Pinnacle K80 x4
Pinnacle baby boomer plus x2
MTX Lolita low profile subs x4

Universal Remote MX3000

The Lolitas are small and hidden with my leather movie seating (2 for each row). You don't really see them or hear them, just feel them vibrating the seats...The first comment I always get is how great my theater sounds. I am a big fan of Pinnacle..
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As of last week: SVS SBS-01 with 2 SVS subs. 16-46PCi and PB-10. Pioneer VSX-1015 (in shop, front 2 channels developed distortion). RCA DVD with ClearPlay. HD TiVo on DTV. Optima H31 PJ with 92" pull-down screen in a 11.8' x 15' room with vaulted ceiling to 12'. Dennis
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Dynaudio Contour 1.3SE, Contour Center, Triad System 7 (surround, oldies but goodies) and Sunfire Truesub Mk II
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Fronts: Onix Rocket 750 Signature
Center: Onix Rocket "Bigfoot" RSC200
Rears: Onix Rocket 550MKII
Sub: Velodyne CHT-12 (soon to be upgraded).
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i have infinity 111B's and mirage 90i speakers trying to set up surround sound just bought sony high def tv awsome. looking at pioneer elite 74txvi dont know if it can handle the 3B's also velodyne sub 10 inch im new so forgive my ignorance on this stuff
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Added myself with the following

Paradigm Studio 100 v2
Paradigm Studio 20 v2
Paradigm Studio ADP450 v2
Paradigm Studio CC v2
Sunfire Solitaire 10 sub.
Denon AVR 3803
B&K Reference 200.7 amp
Denon DVD 3190
BenQ 8700+ projector
Carada Brilliant White screen
Dish Network 811 satelltie receiver
300 disc Sony CD Megachanger
Gefen DVI switcher and more....
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Not a "dedicated home theater" setup, but a living room setup where I watch movies on my HDTV without breaking the bank or taking out a second mortgage:

7.1 surround
Athena Point 5 Mk II (S.5 fronts, rears, and whatever you call the extra 2 rears...C.5 center)
Hsu VTF-2 MK2 sub
Yamaha RX-V657 AV Receiver
Panasonic DMR-ES30VS DVD Recorder/VCR Combo
Sony 34XBR960
URC-100 Remote
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Dedicated HT:
RBH 66se X 4
Velo DD12
RBH 1010SEP X 2
Hsu VTF-3R

Family Room:
Klipsch SP-1 L/R/LFE
Klipsch Center and Surrounds

Bedroom (The Leftovers!!!)
Athena AS-F2 L/R
Klipsch SP-1 Center/LFE
Energy Take 5 surrounds

My Office:
Totem Forests
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Focal JM labs

Electra BE 927's
Utopia BE center channel
Electra SR 900's ( 2 pair )

Custom home built dual dual 12" subwoofers
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6T Fronts
9C Center
10S Surrounds
5i Sub for augmentation

KEF C55 in Garage
Paradigm Titans in Living Room
Polk Atrium 45 Outdoors
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Here goes:

M&K S-125 L/C/R
M&K SS-150 Side Surrounds
SVS 16-46 pci Subwoofer

May upgrade the fronts to M&K S-150 sometime down the road
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Magnepan 3A's up front
Magnepan MMG C for center channel
BIC Venturi V62 for surrounds
BIC 12" subwoofer
NAD 7153 Surround Reciever
Sony SACD/DVD player
Sony Wega XBR 34inch CRT

All of this in a small L shaped apt. living room. Currently I am trying to compensate for the bad acoustics with a mixture of thick foam, and 4 inch & 2 inch GIK panels (rock wool).

I also built my own subwoofer stand out of 3/4" thick rubber sheets, a couple of rubber parking blocks, some neoprene and gel computer wrist pads with a pane of glass sanwiched in for stability and hockey pucks under the subwoofer's feet. Lastly to top it all off, two twenty five pound dumbell's for mass loading.
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Front : Bose 901 VI (w/ their active equalizer)
Surround, Center: Bose Acoustimass 7 (w/ their passive sw)
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Fronts: JBL S312II
Center: JBL N-center
Surrounds: JBL N-24's
Subwoofer: SVS-PB12 ISD
Receiver: Pioneer VSX-72TXV
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7.1 surround
Energy Connoisseur C5 (L / R front)
Energy Connoisseur C-C1 (Centre)
Energy Connoisseur C1 (L / R Surround)
Energy Connoisseur C1 (L / R Rear)
Energy S10.3 powered sub

Yamaha RXV-750 Titanium Edition
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Fronts: KEF Q11's
Center: KEF Q10c
Surrounds: KEF Q2ds (dipole)
Sub: SVS PB12-PLUS/2
Receiver: Pioneer Elite VSX-74TXVi
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MainFront) Paradigm Studio Monitors
Center: Klipsch KLF-C7 Changing to Paradigm
Rear: Paradigm 11SseMK3
Sub: Carver Sunfire True Subwoofer MII
Reciever: Yamaha DSP-A1

Sony KDS-R60XBR1
Sony RDR-HX15- DVD Recorder
Motorola DTC 6412 Phase III HD DVR
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L&R : ProAc response 4
center : ProAc Response cc2
Surround : ProAc tablette 2000
Back Surround : ProAc tablette 2000
Subwoofers : Velodyne HGS-18 x 2
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LA&HR -Monitor Audio Gold GR 20
Center -Monitor Audio RS LUCRE
Suer.- Monitor Audio RS 8
Rear Suer. Monitor Audio RS 1
Subwoofer Hsu VTF 3 MK II
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Main - Snell type E3
Center - PSB
Surrounds - Infinity Infintesimal Four
Sub - Velodyne spl 15
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Originally Posted by Yiangos View Post

L&R : ProAc response 4
center : ProAc Response cc2
Surround : ProAc tablette 2000
Back Surround : ProAc tablette 2000
Subwoofers : Velodyne HGS-18 x 2

man that's some expensive system you got! awesome setup! I used to have a pair of Response 1SC and they are very capable.
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Originally Posted by jayrad View Post

Dynaudio Contour 1.3SE, Contour Center, Triad System 7 (surround, oldies but goodies) and Sunfire Truesub Mk II

good taste and great setup! I almost went for 1.3SE with Bird's Eye Maple but until I heard Special 25 .... but I was skipping lunches for them
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