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Originally Posted by burntreality View Post

The 45B's shocked me of how nice they are ... Here is a picture of the front of my HT and then the rear speakers. Like I said it's not much but it helps me to realize the possibilities once I upgrade.

Very nice - thanks for the pictures. Your setup looks very nice and the speakers look well placed - I noticed you didn't get any suggestions on speaker placement which is rare in this post!

I was looking for some large bookshelf speakers to use as mains on stands and was surprised by how few manufacturers are still making them. They all make tiny single 5.25" (or sometimes single 6.5") bookshelf speakers and jump right to the big floorstanding models with multiple mid-bass drivers. I really prefer two way speakers on stands for the front so had been considering some of the new Polks - the 35B but especially the LSiM703. The LSi speakers were $1500 per pair so I decided to go with Paradigms but I would still love to hear those Polks. Anyone have the LSi series speakers for their mains or center?
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Originally Posted by mtn-tech View Post

Very nice - thanks for the pictures. Your setup looks very nice and the speakers look well placed - I noticed you didn't get any suggestions on speaker placement which is rare in this post!

Thanks a ton for the compliment. I have read a bunch on the forums, and after trying several different placements, that placement sounded the best to me.

I still have awhile before I get to start looking at speakers that cost 1500 a pair, but the time will come when I will own some. As much as I love this forum for all the advice, I hate the forum for making me want to spend so much money. rolleyes.gif
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I have the following setup:

Receiver: Sony STR-DN1040

Fronts / Surrounds: Pioneer SP-BS22-LR
Center Channel: Pioneer SP-C22
Subwoofer: BIC America F-12

I can put together a review if people would like
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Originally Posted by mtn-tech View Post

Thanks for the photo. Some more suggestions:

1. Those mains are too low - the top of them may be almost ear level, but the TSi200 is a D'Appolito array (mid-tweeter-mid) so the tweeter is in the center, far below your seated position. That type of speaker is known for its wide horizontal dispersion, but very limited vertical dispersion - you could be sitting in a null. The tweeter should be at ear level, either angle the speakers upward toward your seated ear height or even better lift them with stands.

2. More distance between your mains if possible (should have 25 to 30 degrees between them) and angle them inward slightly

3. The center speaker should be moved forward so the front baffle is in front of the cabinet and the shelf it sits on, it should also be angled upward toward your seated ear height.

I made these changes, as well as getting an SPL meter and calibrating. Enjoying my system much more.

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My setup is in my signature.

Mirage speakers with a PSA XV15 sub.
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I swapped out the speakers on my 2 channel rig. The Philharmonic 2s are replaced by Golden Ear Triton 2s driven by a Bryston 4bsst2, a Benchmark DAC 1 HDR, and YBA cd3 transport with 2 SVS pb12 pluses and an SVS aseq1 for sub equalization. It now sounds the best it ever has.
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2 ch setup : NAD356bee , Parasound Halo A21 and Dynaudio Focus 160s
HT : Integra DHC 80.3 , Parasound Halo A52 and Klipsch Reference RF7II ,64 and rears def tech 450s.
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My first setup:
Samsung pn59d550 3d plasma. Ssg-3570cr glasses
500gb ps3
Onkyo txnr-809
Rogers nextbox 3.0 hdpvr
Sony bluray player
Kef q700's l/r
Kef q300's surround
Kef q600c center
Svs pb12nsd sub
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Fronts klipsch RF-7 II Floorstanding Speaker
Center klipsch RC-64 II Center Speaker
Surrounds klipsch RS-62 II Surround Speaker
Rears klipsch RB-61 II Bookshelf Speakers
Sub EQ Velodyne SMS-1
SHARP 70" 732
Pre/pioneer sc-65 elite
Amp/ B&K 200.7 S2
JVC RS-45 projector
Seymour center stage 125” 2.35 screen
OPPO BDP-103 blu ray player

2 channel
Cornwall 1981
B&K pre amp reference 20
sherbourn 4z-75 power amp

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Originally Posted by DavidK442 View Post

Some serious gear in a small space. What are the dimensions of your room?

Around 12x28x8
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Looking for Michigan folks who have PHC (Pro Audio Technology), Quested, or Procella speaker systems I can demo.

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Hi, good to have joined your forum. I have Spendor BC1s (2 pairs), Spendor S8s, Spendor 3/5rs, and a pair of Wilson Benesch Square ones - the latter, I fear, may be fakes. I'd be gratefull for any advice about how to tell if these are authentic WBs.



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RTi 110513 (4).jpg 223k .jpg file I was using 4 Monitor 70s CS2 & M40s via an Onkyo HT-RC180 as my 7.1 setup, sub is HSU & while it sounded good, they sounded best when the volume was cranked a bit up. So I decided to sell all those & step into A7s as fronts, the CSi A6 center & possibly FXi A6 surrounds & A3s for front wides. The new center simply outdoes what the CS2 did for dialogue!! Has more bass & background sounds etc. The finish on the A6 center is stunning in cherry, I can only imagine what the 7s will look like. Pictures really don't do them justice! biggrin.gif
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LCR: Yorkville U215B
Mains amp: Crown XLS2000
Side Surrounds: Custom SEOS12
Rear Surrounds: JBL 8340a
Subs: Dayton RSS460HO 18" sealed X 8 powered by 2 X Peavey IPR7500

Living Room:
LCR: DIYSoundgroup Fusion-15
Rear surrounds : Deftech BPVX
Subs: 4 X Stereo Integrity 18" sealed powered by EP4000

Polk Monitor 60 Series II

Bose 301 Series V
Sub: Energy 10"
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Theatre: 7.1 set up

AVR: Denon 3313CI

Left and Right: Polk RTi-a7 towers

Center: Polk CSi-a6

Wide Channels: Polk RTi-a3 bookshelves

Surrounds: Polk FXi-a4s

Subwoofer: PSA XV15


Living Room 3.1 set up

AVR: Marantz SR5006

Left and Right: PSB Image T5 towers

Center: PSB Image C5

Subwoofer: Infinity Alpha 1200

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Still a work in progress, but it's coming along; slowly but surely. Anyway here it goes...

Front sound stage: currently 2 x klipsch rf-82ii and 1 x rc-62ii. They are being powered by a pioneer sc-1222-k, which is doing a fantastic job but I've decided to purchase an XPA-3 to take some of the load off of the AVR and really get the front stage going

My rear surrounds are 2 x bic fh-65b, which are performing well with the klipsch to my surprise.

Side surrounds: 2 x klipsch rs-52ii

Towers without the grills

Rw-12d on an auralex GRAMMA

My second sub is in the mail: bic pl-200
Another auralex GRAMMA is waiting for it.

This is my first theater build, let me know what you think. I would love some constructive criticism!

My living room is currently just my old Onkyo HTiB. I'll be upgrading it eventually, probably when I'm done with the theater, if I ever get done! Lol

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I should of taken better pictures of the equipment, but I took these to show off the room to a friend so I figured I'd post them up here since I haven't before.

Set-up consists of 3 Seaton Catalyst 12C speakers for front L/C/R with 2 Seaton Submersive HP subwoofers, Seaton Sparks for surrounds, Integra DHC-80.3 processor, Oppo BDP-93 blu-ray player, JVC RS-4810 projector and Carada 110" screen with Palliser bullet seats. If more pictures are wanted, I'll post them, but I don't think anybody cares that much about my set-up lol rolleyes.gif

Disregard the kid texting

The concession stand in the back
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Is it sad that my favorite pic was all the candy? =^P
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Currently some B&W CM9s.

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Sorry, no photos.

Mains: Paradign Studio 80 Mk.2 <-- Crown DC-300A (tweaked)

Nearfield: NHT Classic 3 <-- ART SLA2

Video Edit Suite: Edirol MA-15D / Hsu STF-2 (all self-powered)

Waiting in the wings: KEF Q70, Radio Shack Minimus 7

All are stereo pairs, excepting the Hsu sub.
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No photos here either, will get around to it when all the "things in work" are taken care of . . .


Dual-purpose setup, operates as either old-school 2-channel or HT surround.


Main R/L = Altec Model 19's, bi-amped with GAS Grandson of Ampzilla (40 wpc) on top and Son of Ampzilla (80 wpc) on bottom.  Experimenting with REALLY old 415A Biflex's instead of 416-8C woofers, I think I like it better with the 415's.  Running the original 802-8G horn drivers, but someday will swap out for 902-8A's.


Dual R/L Subs = currently some highly-modified 15-inch "cheapies", more serious home-built ones are in work.  Driven by GAS Ampzilla (200 wpc).


[It's quite impressive to see the entire GAS "family" working in one stack – on those rare occasions when I've got all their meter lights working at the same time, lol.]


Center = currently running centerless, now restoring an Altec Model 14 (looks like a miniature Model 19).  Will be bi-amped with a bridged Crown D60 on top and bridged D75 on bottom (original Crown, not modern).  [The Model 19's image so incredibly well that I don't expect adding the center will actually make much difference sonically, but it sure will look cool, lol.]


Side and Rear Surrounds (4 speakers) = all are Aura LST-627M.  Short-lived brand, an amazing value while they lasted.  Very high quality, use the Linnaeum "line source" tweeter and rubber woofer surrounds (instead of the fast-rotting foam crap now widely used).  Seem to be a surprisingly good match with the Altec horns.  Depending on whim, driven either directly by the 7.1 AVR or by old Carver PM-series amps, can't really tell much difference there.


Lest one assume from the above that I am an eccentric stuck in the past, I should mention that all the crossovers and other processing are in the digital domain on modern equipment.  So, I am just a plain eccentric having fun trying to use the best, whichever era it is from.  Within reason, of course; budget is an unfortunately major consideration . . .

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Here's a few more photo's of the equipment for y'all

JVC RS4810

I know, it's not pretty but it's gonna be hidden soon. Still a work in progress

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LG 50LA660S
Custom HTPC
Marantz NR1504
Q Acoustics Q2050i
Q Acoustics Q2000Ci

3.0 for time.. will come to full 5.1 in nearest future..

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No photos yet....in the middle of upgrading my system.


4 M&K S5000 THX's

LCR-55 Center (TBD to upgrade)

LCR-55 Surrounds (TBD to upgrade)

MX 5000 Sub

Anthem MRX 700

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Hi all. Pretty new here. Lurked around for awhile.


My system is very modest and budget oriented compared to what most of you have going on here. It is a mix and match for sure which has evolved over time.


Works quite well though and is relatively voice matched for the small 12x12 viewing area it is situated in.


AVR:            Onkyo TX-SR313

Front:           Boston Accoustics CR55

Rear:            Cerwin Vega VE-5m

Center:         Polk Audio CS10

Sub:             Yamaha YST-FSW050BL2

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Hello folks.
My speakers are Paradigm Monitor v.7

Mains: Monitor 9
Center: Center 3
Surround: Surround 3
Rear Surround: Atom
Sub: SUB 10

They are driven by a Yamaha RX-A2010.
Sometime after Christmas I'd like to add a pair of Cinema 100's for front presence speakers. And somewhere further down the road I'd like to add a SUB 12.
I am extremely pleased with my speakers/set-up!
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12.5' x 11.5' room.

AVR: Onkyo-709

Front L: Chase PRO-10
Center: Chase SHO-10
Front R: Chase PRO-10
Rears: Axiom QS8 (not yet received and installed, though)
Sub: Outlaw EX
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I have a mix mash of stuff. I went to the court house sale and bought the speakers off the wall for l-r and center and then I added some Klipsch KG2's (shown) sounds awesome with Klipsch RB-61 II on each side of the loveseat. and a small generic rea speaker to complete the 7.1 as soon as I rummagesale one into existence. Sorry about the mess but I am a slob because wife is in Florida for 6 days.Souns awesome in the small room


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RTi1105133.jpg 219k .jpg file PolkRTiA72.jpg 790k .jpg file Got the upgrade bug recently so went from Monitor 70s x 4, 40s & CS2 center to Polk RTi A7s fronts, CSi A6 center & just ordered 2 A5s for surrounds. Already have A3s & will use them as front wides when I get the 5s! Just love the finish on these speakers, not to mention the sound is a real treat & quite a step up from the Monitor line. Sub is an HSU VTF2-Mk4, running thru an Onkyo HT-RC180 to an LG 60" plasma. CDP is a Teac PD-H600, BDP is Marantz BD7004. Catching dust is the Dual 1218 TT lol. biggrin.gif
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11.5' x 14.0' room.

AVR: Onkyo TX-NR3009
Source: Oppo BDP-105
Media Library: Synology DS1512+ and DX510 Expansion (21TB)

Front L: Funk Audio 8.2P
Center: Funk Audio 5.4P
Front R: Funk Audio 8.2P
Rears: klipsch RB-61 II
Subwoofer: Funk Audio 18.2 (Custom Sealed Enclosure, 2.4KW RMS Amp)
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