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Just ordered the ORB Mod2 system.
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Onkyo TX-SR604 receiver
Athena F2.2 (front l/r)
Athena C1.2 (center)
Athena S.5 (surround l/r)
SVS PB12-NSD (not quite purchased yet)
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Long time listener...first time caller...

Home Theatre Setup:
SLS Q-Line Gold speakers
SLS Q-Line Gold subwoofer
Sherwood RD-8601

The Office Setup:
Infinity Reference 2000.1
Insignia NB-2111
Infinity BU-1
Pioneer VSX-516K

The iMac Setup:
Harman Audio Soundsticks II
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Proac Response 1s clones. Using a cayin a88t amp to drive them. currently in 2 channel mode only. thinking of hooking up an old pioneer a400 to a pair of rogers ls2a/2 for the other 2 channels.
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B&W 804S (Front L/R)
B&W HTM4 (Center)
PSB Image B25 (Rear L/R)
SVS PB10 Sub
NAD T753 Receiver
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This is my first post anywhere...I hope this is the right place.
The house has a set of (5) Klipsch R-3800W and (2) R-3650C (rated at 50W), all flush mounts and (1) RW-10 sub woofer (rated @ 260W). This setup was sold to my friend by the builder of his new house as a 7.1 surround system before he asked me to help him set up his Theater. We have to try them out because he's already paid for them.
We bought a Pioneer VSX-84TXSI (rated @ 140w)
Question... Will the power difference pose a threat to the speakers?
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Fronts: Paradigm Mini Monitors v.4
Center: Paradigm Mini Monitor v.3
Rears: Paradigm Titans v.3
Sub: SVS PB10-isd

Pics: See Sig
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I got to get in on this as no one listed for Newfoundland, Canada.

Front Paradigm Studio 60's V 2
Centre Studio CC 470
Sug Paradigm PS 1200
Rear Mini Monitors
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Reciever: Pioneer VSX-82TSX
Slave Reciever:JVC RX-774 (powers the S4AI's)
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Mains : Insigna Best Buy Special Upgrading soon
Center : waiting on the X-CS
Surrounds : waiting on the X-ls
Sub : X- SUB
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Polk LSi9 front
Polk LSiC center
Polk LSiFX surround
SVS 20-39PC+ sub
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5.1 Setup:
Recently upgraded to Anthony Gallo Acoustics.
Fronts are the Due'
Center is A'Diva Ti
Rears are Nucleus Ti
TR-1 Sub

My Bozo AM5s (which I won in a contest about 12 years ago) have been moved to the living room. While the bose sound is very average, they do look good. I moved my old & beat-up looking DBX Sub/Sat system to the basement.

Out on the back deck I have some Speakercraft indoor/outdoor speakers. They always smoked the bozos, but were not attractive enough to bring inside per the WAF.

I had to chase all over the place to finally hear the Due's, but once I did I was sold. I was out of town on business & I made a detour just to hear them. I really liked the Gallo Ref 3.1, but do not have the room. The Due' with the sub is impressive though.
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B&W 804s (L-R)
B&W HTM3s (Center)
B&W Signature 7NT (in-wall surrounds)
Paradigm PW-2200 (sub)
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Atlantic Technology 4200 7.1 system in [bedroom]

6 Yamaha 777's in great room (L/R front) (L/R sides) (L/R rear surrounds) with an Axiom VP-150 center and 2- 12" Atlantic Technology subwoofers sitting besides the front L/R channel speakers. 7.2 [Great Room]

also working on basement theater.
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Psb Image 4Ts
Onix X-LS
Infinity Primus 150
Infinity Beta 20
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Recently upgraded to an all-Gallo system: Reference 3s for Front L/R, and Dues for Center and Rear L/R. I also have an Earthquake MKIV 10" sub to handle the .1 duites

The sound is *fantastic* - open, articulate, *fast*, with great dispersion. This system has to handle 2 channel "audiophile" listening in addition to being a home theater system. And, because it is used by my wife and kids, it has to be *easy* to use.

To that end, I've programmed a Marantz RC 2000 MKII remote to handle the day-to-day operations - 1 button can turn everything on and select the desired source and 1 button can turn everything off.

The video is displayed using an Hitachi 51F710 HDTV (rear projection).

I also chose my pre-processor and amp for ease-of-use and great sound. I'm running a Harman-Kardon Signature 2.0 pre-processor linked to a Harman-Kardon 2.1 5 channel amp. 100-150 watts per channel and +- 100 amps of current!! And, believe me, the Gallos LOVE a high-current amplifier.

Input sources are a Harman-Kardon DVD50 multi-disc changer, a Denon 2910 DVD player, a Bang and Olufsen BG 9000 turntable, a Rio Karma MP3 player, and a LinkSys Wireless MusicBridge. Yeah, I got the input thing *covered*.

I'd say this system is pretty much complete - I'm quite satisfied with the sound and picture. And the wife and kiddies can use it without having to call me for tech support all the time!

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Originally Posted by HiFiSoundGuy View Post

...Two Clever Little Clocks for room treatment!

Now *there's* a waste of perfectly good money! How on Earth ANYONE could buy into that nonsense is beyond me. Of course, he probably "upgraded" from using Shakti Stones and Brilliant Pebbles.

-RW- There really is one born every minute...
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One S-center
One SVS 25-31 pci

Harman kardon AVR-325
panasonic 36" CRT type HDTV monitor (someday would like to get a 60" HDTV)
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Combination of HK HT14s and Paradigm mini-monitors. The mini-monitors are used as my fronts in a 5.1 system. The HK HT14s that were in use as my fronts are now in my bathroom on a second zone. This way, I can do whatever in the bathroom and still watch/listen to my home theater. Rotel RSX-1067 receiver which is super nice. It's all working very well so far. I think I am getting extremely great sound for the money I've invested.

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Mitsubishi WD52725 DLP
Pioneer Elite VSX-54TX
B&W DM601 S3 - x2 front, x2 rear
B&W LCR600 - center
B&W ASW675 - sub
B&W WM4 - x2 wall mounted, back of house over deck
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For movies:

Klipsch Premiere Home Theater System RF-7 (5.1)
Boston Acoustics (front effects)

For Music:

20 year old Infinity Kappa 9 towers (6 way)
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Here is my modest 5.1 setup:
Fronts: Klipsch RF3II
Center: Klipsch RC7
Surrounds: RB5II
Receiver: Denon 2805
DVD: Denon 3910
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Fronts: M80's
Center: VP150
Surrounds: QS8(4)
Sub: EP500
Receiver: Denon 1905
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FRONTS: Aiwa SX-N999 hifi 3-way bass reflex bookshelves from the mid 90's. 150W/6ohms each. They get better with age...

Alesis RS300 amp feeding the fronts.

REARS: Logitech Z-560 sub/amp (188w) powering two Z-560 satellites

Creative X-Fi in my HTPC outputting analog to the amps.

I'm lovin it!

For now I'm using my Westinghouse LCD as my centre channel speaker for movies. Need to find a better solution. Anyone know of any standalone center channel speakers with active power? (don't say Bose)
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Fronts: Revel Performa M22

Center: Revel Performa C32

Rear: Klipsch RS (next to go)

Sub: REL Strada
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Living Room 5.1 Theatre:

2x Artison LCRs doing left/center/right duties. Covers match the Samsung plasma
2x Martin Logan Grotto subwoofers
2x Boston Acoustics DSI-485 in-ceiling speakers for the surrounds

Asthetics were just as critical for this room as the sound, and the Artisons work perfectly. The imaging is great for speakers so close together. And the Grottos kick some serious butt!

Whole House Audio:
3 pairs of Boston Acoustics DSI-465 in-ceiling speakers
2x Niles OS6 on the patio

I tend to be partial to the BA sound; very clean and lively. The Niles are a touch heavy in the upper mids for my taste, but they sound better outdoors than indoors.

"Old" Theatre moved into the basement:
JBL J2050 L&R front
Harmon Kardon CS5 center channel
JBL PSW-1000 subwoofer
Mini Advents for L/R surrounds

Far and away, the Advents are the worst speakers I have. They are lifeless and muddy. I'm going to replace them as soon as it's feasible. The JBLs, while a few years old, are terrific speakers.
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Fronts - Bic DV62i's
Center - Bic DV52c
Rear/Rear Surround - Bic DV32
Sub - Sony SAWM40
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I have a JBL SCS145.5S 5.1 speaker system with a 100W 8" sub.

I substituted my Camber Laser 7 pair in place of two of the JBL satellites, as Front Speakers.

All of the speakers are powered by a Harman Kardon AVR140 receiver.

The results are phenomenal for my little apartment.

I watched "The Patriot" (Mel Gibson) last night, and the theater experience was incredible - especially when the bullets and shells started flying!

The clarity of my setup for the money spent is amazing. No distortion and immense dynamic range. The little JBL satellites pack a surprising punch for such small speakers.

The receiver is a natural upgrade from my old Harman Kardon 350i which I still have laying around.
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Polk Rti8 mains
Polk CSi5 Center
Polk RTi6 Rears

All Cherry, all recieved from acousticsounddesigns. Fast ship, quick email response. I'm very happy. These sound great. I don't think I need a sub as the response with my Marantz sr7500 is freaking mind blowingly sweet! yea! Currently looking for a nice Jolida 502b tube amp and a little dot II + for a headphone amp.
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My little setup:

Fronts - Paradigm Millenia 200
Center - Paradigm Millenia 20
Surrounds - Paradigm Millenia 20s
Sub - Paradigm Seismic 12
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