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fronts: b&w 605s2
center: b&w lcr6s2
surrounds: b&w 601s2
surround rear: b&w ds6
sub: b&w asw675

for HT, its all about the 605s2's dedicated dual 8" subs in each front speaker. add the 4 8" subs in the fronts in w/ the 10" asw675 and you're home free. i love my ht sound. for music, it sucks.
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Fronts - Gradient 1.2
(upgraded to 1.27 - official statement by the original designer Jorma Salmi)
Center & Rears - Chorus AW-6i (kit version of Chorus Compact 662)

This setup works well with music and HT, although the main speakers differ somewhat from the other speakers in terms of phase reproduction. You can hear the difference with panning white noise test. This does not affect movies too much but it is audible with some music samples.

Next upgrade: A good sub.
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I hope pics aren't considered gaudy.

B&W 703 mains
B&W HTM7 center
B&W 705 surrounds
B&W ASW700 powered subwoofer

10-gauge speaker wire from Cobalt Cable (except for to the surrounds)

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Originally Posted by SirTony76 View Post

Yamaha NS-555's up front:

NS-333's in the back:

NS-C444 in the middle:

SW-215 down low

Driven by a Yamaha HTR-5370

Which gets a signal from my Creative Labs Audigy 2: NX


Not to sound like a Creative salesman, but you'll get so much more out of those speakers if you get an X-Fi....or an Envy24 HT card for that matter.
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L/C/R - M&K S-150 THX Ultra's
Rear's - M&K SW50 inwall's
Sub - B&W ASW 1000 - likely replace w/MK this coming spring

I love my M&K's!!!
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I have the Paradigm Monitor series in my HT. (Spendor S8e's in my 2 channel audio rig) Monitor 7's for the front, Mini Monitors for rear surrounds, a CC350 center channel and a Paradigm PS -1000 sub. Pics are on my home page, let me know what you think!
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Fronts: Paradigm Monitor 11
Center: Paradigm CC370
Surround: Paradigm Mini Monitors
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A Fronts --Polk RTi4,Center-Polk CSi3B Fronts-Realistic Optimus T-200 (bought in 1977 for $695/pair) Surrounds Axiom QS 8 Sub-Onkyo HTIB for now
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Main: M&K S125
Center: M&K S125C
Surrounds: M&K SS150THX
Sub: M&K MX-200

Pics here.
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Mains: NHT Evolution M6
Center: NHT Evolution M6
Surrounds: NHT Evolution M5
Sub: NHT U1
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JBL scs180.6
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2 channel: Joseph Audio RM25mkii
Garage: Mission 700's
HT: Polk R50 mains, R15 rears, Infinity Entra center, Infinity BU-120 sub
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I have a set of Infinity TSS-750's which include a 150W sub-woofer. But I am seriously considering the Infinity Primus Theater pack (4 Satellites and a center) along with a 300W subwoofer with 12" driver.

Is this a worthwhile upgrade? I heard that the Primus series are better speakers than the TSS series, also, as much as the "modern" look of the TSS series is nice, we have a lot of dark wood furntiure in our living room (mahogany, ebony) and I notice that the Primus series has a wooden encloisiure along with a mesh grating so that people won't have to look at the speakers woofers and tweeters.

I am also looking into getting a speaker system that won't be underwhelming should I move to a bigger home theater space in the near future (currently using about 12' x 12' worth of space within a 12' x 30' area as my "Home Theater" in our condo.

Any advice would be gladly welcomed.

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HT not finished yet so..
front : dogg 350W speakers
center: polk CSi5 over screen + CSi3 under it
surr:4 polk RTi4
amp: HK635
sub: Dual 18" Fi-Q18 (83 cub feet enclosure),EP2500 + DSP1124P
138"diag 2:35 screen
Still loking for projector (maybe optoma HD81)
Bass traps etch... .
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Hey All,
Here is what I have:
Fronts - Paradigm MiniMKII's or 3se-Mini's (no model#)(70Hz - 20KHz)
Rear - Paradigm Atoms (70Hz - 20KHz)
Center - Phantom from the 3se Mini (the WAF on the Paradigm CC-300 was not well received due to size)
Sub - SVS PB10-NSD

I am looking at trying to find a smaller Center to complement my 3SE Minis..Maybe another 3SE??

2nd option is to sell the Paradigms and find 5 speakers of smaller stature but still full sound....

Any ideas?? thx
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Here is what I have on order and arriving this week:
Fronts: Infinity Primus 360's
Center: Infinity Primus C25
Surround: 4x Infinity Primus 160's
Sub: Infinity PS-12

powered by a Pioneer VSX-1016

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logitech Z5500
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Receiver: Harmon/Kardon AVR335
Fronts: Infinity Primus 250
Center: Infinity Primus C25
Rears: Klipsch B2
Sub: Currently in an apartment

Going to replace the Klipsch with the 250s, and put 360s up front. Not sure yet if i'll keep the Klipsch hooked up for 7.1 or not.

Heres a quick pic, need to figure out what to do with all those cords...
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Fronts: JBL E 100
Center: JBL EC 35
Surrounds: Infinity Sterling SS 2002
Rears: JBL E 20

Sub: Velodyne DLS 4000R
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my poor man's setup

Sony SS-MB350H fronts
Pioneer S-HF11C center
Onkyo CS-V720 rears
Logitech Z-560 sub, 8" 188w

Pioneer VSX-516-k receiver
Creative X-Fi digital feed from HTPC (X-Fi in audio creation mode for bit-matched playback)
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Paradigm Studio 100
Paradigm CC590
Paradigm ADP 370
Paradigm Seismic 10
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sub Velodyne DD10

receiver VSX-84TXSi

Still trying to get the best sound out of this setup, thinking of hiring a professional.

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Front Athena AS-B2
Center Athena AS-C1
Surround Athena WS-100
subs Athena Micra 6 M225 and Harman/kardon SUB-TS8

I Started out with a Kenwood HTIB

Upgraded a few weeks ago to a Pioneer VSX-816S and oppo OPDV971H DVD and Athena micra 6 speaker system and an H/K sub.

Sounded ok, better then the Kenwood but not what i was hoping for after reading all the reviews.

So I then picked up a set of Athena WS100's and put them for front speakers, a little better sound but STILLLLL not what I was hoping for.

So I then got a set of Athena AS-B2's and a AS-C1, put the B2's In the front and the WS100 for surround WOW! it's like a night and day difference i sound. It sounds real good know.

I was thinking of getting a set of Athena AS-F2's and putting them for the front and the AS-B2's for surround, Do you guys think that would make a big difference in sound?

I think I can go one more step yet the little woman's starting to get a little pissed, my upgrading started when we went shopping for a new $100.00 DVD player when the kenwood DVD craped out. I think I'm gona push her over the edge soon l.o.l. going from a simple DVD player to all this with monster cables and wires also
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My recently installed 2 BR condo system (needed to be respectful of my new neighbors!):

Main L/R: Klipsch RB-51
Center: Klipsch RC-52
Rear: None - i'm digging my L/C/R set-up for now.
Sub: Yamaha YST-SW216

Receiver: Yamaha HTR-5940
DVD: Yamaha DV-S5950

Klipsch, baby.
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Front= Totem Main-2 Signature + Totem Signature Center
Surround A= Totem Model 1 Biwir
Surround B= Axiom QS4 Dipole
Surround for EX-ES Totem Signature Center
Sub= Deftech SuperCube II

Processor Denon 5803
Amp for Mani-2 woofers= Bryston 4B Pro

Peter M.
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Front: Infinity Beta 50
Center: Infinity Beta C360
Rears & Effect: Infinity Beta ES250
Subwooffer: Infinity SW-12

Receiver: Yamaha RX-V2700
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Welp, this is about as close as I'll ever come to owning B&W's, partially because polk helped sony to copy their kevlar mid's. Ive got 7 (soon to be 9) Sony SS-K90ED's, that I love, especially on my budget!
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I'm not totally setup with everything yet, since I just bought the rear speakers on Sunday, however, here's what I have:

Front: Polk RT1000P
Center: Polk CS2
Rear: Polk R20

I really like the sound. The powered bass units in the 1000P's aren't truly sub-woofers, but they can push it out pretty well. Maybe I'll get a dedicated subwoofer at some point, but not yet.
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Hi all, here is my HT setup with Klipsch Reference Flagship up front.
Dedicated HT, 20'x15'.5"

Sanyo PLV-Z5 PJ / 96" diag. screen[:|]

Oppo 971H DVD Player[]

Yamaha Rx-V2500

Klipsch RF83 Floorstanders (fire breathing monsters) LOL.[li]

Klipsch RC62 Center.

Mirage OM260 floorstander Surrounds.

Polk R10 rear surrounds

Paradigm PW2200 Sub Mirage 10" Sub
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I'll join in...

Set up in main room

Wharfedale 9.5 Floor standers up front
Wharfedale 9CM Center speaker
Wharfedale 9.1 Surrounds
Wharedale Sw250 sub

Hooked up to an Onkyo reciever, Samsung HDMI DVD player, and a 42' Samsung Plasma
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