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Yamaha RX-Z9
Denon 3910 DVD
Toshiba HD-A2 HD-DVD
2 Carver 4.0 Bridged
Sony VPL-50 Projector
Stewart Firehawk G3 100'
Mains -Allison Model One
Center Pair Allison AL-130
Front Surround Allison Six
Rear Allison fours
Rear Surround Allison CD-7
Sub Velodyne F1500
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I have a bunch of random speakers set up in no particular order. The thing I was most curious about is whether my Mirage speakers were any good. Here's what I have:

Mirage - SM-.5 (center and rear surround)
Pioneer - not sure of the model..old school 70s floor models (left & right surround)
Soma - also not sure of the model but huge floor models (left & right front)

I'm going to get Paradigm Cinema Series speakers but this will do for now..even though it's ugly as sin.

Any idea on the Mirage speakers? Are they worth keeping?


I also have a Logitech sub woofer from the 560 series (computer speakers) hooked up to the headphone jack in the front..I tell ya..worst set-up ever!
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Originally Posted by gts007 View Post

Not to sound like a Creative salesman, but you'll get so much more out of those speakers if you get an X-Fi....or an Envy24 HT card for that matter.

Yea I would like to buy one...by brother has the Fatalaty (sp?) one but I have a laptop so I need a USB one. It's OK though because I have a good DVD player that does well with movies.
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Martin Logan Aion i
Cinema center
Vingette sides
Depth Sub

I love high notes and these sound great. The cinema cener is VERY directional. If you stand up, the sound is totally different. Thinking of trying to maximize thier out put. I have a Denon 4806 reciever wich seems to have enough power but im not really good at tweeking settings ( fear factor).
Any thoughts on good sound proofing panels that dont cost too much?
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I use JMLab/Focal Chorus 826V and the center...amazing entry level hi-end sound!
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orb mod2 2channel with super 8 sub & onix a60 mkii amp.
just keeping it simple.
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My home theather system is Sony with 100 watts per channel.
Receiver STR-502
DVD player DVD-NC600
Subwoofer and 5 cutes speakers

I currently bought a pair Polk RTi10 from acousticsounddesign for my front speakers. I'm going to replace a center and surrounds as well. This a right decision I've made to upgrade my system. Sounds from new speakers are awesome. I don't think I need a new sub for now since the RTi10 are good enough for me.
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we are just finishing a remodel . We are going to purchase in -ceiling speakers for the family room ( 19 feet long by 17 feet wide - 8 foot ceilings), the living room , dining room and our master bedroom.

In our family room and bedroom we are gong to have 46 inc LCD panel tv's .

We need to buy speakers and other equipment . I'm do not know what to buy.
We would like the best speakers to be in the family room where we watch the most TV and listen to music.

However, we would like to be able to be able to watch to the TV in the family room while someone else can listen to music in the living room or dining room at the same time. Any suggestions for speakers and other equipment to buy???
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Hello people,

1st time i've postd here. i'm setting a 7.1 system and i would like to know if puttint the JBC speakers and the juncture of the wall to the ceiling would make them too high. should they or do they have to be lower?
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Yamaha ns-555 tower fronts
Denon DRA-755 (20 year's old!)

Will be purchasing matching center and surrounds soon. (ns444, ns333's)
Currently shopping for a new reciever and sub so I can take advantage of dvd-a, sacd, and biamping.

Any suggestions?
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Originally Posted by visaudiophile View Post

Receiver: Harmon/Kardon AVR335
Fronts: Infinity Primus 250
Center: Infinity Primus C25
Rears: Klipsch B2
Sub: Currently in an apartment

Going to replace the Klipsch with the 250s, and put 360s up front. Not sure yet if i'll keep the Klipsch hooked up for 7.1 or not.

Heres a quick pic, need to figure out what to do with all those cords...

Very nice looking setup. The cable/wire management is a problem isn't it? I've got a similar situation... For now, I just push all the cables/wires together and bunch them up against the wall. Effective, practical cable managementK!
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Originally Posted by garyleo View Post

Hello people,

1st time i've postd here. i'm setting a 7.1 system and i would like to know if puttint the JBC speakers and the juncture of the wall to the ceiling would make them too high. should they or do they have to be lower?

My understanding is that you want your mains and surrounds to be as close to ear level as possible. I suppose it depends on your personal preference and what will work for your situation though.
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My office has Paradigm studio 100, integrated amp and rotel CD player

Livng room
AVR300 set to biamp fronts and is 5.1 system
Paradigm Sig 2s with ADP surrounds, C3 center
servo 15 sub.
Integra 8.5 Player

family room has 7.1 system
Paradigm Sig 2s with ADP surrounds C3 center
Sherbourn amp 200 watts/channel
Cambridge Audio 840C cdp
80 inch screen with infocus 4805 projector Koool!
sub cambridge soundworks

newly added Wii

Might try the OPPo 970

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HTD Level 3

HK AVR 340
sonance 2120T amp
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Infinity TSS-1100 set for a 5.1 system.
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Acoustic Research: XP62 (x2); AR-2C; Rock Partners
Axiom: M80ti; QS8
B&W: DM601 S2
Eosone: ? 5.1 Package w/10" sub
Infinity: BU-100 sub (x2)
Jensen: 3080
Magnepan: MMG
Polk: RT1000p
Radio Shack: Minimus 7
Sony: SA-VA55; SA-W10 sub (x3)
SVS: 1646 PC+ sub w/v3 upgraded driver
KLH: a small center and 2.1 passive set of cheapies...

Too many?

I need too hold a garage sale! I won't bore you with the associated boat load of electronics.

See my ARXP62 thread!:
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Hello, I have Paradigm's, Focus, cc270, atoms and a homemade shiva-parts express 250 watt subwoofer. Just waiting for christmas gift cards to my fav. store, Jamisons in Toledo, Ohio for a pair of monitor 5's and I am then moving my focus's to the rear. Eventually replaceing my center channel.
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Fronts- Martin Logan Ascents
Center- Martin Logan Logos
Rears- Martin Logan Scripts
Sub-Martin Logan Descent

Yes, I like Martin Logan.
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Paradigm Monitor 90p's
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Main:Infinity Primus 360
Surrounds:Infinity Primus 150
Second Surround:Athena Tech As-B2
Reciever:denon Dra-37
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Video Room
PSB 4T (front, surround)
PSB 9C (center)
Mirage BPS400 (sub)
Onkyo SR674
Toshiba HD A1
Sceintific Atlanta 8300HD
Optoma HD70
Homemade formica screen

Recreation Room
Harmon Kardon AVR
Bose 701
Technics linear tracking turntable
Ortofon MC cartridge
Sony CD player

Family Room
Cambridge soundworks MD80
Onkyo Receiver
Sony 37" Plasma

Onkyo Receiver
Cambridge soundworks Ensemble IV
Samsung 30" tube HD TV
JVC DVD player

Cambridge soundworks outdoor speakers
connected to family room

I though I had decent speakers until I got the PSB stuff used. Really nice.
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Home theater
Infinity 2-Way Tower Speaker (P252)
Infinity 2-Way Center Speaker (PC250)
Infinity 8" Powered Subwoofer (PS-28)
Phoenix Gold 6 1/2" Ceiling Speaker (ATC6)
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Family Room:
Sony STR-DG800
Sony NS90V DVD Player
Polk RM10 Satellites and Center Channel w/Polk PSM10 Sub
Dish HD Receiver
Monster Power HTS 3600 Power Center

Basement (under construction):
Emotiva MPS-1
Denon 3805 (to be replaced by Emotiva DMC-1)
Focal Profile Series 918 and 908CC
4 Mirage Ominsat V1 Surrounds (may replace in the future)
Final equiptment list not set yet
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Dear Folks:

I have a set of Polk M10 bookshelf speakers, purchased for less than $100 at Circuit City.

They are neat, small, and have a quality feel. Not perfect as a main set, but with a subwoofer pretty good. Overall, I feel the little speakers lack "punch."

Looking for a second set for an adjacent room. Not sure if I will use this opportunity to upgrade the M10's in the main room.

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Home Theater is all Definitive Technology:

PowerMonitor 500 Fronts
C/L/R 2300 Center
BPX Surrounds
ProSub TL100 Subwoofer
Onkyo TX-DS898 Receiver
Samsung HL-S5687W 56" DLP

PC audio system:

Energy C-100 Bookshelves (HTD Level 3 bookshelves ordered)
Onix Rocket Tyke Subwoofer
Yamaha RX-V695 Receiver
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Bought my audio system in 1989 and still going strong.
Duntech Marquis oak (pair)
Aragon4004's bi-amp (pair)
Aragon 24K preamp
CD player tube hybrid made by Scott Nixon

My current home theater
Dunlavy SC-1/AV speakers (5)
VMPS subs (2)
Aragon40004 MkII (2)
Adcom 545 amps (3)
Pioneer Elite DV-37 dvd player
Sony NS41P dvd player
Sony E9000ES digital processor
Direct TV H20 Hi Def sat.receiver
Philips CDV488 laser disc player
GI's 4DTV sat receiver with HDD200 HiDef decoder
Sony 36XBR400 television
Lexicon CP-1 processor
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Merry Christmas!

Coming from old Bose 901's (great speakers)
gifted myself...

Ascend 170SE RL stereo

STF 2 (maybe times 2)

Panny 57

May put my second 170's on B RL so I can play all 4 in stereo. These new recievers are painful, however modern.

Party on!

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New here - too scared to post that I have an Acoustimass 15 speaker system (gulp)

But I hope I can redeem myself with a pair of Acoustic Energy Aegis 3's that I have.

Will phase out the Bose stuff when funds allow but for now am thinking about integrating them with the Aegis 3's into a 7.1 setup - not sure if it'll work.

Give me a while before I pluck up the courage to ask that question...

btw: first post!
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Hello, I've just moved up from a old technics reciver, nuance fronts polk R15 surrounds (4.1), and a crappy homemade sub.

Just bought:
Reciver: Pioneer VSX-1016
Fronts: Infinity Primus P362
Center: Infinity Primus PC250
Rear: Infinity Primus P162
Sub: Polk PSW10

Havent even hooked her up yet! (looks pretty good even siting in a pile on the floor!
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