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I currently have an
HK AVR-335 driving 10 year old Kenwood 100W stereo speakers
Waiting on the SBS-01 5.1 system from SVS

Can't wait to get the new speakers the upgrade has been a long time coming
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Def Tech BP7002 L/R
Def Tech CLR 2500 Center
Def Tech BPX Surrounds

Computer - Logitech Z5500 6.1 (500 watt with Sub)
Music (when not using Logitechs) - Bose 901 VI with bookshelf surrounds
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All 2 Channel here !

Martin Logan Aeon i ( upstairs )

Ohm Walsh 5 ( downstairs )

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Polk RT 35i front
Polk CS somthing center
Infinity Quadrapole surround
PolkSW 8"
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Revel M20 Fronts
Revel C32
Revel S12 Surrounds
Paradigm Ref. Servo 15 V.1
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Revel F12
Revel C12
Revel S12
Hsu STF-3
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Klipsch Legend & Reference Series mix:

Fronts: KLF-20's
Center: KLF-C7
Rear & Side Surrounds: RB-5II's
Sub: Cerwin Vega Sub-150

Subwoofer is to be replaced soon. Probably a Velodyne or SVS.
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Mirage All around:

Omni 250 fronts
Omni CC center
Omni 50 rears

Just ordered the Omni S12 sub, can't wait for it to arrive.
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Def Tech all the way!

BP 2006TL mains
CLR 2300 center
BPX surrounds
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Axiom speakers (M80, M22, QS8, VP100, VP150, EP500)
NAD T163 pre/pro
Outlaw 770 amp
Outlaw ICBM
NAD T572 DVD changer
Samsung HL-R6168W
and soon to get a Velodyne SMS-1 (after all the christmas presents budget is used, need to wait a while)
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Focal JMlab Electra 927Be Limited Edition. One of the 300 couples worldwide, my first serious loudspeaker...

...And I blew all my money on it and now I have no dough for a decent amp, cd and cables...
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My 6.2 System:


Revel Performa F52 (Main)
Revel Performa F32 (Rear)
Revel I-30 Inwall (Center)
JL Audio F113 Subs (2)
Monitor Audio SLCR (Surround back)

Audio Electronics:

Denon 3910 DVD
Parasound C2 Pre
Sunfire Signature 400 X 5 Amp
Outlaw Audio Model 2200 M-block (for 6th SB channel)
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Def Tech BP 10 Main
Def Tech Pro Cinema Surround
Def Tech bp 8 back surroung
Def Tech uhhhh CLR1000? Center (matches bp10s)
Def Tech 1500 sub (SVS is calling my wallet...)
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I have 2 different frnt setups that I switch about twice a year.

Soliloquy 5.0s
Soliloquy C-3


Paradigm Reference Studio 20
Paradigm Studio cc-450


Def Tech Powerfield 15 Sub
Mission 770DS Rear Surround
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5 years on a "Working Man's Budget" and my system is finaly on the map........lol

Enjoy the pic's http://llasher2.photosite.com/HT/

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MP-150 x3, surface mount, white
SS-150 x 2, surface mount, black
MX-350 MkII x 1, front of room
Velodyne CT 120 x1, back of room
Paradigm Titans x2, second zone

Driven by Anthem MCA-30 for fronts, Pioneer Elite 27tx (THX Ultra) for surrounds and zone 2.

See my sig for pics. PM for questions.
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Hi all.

I've got the following:
o Dunlavy Alethas (mains)
o Dunlavy SM-1 (center)
o Dunlavy SC-IAV (surrounds)
o Velodyne FSR-15 (sub)

Happy listening,
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Just joined and I am upgrading my TV and some of my AV stuff. Speakers. Two Bose 901's in front, small Bose center channel speaker. two Bose 201's in the rear.
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Originally Posted by Captbill View Post

Just joined and I am upgrading my TV and some of my AV stuff. Speakers. Two Bose 901's in front, small Bose center channel speaker. two Bose 201's in the rear.

dang you gotta upgrade
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I just ordered:

Paradigm Monitor 9s (2)
Paradigm CC-370 (1)
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Fronts: B&W DM603 S3
Center: B&W LCR600 S3
Rears: JBL (don't remember the model#) they are a MTM configuration posisioned horizontaly

I mostly use the system in 3ch mode. I have some JBL rears in the back I turn on occasionly.
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Audax HT speakers
15" Dayton cylinder sub 260L 17hz 500-watt amp
HK AVR 7200

TV Room:
Athena Point 5 Mk II HT Speakers
Dayton 15" sealed sub 250-watt amp
Sony receiver

2-channel system #1
2 Bottlehead Paramour 2A3 tube amps
1 Bottlehead Foreplay preamp
1 set Buschhorns
1 set Pi 8 horns

2-channel system #2
Denon 1020 amp (18-yrs old)
Murphy Blaster MBOW1s speakers
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Energy Line up here.

Currently running the Take 5 set-up with the XL-S10" Sub but have just picked up the following to be installed in our new loft condo:

Front: Energy Connoisseur C-3 bookshelf
Center: Energy Connoisseur C-C1
Surrounds: Energy Connoisseur C-R3's

Picked the above up for unbelievable prices.... its almost criminal. Gotta love clearance! :-)
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JBL S-26II's for fronts and rears/S-Center II/ Dayton 10" sub.
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Little bit of everything...might go to Paradigm up front but then again, may stay with my Infinity's......

Fronts- Floorstanding Infinitys
Side Surrounds- Paradigm Monitor 3s
Rear Surrounds- Paradigm Atoms
Center- Pinnacle P5.5
Subwoofers- 12" Velodyne, 15" Definitive Technology

Computer Room- Klipsch THX 4.1 system
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Home Theater & Music Room
BOSE Acousticmass 6 system
a pair of older Bose 4.2 shelf speakers
Powered by New JVC RX-D202B Receiver
Awsome sound.

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Aerial 10T's FL/FR
Aerial CC3B Center
Energy V2.0RI Surrounds

Powered by Parasound
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Main HT
Swan Divas 6.1/2.1/C3
Integra 6.2

Velodyne Deco 5.1 system
Panny XR55
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Fronts-JBL E90
Center-JBL E35
Rear-JBL E20
Sides-JBL E20
Sub-JBL E250

All in Cherry.
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Paradigm Studio 20's - Front(Till i get the 100's)
CC 370 - Center (Will be upgrading to the 570)
Mini Monitor - Rears
Yamaha rx-v540

Receiver does the job for now but will have to upgrade when i move so i dont have my condo neighbors complain anymore. Im very pleased with Paradigm and the quality of their products.
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