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Help please... Plays great DVD picture, but cable or satellite picture sucks. Low color, very white and flickers colors.
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Originally Posted by BoulderGeek View Post

I loaned my 42" to some friends while I was deployed in Antarctica for a year. They used a VESA mount, and shortly thereafter, the inputs failed on the Olevia.

When I returned, I set it up (on teh pedestal stand, not wall), and little by little, the set began to work better. My theory is that the wall hanging pulled the plastic of the case outward, which allowed for movement of the interface module. As the set heated and cooled, it worked its way back to 'flat.'

For a while, my set would lose its mind, and my "solution' was percussive maintenance on the rear of the set, over where the SCSI/Centronics connector mates the interface board to the system bus. Once sharp whack with a soft rubber mallet, and it would come back.

Then, it worked for nearly nine months (6/2009-3/2010) with zero problems. However, on Saturday night, it just lost all contrast and most colors, making everything a really washed out yellow and white. I removed the interface module, and looked for blown capacitors, or any roached circuit leads. I reseated the one heatsink. I reassembled the module and bent the little springs to apply more pressure. Firm reinstallation, and the set worked again!

For about six hours. Now, the backlight and contrast cannot be changed in teh menu. Everything is like it would be at 25% light and 100% contrast. And, either the component connectors have gone, or my ReplayTV happened to go out at the exact same time.

The screen has been perfect. I've loved the performance for OTA HD (via an external Samsung tuner on HDMI), and with a Mac Mini to play MP4/AVI movies and shows. I still wouldn't need to upgrade if the electronics inside were reliable.

But, I decided to go to a Sony Bravia 46". Sony ran a deal for $799 shipped, for refurbs. So, that was the last straw, and i will sell the 46" on Craigslist when the Sony comes in. Any idea what a still functioning-but-failing LT42HVi might go for with a perfect LCD?

I'm having the same problem with mine. Washed out look. White very low color, can't change the settings. Playing DVDs the picture is fine. ??????? Help
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I have to say I'm impressed with this set, bought over four years ago and its picture quality still is as good as new, of course it got outshined by my new TV, but Syntax definitely did a good job. My only question is whether this TV will work with Logitech Harmony remote, I tried but it can't seem to find a configuration for this particular model.
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I have had repeated failures on my power supply. I have sent it in and it's been fixed for free a number of times from the manufacturer of the power supply, but after 2 weeks of use it fails again. I think there must be a bad component somewhere else on the board causing the failure that they aren't finding.

So.. I didn't know if anyone was interested in selling the power supply out of their set that had a different issue OR I would be willing to sell the AV module out of mine if someone wanted to buy it.

I had to get rid of the set, it has always had great picture and is a nice looking set, but I hate being without a tv for 2 or 3 weeks at a time while it is being repaired. Feel free to PM or email me if you are interested.
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Just want to say I still have this TVs and running great. No issue so far (knock on wood.)

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