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Has anyone hooked one of these up to a computer yet?

I'm interested in running one of these as an HTPC monitor.

If anyone gets the chance, I'd love to see the results of a HTPC hooked into one of these playing back one of the free WMV-HD clips from Microsoft's WMV-HD Contenet Showcase.

I'm nervous about how easy it will be to set up with native 1366x768 resolution. We definitely need to see if this thing has 1:1 pixel mapping mode on both the VGA and HDMI inputs. My guess is the VGA will be 1:1 for sure, but the HDMI is a bit of a toss-up.
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did anyone go through amazon?
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Just took delivery today from Beach Camera - great experience w/them. Ordered late on 12/9, chose free 8-10d delivery via FedEx ground, arrived today (3 business days, 4.5 calendar days) in Boston. Well packed by factory, Beach Camera just shoves another cheap cardboard box over the Syntax packing. Outermost box took some body blows in transit, but inner box looked good, so I signed for it.

Setup is very straightforward. Unit is HEAVY, but feels well made as a result (most of the weight is glass, though). Cosmetically looks great, sleek and classy.

NOTE OF CAUTION: manual says to remove the external film protector from the screen (p. 19). There are 2 layers of plastic, not one. The adhesive tab happened to fall off my unit, so I picked at it with a fingernail, and both layers started to come off. The top layer is meant to come off, but the bottom layer IS NOT. I had the misfortune of realizing this after I had already worked off a corner of the bottom layer, and was past the point of aesthetic no return. After beating my head on the wall as punishment, I peeled the whole thing off, an arduous process. Luckily no residue. The bottom layer is basically a high transmittance anti-glare plastic screen protector covering a plate of glass, which covers the LCD screen. Using my misfortune as an opportunity, I compared image quality with and without this protective screen. As you might expect, colors were a tad more crisp & image was brighter with just the glass, but there was more glare. Bottom line -- don't take the bottom layer off unless for some reason you want only glass between you and the LCD. You won't be able to tell the difference unless you start peeling.

Hooked the unit up to RCN SD cable via ANT coax, p-scan DVD via component, and OTA HD via DTV coax.

SD: looks surprisingly good. iDEA scaler really does work. Not nearly as nice as my Sony WEGA 36" CRT with SD, but definitely acceptable, and significantly better than my bro's Samsung 60" DLP HDTV w/Comcast SD. Jaggies are minor, as is pixelation.

OTA HD: Looks good with ABC's 720p programming, don't get great signal with 1080i channels yet, so the jury's still out.

p-scan DVD: looks good to great depending on the DVD. Original Matrix looks good, LOTR looks great.

I won't get my 6412 phase III STB until the end of the month, so can't tell you yet how HD via HDMI cable looks. Similarly, can't tell you how an HTPC looks because haven't tried DVI->HDMI or VGA yet.

Menus are nice, remote seems to work well, although sometimes with significant lag in response time. Blue power LED is indeed quite bright as mentioned already in this forum. Nice feature is that the TV keeps a unique set of image parameters for each input, e.g. contrast, saturation, hue, etc., so you can tune the image characteristics based on your source signal. My SD feed needs a lot more "help" from TV controls, whereas p-scan DVD needs very little help, resulting in very low settings for hue, sharpness, contrast, etc.

Image quality is excellent, really. I will try not to gush like many others have in sibling Olevia forums, but let's just say that I doubt that LT42HVi owners will be envious of any other LCDs currently on the market. All ratings are subjective anyway, but to my eye, contrast is great, black levels are good (but less good than plasma and much less good than CRT), but you'll never know unless you have them side by side in the same room.

No dead pixels. After some menu massaging using p-scan DVD as my highest quality signal, the colors really pop on this set with a viewing experience similar to my WEGA CRT. Try these settings: backlight low, DNR low, all iDEA settings on, saturation 45, hue 35, brightness 40, contrast 60, sharpness 50. All #s change with my SD signal, as I'm sure they will w/HDMI HD or HTPC. Glass without the plastic really enhances luminance and brightness (OK, I'm just trying to make myself feel better). In all seriousness, the plastic coating was probably designed to preserve > 90% optical transmittance while cutting 10-20% reflectance (glare), so that's what I'm losing without the coating. Just know that for future reference, if you end up smudging or scratching the plastic, you CAN take it off.

Bottom line: I'm very pleased, especially for $$$ AR. This is a high quality set for a competitive price. It even passed the wife test: "hey, it actually looks GOOD!" Highly recommended.

mod note: no price other than MSRP, please. Thanks.
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Originally Posted by cryoablator View Post

Bottom line: I'm very pleased, especially for $$$ AR. This is a high quality set for a competitive price. It even passed the wife test: "hey, it actually looks GOOD!" Highly recommended.

Thanks for the mini-review!

If you have a PC that you can plug in and you happen to have a few spare moments, I'd love to know your experience.

The manual's listed timing modes for the VGA input are interesting. It shows that it will sync to 1366x768 at 47.7Hz vertical refresh and 60kHz horizontal. For 1280x720, it lists 45Hz vertical and 60kHz horizontal. Those vertical refresh rates seem low to me...
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Just a note in response to something someone said earlier:

The stand connects straight to the tv, the speakers then attach to the stand and tv. The speakers do not have to be attached in any way to the tv, and apparently someone else mentioned that the stand is actually height adjustable.
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Works great with a Dell 700m @ 1280x720 (auto detected), also w/Radeon 9600 + powerstrip running 1368x768 (user defined mode, but used an included preset for a template) both via VGA. V & H rates are flipped in the manual. Actual unit does ~60Hz vert, ~47kHz horiz. Looks incredible, really. Seeing hi res pics on the big screen is amazing.
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I'm seriously considering this TV, but I'm starting to wonder if the Vizio plasma, for only a couple hundred more for a 50"er is worth it. Any opinons?
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Originally Posted by GrantMeThePower View Post

I'm seriously considering this TV, but I'm starting to wonder if the Vizio plasma, for only a couple hundred more for a 50"er is worth it. Any opinons?

Well I just pulled the trigger from Amazon, taking advantage of the $400 rebate that expires $12/31/05. I'll be sure to test it with the Oppo DVD player I bought to replace my Apex as well as the output from my PC via DVI-HDMI. I've read nothing but good stuff about this LCD panel and while it may not look quite as good as say a Panasonic plasma, at least I'll not have to worry about burn in.

Also, as to 1366 x 768 vs 1920 x 1080 - I can't tell the difference between the 720p and 1080p videos on Microsoft's WMV HD showcase (on my PC with a high end CRT). I doubt I will notice anything on this TV either, even as all broadcasts go to 1080i.

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I spent some time at Sony Style yesterday and decided that I'll be more pleased by the 42" Olevia than I would have been by the Sony 42A10. Pulling the trigger tommorrow evening so that it won't arrive until my gf is out of town
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I received delivery of the LT42HVi this past Saturday. I was extremely impressed by the build quality of the unit, especially the backside. Connectors of all types are solid , logically laid out and easy to access. A simple addition, but appreciated, are wire loops in multiple locations, catering to wire consolidation from any direction (adds greatly to WAF).

I did not find any dead pixels. Speakers come pre-attached to the bottom. They have solid metal brackets that screw into bolt keys on either the bottom or side. The speaker outputs on the TV use spring loaded clips, so you could replace the TV speakers with your own (bookshelf, sat, etc).

Although the TV screen is 42", the screen has a 3 or 4" border around the screen, increasing the "perceived" size. My screen tryouts were somewhat extensive. I originally tried to a 480i signal on ESPN for a college basketball game. I almost cried -- noise, pixellation all over the place with the quick action on the screen. Part of the problem was the expanded resolution. I went into the settings and started adjusting. DNR was turned off -- just switching to low made a great improvement. I also adjusted aspect to std 4:3 bingo, the picture was tight and superior to my recently retired analog 36" CRT.

HDTV from Charter was simply stunning. The KC / NY Giants football game had few image "catch-up" issues, even on quick camera moves and plays with lots of players/activity. To be honest, any image issues on the TV with some shots could have easily come from my Charter cable / MOXI / Motorola DVR unit. MOXI service compresses and buffers everything, creating it's own artifacting issues from time-to-time.

The screen image will definitely vary with original quality. Newer content, even on 480i output. has little noise, while older shows include more. DVDs played on both composite input and component input were completely clean. I am not a professional, however, I could not tell much difference between the same DVD movie on the composite input and the component input. As I understand, the TV upconverts both inputs to 720p from NTSC -- from my eyes it does a good job.

The black level issue most people site with LCDs really is not an issue here to me. Yes, the base black is not cave level, but it is improved from several year old LCD units I have sampled. Also, eye psychology is relative. Wiithout a comparison, your eyes adjust and black becomes black. The displayed image is far sharper than any projection technology or CRT so I will give up some black. I feared a dropoff from my computer monitor, a top-line Dell 19" 1600x1280 LCD. I think the Olevia is comparable. Plasma's I have seen come close in sharpness, but I think screen "refresh" on the Olevia beats them on sports/action imaging.

Only two days in the books, but I am very happy with the purchase over 55-61" MD projection and 42" - 50" Plasma. To answer previous post -- Vizio specs look good, but think -- 550 watts vs 200 watts for power use (how many hours a day and how long is your air conditioning season?), and also screen life. Vizio and Panasonic now claim 60,000 hours - but Panasonic claims 6,000 hours for a projection bulb and I know several people who are getting 600-1000. LCD should pay you back over time...
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One more note -- I did go through Amazon. They fudged the shipping date by two days, but refunded half their fee when I called them on it. Otherwise, the process went as advertised. Two people delivered, opened the box, set the TV on my stand and halled out the trash. One guy even tried to hook it to my components! They waited until I turned it on and checked the screen, then went on their way...
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Has anyone played any video games (PS2, Xbox, PC, or 360). I would be very interested in how it handles those
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Hey guys, could anyone take the time to post your picture settings? I am going to compusa tomorrow and I would like to adjust the set's picture because I went today and it didnt look right. I made it a lot better which gives me hope, but I was just wondering which settings gave you guys the best picture.
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I just got mine a couple of days ago and I am planning on mounting it to the wall with a tilt mount. My first impressions are very good. The picture out of the box is better than most anything you see set up at a store. I will definitely bedoing some tweaking, but I want to get it mounted first.
I plan on connecting the following:
- HD Cable Box
- Prog DVD (720p)
- HTPC (will be playio\
g games, so I will post how it looks).
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just ordered mine yesterday from JRs. As soon as it arrives (early next week ) I'll start posting pictures and experiences with different inputs.
I'll post info on the following:
- Motorola HD Cable Box
- Gamecube
- Sony Hi-Fi VCR (if anyone is interested I'll give it a whirl)

Check out the thread on GetGray's new calibration disk...i'm considering using that to calibrate the tv.
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Thread Starter 
Just an update.

I removed the speakers but didn't change the height, so the TV is about 8 inches or so above the cabinet. I stuck a small Infinity TSS750 center channel underneath, and it looked pretty bare.. So I added several small pictures and it fills in the gap pretty nicely. Unit is still solid, and the previous poster was right, the speakers screw into the stand and don't offer any support.

I hooked up a sony HDMI DVD player over the weekend, and the movie SKY HIGH looked really nice. Not a huge improvement from my older prog. scan Toshiba DVD player, but I think the color and detail are a bit nicer.

I have had some issues getting the inputs correct. The Olevia doesn't offer direct access inputs, per se. You have to open the slider case on the remote and select the digital and component video inputs separately, and you have to cycle through each -- ie. push once DVI, twice HDMI1, three times, HDMI 2. Separate buttons for the 2 component inputs. Bottom line: the universal remote needs to send a series of signals to get the input correct, and if the TV misses any, you're stuck on the wrong input.

Another issue deals with SD content. After watching Christmas Story on DTV channel 17, the TV does a pretty good job with SD content, even in stretchy mode, just don't sit to close and it's a pleasant viewing experience. However, I accessed channel 17.1 and 17.2 locally here in Atlanta with my OTA antenna and sometimes I get a fine static line at the top of the screen that is distracting. The local digital signal comes in a bit clearer than DTV, but it is annoying to have to see the static line. Not sure if this has anything to do with my HDTIVO and it's settings, but nothing makes it go away, after changing from 480 to 1080 etc, and ratio from stretch to box frame...

Someone asked about Hockey and this set. I'm not a big fan so I haven't watched any games, but the HDNET commercials for the NHL looked great, the puck and player motions looked good.
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Originally Posted by fcbtivo2 View Post

However, I accessed channel 17.1 and 17.2 locally here in Atlanta with my OTA antenna and sometimes I get a fine static line at the top of the screen that is distracting. The local digital signal comes in a bit clearer than DTV, but it is annoying to have to see the static line. Not sure if this has anything to do with my HDTIVO and it's settings, but nothing makes it go away, after changing from 480 to 1080 etc, and ratio from stretch to box frame...

This is actually something that happens when a tv does not overscan the signal at all, something which most fixed pixel display panels don't do. It's a line carried in the video signal and is usually hidden by the overscan that all older tvs had.

I've noticed it in recordings on my HTPC and have setup the software to scale the image a touch large so as to scale it off the screen...i'm not sure how to modify it direct from the cable box.


....has anyone tried 1360x768 or 1368x768 over either DVI or VGA yet?
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Is the rebate actually available until 12/31? CompUSA website says it ended 12/17. Where can I get a copy of the rebate coupon? Syntax USA does not have it. Thanks.
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The rebates coupons are specific to the retailers, I noticed the same thing and I think CompUSA ran their rebate during a slightly different time frame from everyone else. I think it was still a 30 or 31 day rebate but it began in November and ended the 17th Dec.

JR Music World runs the rebate until 12/31.
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Yeah!!! It arrived today!!!


Here's some pics (pics are resized down...and i'm at best a mediocre photographer):
Pic 1 - tv after unpacking
Pic 2 - speaker mounting brackets on tv
Pic 3 - speakers removed
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More pics....I don't really feel they do the tv justice as I don't have the steadiest of hands and hand to discard some pics entirely cause I made them really blurry.

Pic 4 - Guildwars @ 1280x720 via DVI->HDMI
Pic 7 - split screen viewing (this distorts the image shape and doesn't seem particularly useful)
Pic 11 - Some guy on PBS-HD using DVI->HDMI
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and just one more:
Pic 12 - Family Guy in SD using DVI->HDMI
Pic 15 - Guildwars stepping back a bit

These pics are without calibration and I haven't tried component or vga yet, but can attempt to take pics by request.

I (and my 16 yr old brother) are absolutely blown away by the tv, it's fabulous looking right out of the box. Now to calibrate it and setup my remote.

My HTPC is running 720p, you can not do native res over HDMI but the text and everything is perfect to read at 10 ft.
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HDMI & Component:
720p (currently using this for games, movies, whatever...it looks fabulous)

720x480 (not mentioned in manual, but worked for me)
1366x768 (native resolution)
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A couple other points of interest...

1) The tv does not do direct selection of input...using their remote you bring up a 'Source' menu to choose input from...my Harmony remote was able to do some sort of input up/down to change sources for me.

2) When I first connected my cable box (Moto 6200) via component the signal came through as a stretched 480i signal, I had to switch to using DVI->HDMI and then back to component to get the cable box to realize it was connected to a HDTV (for some reason I couldn't find it in the setup menu). This seems to be an issue with my cable box, not the tv.

3)Adjusting the height requires two people and there are really only two positions...High and Low
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Would somebody please verify if this set has a QAM tuner? thanks.
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it has a

DTV (ATSC) tuner x 1

and a

NTSC VHF/UHF tuner x 1 (that'd be the old SD cable/OTA SD tuner)

that's what it says in the manual...what behavior would it exhibit if it supported QAM? i have comcast cable and I could run that straight into the ATSC tuner from the wall if you're wondering what happens with that

NOTE: was taking pictures outside today and realized my camera doesn't do to good with movement, so I'm gonna cue up some video and pause it and try to take some pics for you guys to replace the crappy ones above
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If the tuner is QAM, you should be able to receive the basic channels and any unencrypted channels in HD when you feed the comcast cable directly to it.
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i'll try tommorrow for you

EDIT: it does not seem to be a QAM tuner...as it does not find any channels when I connect it directly to my Comcast cable feed...but is it possible Comcast is not providing an appropriate signal??? i don't know
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Calibrated my tv using the THX Optimizer included on the Monsters Inc disc...plan on getting a proper disc and redoing, but there are not many options when using HDMI input...here's my setup for now.

Contrast: 49
Brightness: 90
Temp: Cool
Backlight: Bright

Attached are some pictures from DVDs via my HTPC DVI to HDMI that don't suffer from camera shake No post processing is being done (ie...ffdshow or nvidia's vpp)
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I took a trip out to CompUSA to check this set out. Initially, I was very impressed. The on-screen menus were well done, the fit and finish on the TV seemed top-notch, and the colors were vibrant.

But then I noticed something. When I moved from dead-on viewing angle to the side (say 45 degrees), I noticed a distinct blue tint to the black levels. It was so distinct that, once I noticed it, I couldn't miss it.

I compared this to the lt37hvs sitting next to it... and I did not see the same problem. As I moved all the way off-center to extreme viewing angles (nearly horizontal), black levels and the colors were nearly identical to dead-on viewing. In fact, I went to examine several other LCD models, and none of them had this same problem. My 37" Sceptre doesn't have this problem either.

The ONLY thing I can think of that might be causing this effect is the LT42HVi's glass screen. Could that be the culprit?

And has anyone else noticed this? Perhaps CompUSA had done something to the unit's screen to cause it?
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