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Please take note that the intent of this section is to talk about the use of gaming as used in a home theater environment. Meaning, the setup and what have you of gaming as used on a big screen. It is also about having fun which is what gaming is about.

This is NOT the place to console bash, game bash, etc. This is NOT the place to attack others who do not use the same console as you. This is NOT the place to attack game and consoles manufacturers or other members.

It IS the place for help, use, and setup of the various consoles and games as you may care to use it in a home theater environment. We do not care what you use, but it is not your place to put down another for their choice.

So...with that said...NOTE...

1) No leniency for bashing of any kind...posts deleted. Period

2) No Attacking manufactures, game creators, or other members.

3) Repeat offenders will be notified via PM that they risk having their account either a) suspended or b) terminated. Simple as that for enough is enough.

4) No ifs, ands or buts...This area is meant to be a support area as well as a fun one to get the most out of whatever you may own.

Remember...GAMING IS ABOUT HAVING FUN AND ENTERTAINMENT. Chat and debate....DO NOT attack.

Thank you.