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Hey guys,

New to the forum, obviously, and wanted to see if anyone was interested in buying a new Panasonic CT-26WX15.

It's the real deal. The box has never been opened. The TV has never been turned on. It is 100% brand spanking new.

Yes, this baby comes from the Circuit City clearance sale a few yeas ago. I kept the TV boxed on my apartment dining room floor and never got it out of the box.

I still have the original receipts for both the TV and warranty. I've been told by a Radio Shack employee that the warranty should be able to be renewed directly through the company Circuit City used for its warranties. (The warranty just expired the early part of this month.)

I'm asking $500, but can be offered a good price, as well. I'm sure these Panasonic CRT HDTV's will be hard to come by at this point.

I'm moving cross country from Denver back to the east coast, and there's no way I'm taking this heavy sucker with me.

I also have a Bell'O AVS-422T TV stand, which can accommodate the Panasonic. I can't provide a link yet, but the Bell'O AVS-422T can be seen at Amazon.com.

The top shelf weight can handle 250 lbs. and a testimonial mentions a guy using it for a heavy 35" CRT, so you should be fine.

The Bell'O is also brand new in original packaging that has never been opened. I'd be willing to part with it for $150, a savings of $30 off the Amazon.com price.

Both items are very heavy, and I wouldn't want to ship them, so it would have to be a local pick-up transaction.

Speaking of transactions, I can accept cash or PayPal to secure the items. I'd rather not use Ebay to avoid all of the fees. I am PayPal verified and have never had a bad transaction.

If anyone is interested in the Panasonic or Panasonic/Bell'O combo, please contact me and we'll hash it out.

Thanks for your time, and sorry in advance if you consider this spam. I just figured I'd try a site full of Panasonic CRT HDTV enthusiasts.
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I have had Panasonic CT-34WX50 since they first came available (late 2001) and it has been a wonderful set. I have now had this experience with it twice in the past two weeks and am concerned that it may be a sign of a serious problem in the future. The set was on for an hour or so and all of a sudden the picture begins to flicker, compress with horizontal moving lines and then goes black. The indicator light changes from it's normal green for on to a slow red flash. I cannot do anything with the remote and have to press the on/off switch on the set twice, I believe to turn it off and then back on. It then runs fine for hours/days.

Any ideas? Sorry if this has been addressed in this thread before, but I don't have the patience to read it all.

I have found a timing chart for the flashing LED for a Panasonic plasma set. Are those standardized or are they different for each type of set?
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Total noob, but I just had to say THANKS! to all you folks who posted so much helpful info! I finally got up the guts to go into the service menu after 4 or 5 'stare-and-tremble-and-quit-before-I-even-started' attempts. I adjusted and seem to have fixed what seems to be a somewhat common complaint- dark scenes are way too dark. I adjusted the brightness! (yeah, yeah, I know... big whoop...) anyhow, I seem to have gotten lucky and my new-used 34" came off the line (and out of someone's 3 year ownership) in pretty good working order, because I don't think I'll ever have the balls to adjust anything else. Anyhow, thanks again all!

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I have the CT-26WX15 and just recently I've noticed a cloudy patch on the left hand side of my screen. I've owned it for about 4 years now. Anybody have any ideas what could be wrong? I also had it set to vivid in settings and just now changed it to standard. Thanks.
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good condition, manufactured in June 2005. I am in up state NY, capital region around Albany. Thanks, ZY
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I wanted to send kudos to raven_hsw.

My Panasonic WX15 just died after 4.5 years of trouble-free use. Since it's so expensive to repair AV equipment these days, I wasn't even going to bother. I've also been looking for an excuse to by a new plasma. I hated the thought of this relatively new TV going into a landfill, so I figured I'd take one shot at fixing it, before I spent the $25 to send it to the TV scrapheap.

I searched online for a bit, then for the hell of it, I tried AVS Forums. There was my exact problem with the solution, "a 6.3V 250V, 20mm size, slow blow fuse" available for about 75 cents from Radio Shack. It was posted in a thread from about a year and a half ago. I popped the fuse in last night, and viola! TV is working good as new.

The only down-side to this is I already started plasma shopping, but unfortunately, I now lost "my excuse" to buy a new flat screen TV. Oh well. I'm sure I'll come up with another excuse soon enough. But I really am grateful that this TV didn't end up in the dump before it's time. If nothing else, when I upgrade I can give it away or maybe use it in the basement.

One note about performing the fix documented here:

I was under the assumption that the small black panel on the back of the TV had to be removed, when in actuality, it is the entire rear half of the set that has to come off. Very easy to do, just a few more screws.
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I was recently gifted a ct-30wx54j from my bro-in-law and am really enjoying it. Good color, good convergence, nice straight grid test patterns. I had a couple of questions if anyone can help out with them. I'm not thrilled with the black levels on this tv. If I set it using the user controls for inky blacks, I get bad crush. If I set it to where there is little or no crush, the blacks are greyish. Is there a simple adjustment in the SM for the brightness or gamma to remedy this? Second question is this: How hard is it to remove the back of this tv? I have some significant magnetic disturbance on the right side of the screen which I can't get rid of using the geomagnetic correction and I wanted to check to see if there was a problem with the speaker/shielding on that side. This thread has been a great resource for me so far.


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Re: Panasonic CT-30WX15
The HDMI port of my Panasonic CT-30WX15 stopped working.
Any suggestion on where to begin with a solution, and possible

Component working fine.
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I noticed a thread about audio issue with the CT-26WX15 but did not see any ideas of how to fix? Did the power+action to reset to default settings an the initial set up screen has everything in green except SOUND which is in red. Has anyone else come across this issue. If so I would love to know how your resolved it.

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Does anyone still use the CT26WX15N panny's? mines giving out soon, wouldnt mind buying another one, mines lasted 7 years without any problems until recently.
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