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The Purple Theater

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I need...

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... five posts...
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First of all; excuse my English

I'm not new in here, but I haven't got many posts, due to the fact that we have some great Avforums in Norway, where I live. But it's always fun to look at other people's home theatres. In that matter, we are all made of the same stuff :-D

My HT is build from a concrete basement; in fact it was a hell of a job to just make a normal room out of it. Now, 350 hours later, I'm finished!

Enjoy the pictures, hope you like it!

Front wall, where you can see the speakers, Focal Jmlab Electra 936 and CC901. Home made rack for C speaker. The screen is a Stewart AeroPlex 90. The front wall is made of textile panels, which can be removed.

View to sweet spot. All seats are individually adjustable, and there is 5 seats total. Rear speakers is Focal Jmlab Cobalt SR800s. Upper wall and roof is made of carpet, to avoid first reflection

Rear seats. The reason for using the chairs behind the sofa, is because I must sit in the center of the front speakers when I listen to music.

Screenshot. Right now I use a Optoma H56 projector, until I get finished with the room in front, where a Barco BD801s will be primary display device.

WTB terminals on front speaker and center.

Electronics are Denon, Yamaha and Vincent. Using a HTPC for DVD player. I use two subwoofer system, one SVS PB12/Ultra-2 and a pair of bass towers with 2 RCF 15 in each tower. The system plays with a tremendous pressure down to 16 Hz

Hope you will enjoy the pictures.
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Wonderful looking HT! Has to be one of my favorites to date. Great job! Are those JM Lab Electras?
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Holy crap that's nice! That couch rocks.
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Thanks guys! :-D

Front and centre is Jmlab Electras, the four rear spekers are Jmlab Cobalts.

Jmlab Electra 936
Jmlab Electra CC901
Jmlab Cobalt SR 800s
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The couch is made by a Norwegian company called Ekornes. This type is called "Pegesus" Each seat is 75 cm wide, more than enough to be comfortable
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Holy Moly!!
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That's one awesome setup you got going there akto!!
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Now I now what you mean by the 5 post rule.
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I bet that Imax "Magic of Flight" looks awesome on your setup. It looked great on my H31 until last night that is (took a dump on me after a month and a half of use).
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OMG that is amazing. Kudos to a very clean install and amazing HT
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Ahhh number 5
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Looks great! Love the seating also.
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Wow, what a nice setup. I'm drooling.
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Very impressive!
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Fantastic setup - very "European" look What are the room dimensions? Apart from the front wall do you have room treatments?
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Very, very, nice set up! When I saw "rear projection" in the title, I didn't expect much. Boy, was I surprised!

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Thanks guys!

Europeean look Nice! We love wood you know

This is the original drawings for the room

This is the dimension

This is my latest investment Focal Jmlab Electra 946. I am 6'2 high

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Almost forgot...

The SUB-Bass is taken good care of by a SVS PB12 Ultra/2. This one is placed behind the chairs, and the whole system plays with a linear frequence respons from 16 Hz.
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A picture of the center, the couch and my dog. Just before I was finished with the HT in tha basement

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This is how it looked like when we bought the house

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The front wall is taking shape. First I built it like an ordinary front projection theater, but after reconcidering the benefits of rear projection, I had to rebuild the front wall. The problem with rear projection is the price you have to pay for a good screen. My Stewart AeroPlex 90" screen costs 7800$... Almost as much as the Electra 946...

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Another thing.... The front wall is mainly made of a material similar to velvet, so it's completely transparent for sound waves. That means I can work with the acoustics inside the wall that separates the two rooms without having all those sound traps visible.
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Here is the equipment list:

1 x SVS PB12-Ultra/2 :-)
2 x Bass towers m/ 2 pcs 15" RCF in each (DIY)

Speakers (7.1)
2 x JmLab Electra 946 (front)
1 x JmLab Cobalt CC901 (center)
4 x JmLab Cobalt SR800s (surround)

Denon 2106
2 x Vincent SP 331
Supra + + +

Epson TW-600 (projector)
Barco BD801s
Lerett : Stewart AeroPlex
BenQ T701 17" LCD for adjustment of HT

DVD Yamaha S-2300 DVD-Audio/SACD
X-Box mod with 50 games on HD

ASUS P4P800-E Deluxe
Accent 400
P4 3.0 GHz
Zalman, silentX
M-Audio Rev 7.1
win xp pro
Theatertec 2.2
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Love your theater!

What do you use the room with the projector for? Does it just have the projector in it. Seems to be a waste of space??
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Thanks Rahl!

I'm using the room as a home office.
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