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Oh cool, that's awesome!
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Some updates on my HT

First the equipment:


2 x SVS PB12-Plus/2


2 x Martin Logan Vantage

1 x Martin Logan Stage

4 x JmLab Cobalt SR800s


Denon 3806

2 x Nakamichi PA7EII Stasis



Screen : Stewart AeroPlex


Meridian G08

DVD Yamaha S-2300 DVD-Audio/SACD




Behringer Feedback Destroyer 2496

So, the pictures:

Link to bigger picture: http://avforum.no/minhjemmekino/users/wmorig/319f3d496aac33b f08e2a5350437cc73.JPG

Link to bigger picture: http://avforum.no/minhjemmekino/users/wmorig/3edb3fda1e83c58 768b7668318617bee.JPG

Link to bigger picture:http://avforum.no/minhjemmekino/users/wmorig/145e670 664c3efed6afdf1115557fe11.JPG

Link to bigger picture: http://avforum.no/minhjemmekino/users/wmorig/6f46096de0d8ddd 30357c09f66c53aa8.JPG

Link to bigger picture: http://avforum.no/minhjemmekino/users/wmorig/68e804d8f6f00af e71d836632b3c4153.JPG

Link to bigger picture: http://avforum.no/minhjemmekino/users/wmorig/c95b239735b71ce df1d0b440a6e31ddc.JPG

Link to bigger picture: http://avforum.no/minhjemmekino/users/wmorig/150922fb3f710b1 588e98be35c4bebce.JPG
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MY DEAR GOD. your newest setup is AMAZING. colors, placement, seating... well done man.
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Great room!! Very clean setup and beautiful pictures.

Got any more pictures of your German shepard?
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Adopt me.
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Originally Posted by btf1980 View Post

Adopt me.

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Wow, Great setup.
ML's are made where I live!!!

Nice photos!!
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Thanks guys, I really appreciate your comments!

Yesterday I sold my two beloved Nakamichies and went for a second hand Conrad Johnson MF 2500A.

You really make good hifi products over there - keep up the good work
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Nice setup. No if I only had the room.
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Excellent Space!

Could I pick your brain about the wall materials? What materials did you use, and are you happy with their acoustic properties?
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One of the best looking set ups Ive seen. Very nice indeed.
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gotta agree with the masses, that is simply beautiful...

congrats on a job well done... i liked seeing the before pictures, and what you tunred it into...
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Thanks guys.

There has been a lot of changes in my HT.

Have a look:

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Very nice, and lots of thought going into making it not your typical long, narrow basement tunnel. Thought given to sound treatments is great, although I must ask: Is that carpet thick enough to work well below 1 kHz? (I bet you get good diffusion from that ridged bottom paneling, too!)
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Originally Posted by akto View Post

Thanks guys.

There has been a lot of changes in my HT.

Have a look:

Holy crap! I think the speakers would completely distract me from actually watching the movie.
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Good lord!! very nicely done my friend.

I have enjoyed your work in progress, and it has been going in the right direction!!! Now, all you need is to get rid of those tiny little Plus/2's and get some real subwoofers like mine and you will be in very good shape


all and all, very well done!
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The first part was the most cleanest, elegant looking home theater I have ever seen. Nice
job. But I didn't like that horn speakers because it made it look off.
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No way is this better than amdfanboy's setup!!!!!

Enough jokes..

Just curious, why did you choose rear projection instead of front? Do you use that room for something else (where the projector is)? If you mentioned that already, my apologies, as I haven't read every post.

Nice. I do like the original setup better, very clean. Those speakers are god-awful BIG!!!
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First pictures are very clean
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Wow what a beautiful room.
That sofa is really nice.
As others have said it is very European...clean lines...not overstated...just right.
Enjoy and thanks for the photos.
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holy cow, thats sweet dude
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WoW this looks like an amazing setup. Just I am just instrested how do the JmLab Electra 946 sound just for music listening and how much are they.
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Freakin' ridiculous setup! I appreciate seeing the evolution of this system. Perhaps you could charge admission?

I do have to agree with i70x7, though, that the horns would be distracting.
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Wow that looks awesome man!
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Is your setup in any magazines? If not it should. Amazing..
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Hi, thanks! I've actually been in a couple of magazines, but they are all in Norwegian language, which probably just a few of avsforums readers can understand. Tomorrow I will get the new Avantgarde DUO with the right color - Porshe Atlas Grey Metallic. I will also get my new center speaker, which is a Avantgarde Solo. I'll post some picktures soon.
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Wow, that's the first time I've ever seen Avantgardes used for home theater. What are you going to use as surrounds?
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Visually, the Martin Logan setup looked much neater and cleaner. Now it just looks ridiculous (in a good way).
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There has been some changes lately, but here goes:

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