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I lucked up and got it for next to nothing 10 years ago and it was having the typical convergence problems and suffering from dirty lenses. I cleaned all the pots and everything started working like a champ.

Unfortunately, I have recently moved into a new house and no longer have room to set up the set. I am considering selling the set. I have everything accept one of the support brackets that goes on the back of the set. Where the screen brackets slide into. I have it jury rigged with a bolt, works fairly well the screen sits a little low on one side; with enough time a creativity I am sure that can be corrected. All the screen brackets are there and I have the screen too. The screen has a few scratches in it but I would say over all its in good condition. I do not have the remote. I believe this unit was used very little before i had it. I used it regularly for about 2 years and then really only used it to watch movies or when company came over. I wanted to set it up in my basement and I thought it was going to work but I am 1" short of it clearing the ceiling.

I am much like all of you in that I am very emotional over this TV. I found it very easy and fun to work on. However, I think at this point I need to find a new home for this set. I live in Dallas, NC. Any ideas on what a set like this will fetch in todays market? I don't believe there are very many of these things left in the world. The money is not as important as making sure the unit goes to a good home. Any advice would be great.
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I have one in my garage.

On summer nights, sometimes we sit in the driveway and watch a movie!


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Does any-one have any documentation on the KP-7220 PSE?

BTW, does any-one know the KP-222 PSE? It comes in a flightcase, but not sure if that's original. Couldn't find any references online, besides the for sale ad.
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I was recently given a Sony KP-5000 projection TV for free. Outside it looks like new. Inside it is dusty with a few cob webs. When turned on, it works fine with the exception of the need to have the color convergence adjusted. I was even surprised to find that the audio is very good.

Looking at the previous threads I think I will not have a problem cleaning up the unit by my self. I plan to carefully "blow out" the dust to clean it up on the inside, and clean the optics. Afterwards, my guess is that it will work fine. Can anyone tell me what the KP-5000 is worth????? I don't plan on selling it. I'm just interested in seeing if it has any financial value. Thanks.
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Not much, I think you would probably have difficulty getting any money for it at all, even on craigslist. It's not old enough to have antique value, and the casual user is going to want something that's newer and easier to set up and use. It's not good enough quality for a video enthusiast, so the only real targets are CRT geeks like some of the poeple who have already chimed in. HD CRT-based RPTVs can now be gotten for a few hundred on Craigslist, so keep that in mind.

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It doesn't really have any significant value yet, except that it is a somewhat rare and unique set. If I remember right, you need a BNC->RCA connector to use the Video input on the back. It throws a good 480i picture when properly calibrated and converged.
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www.freebrd.com says they have service manual/manual for KP-7220 PSE for $7.

Hey, post a PIC of it so we all can see.
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I got a hold of a KP-500 service manual, I may still have the electronic copy somewhere. I do have the printout in a binder.
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Any electronic manuals are good, there will always be people that have use for them. Could you have it put up at Curt's?

@virusc, you are asking me for pics of the 7220? Thought I already provided some in this thread. Anyway, there's a link in the 20K section. We were having a nostalgia/retro session in the top 10 hometheaters thread, this weekend.

Wasn't planning on spending money on it, as I propably wouldn't kwow how the use the manual, with my lacking electroncs skills;-), and since I'm lacking a credit card...
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I finally found the time to clean up my KP-5000. It took some time to adjust the color convergence, however, it works great and looks realy good sitting next to the bar in my basement. Family and friends are amazed at the quality and clarity of the picture on such an old piece of equipment. Thank you to everyone who posted advise on this site. There is no way that I could have fixed the unit up without reading your advise and input.
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Awesome! If you have a chance, you should post pictures for us all.
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this thread rules! thanks everyone, I just bought a KP-5000 for $5 and the screen for $5 at a garage sale. After I saw this forum I felt like I struck gold! The picture was off like the problems here but it's fixed now thanks to y'all!
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For the Sony KP-5000 w/remote and maybe manual.

As I said before I got a ceiling mount projection unit and don't need the Sony anymore. It works great and just needs a good cleaning.

Come and get it. I live about 15 miles south of I-10 at the Chipley, FL exit (25 miles north of Panama City, FL).

I won't give away or sell the remote separate so please don't ask.

Email me at...

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I have a sony KP 7220 72" for sale. They are an antique front projector for sure. The tubes work fine, but are also dirty and need a cleaning. I don't think I want to ship this massive thing though. If you're in the Minneapolis area and love vintage projection, let me know...


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You can't sell in this forum. I ended up selling my kp-5000 awhile ago for $50. The guy seemed pretty excited about getting so that was cool.
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How does one get to the testpattern grid on the KP 7220? Ik keep seeing references to remotes, but given the rest of the controls on this machine I have serious doubts there ever was one.

Also how does one switch off individual tubes to do the geometry set-up? The potmeters directly under the hood only go from low output to higher output, but won't allow turning the tube down completely.

Unfortunately if I turn up the tubes too much they start showing retrace lines. Though unit wasn't used much, it still is an old one.
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There was one on the LA CL a few weeks ago...

Cool device

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I have a working KP-7200 passed over from my brother-in-law. It was originally used by the Cincinnati Bengals (a semi-professional team ...) in the days of Sam Wyche. It has a manufacturing date of September 1979, and is in good working condition. It did cost much more than it's worth to have it repaired a few years ago (replaced red CRT, authorized Sony repair center, travel and $200 an hour for install/align/focus of the tube. Alignment still not so good, some downward fade on the lower left quadrant, but good pic just the same. I may try some of the repair suggestions on this puppy, but I've invested my last dollar ... if the green CRT goes, unless I cannibalize something, it becomes a paperweight (~250 pounds worth). I'm stunned to see so many working models still in use!
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Sorry I'm late.
Guess what ?
Not only do I own a Sony KP5000,(50" screen) and has been rejuvenated ,I also own a KP7200 (72" screen)

Both are for sale at this point in time.

I can scan the Owners Manual if you like.

Quote:How does one get to the test pattern grid on the KP 7220? I

Pull the front cover off if it and press the button
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Owner manuals would be great. Front cover? I have had the complete hood off (with the particle board sides), but couldn't find a button. Can one also swith off individual tubes? The gain control pots (little pcb with three pots attached to the top rail under the hood) can only dim the tubes. The neckboards have probably aged too much, as when i turn the pots up retraceline start showing on tubes:-(.
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Be careful which pots you mess with if you are not sure what they do. The tubes will show retrace lines if you turn the screen control up too high. I used to have a service manual for the kp-5000, not sure where it is at right now but I might be able to dig it up.
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since this is antique status i would like to know how much this unit is worth.mine works very well .
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i have a kp 5000 i would like to know the value for tv any one have an idea mine works verywell .
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Eh, not that much. I ended up selling mine for $50...
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My serial number is 018165, manufacture date is 11/79 and I paid $3,500 for it in 12/79. Thanks for all of the tips and suggestions on tuning it. The picture is not bad, but I would like to get it better. I spent $250 on it about 10 years ago...otherwise trouble free!
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I think there is a set of tubes and lens for this on ebay right now, do a CRT projector search.

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There are 2 whole units on ebay... one of em is 500 bones though... a little steep i think.
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25 plus years from a CRT....who could have guessed that??? (Now I wonder why these digitals never make it out of their warranty period...beyond me!)

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Do you guys REALLY want to buy one? I have a Sony KP-5000 with two screens, both of which have a few scratches, the original book, and all hardware. It works, but in November of this year, I went on a week long trip. When i returned, the picture was very green, and I could not adjust it better. Convergence lines are good, as are the optical focus of the lenses. (You loosen the set screww on the bottom of the lens and turn the entire lens to focus. I covered one and focused the other. That made a HUGE improvement in overall picture.) It also helps to occasionally use canned air to blow the dust of all the innerds, while holding a vacuuum hose near the area where the dust blows out.
The cabinet is in good shape, as are the mirrors and slide mechanisms. (If your slides get off track, take off the side panels to corrrect. Loosen the brass colored screws behind the front and at the back, and slide the side panel upwards. DO NOT try to force the sliders back into place. You WILL bend something.)
Anyway, I replaced it with a Plasma, but haven't trashed it yet. If anynone is interested, I'll make you a deal, just to keep from trashing this piece of history. Can send pics.
The shipping will be the issue. I'm in central Arkansas. Send me a private message.
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