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Originally Posted by JG1 View Post

Looks every bit as sharp if not sharper then my NEC. This display definitely has the 3D pop going.

I couldn't be happier with it, and the price is right....I paid less then half of what I did for my NEC.


Have you seen other Pio Elites to compare with the 500M?

I have never been impresssed with the flat/soft Elite picture.

I have not seen the Pio reference monitors so I hope they are sharper than the previous models?


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Ressurecting an old topic that hopefully someone can answer for me easily (and quickly):
I just got a new HTPc with an ATI 4550 based card with HDMI output. Previously I was getting near 1:1 pixel mapping through VGA connection, but now on HDMI and the new HTPC everything is messed up.

- By default, 1365x768 is not a resolution i can select in display resolutions in Win7
- If I go into "Signal" info in the NEC menu, it says it's

H. Freq = 33.8khz
V. Freq = 60.0hz
H + V polarity = positive
Memory = 94
Resolution = 1920x1080

This stays the same no matter what resolution i choose.

- I am getting quite a bit of underscan with about 1" around all the sides

- I've tried installing powerstrip with no luck, although I'm new to powerstrip so may have done something wrong
- I tried adding my own custom resolution of 1365x768 with these powerstrip timing values I found way earlier in the thread:


PowerStrip timing parameters:

Generic timing details for 1365x768:
HFP=51 HSW=50 HBP=60 kHz=47 VFP=4 VSW=4 VBP=12 Hz=60

VESA detailed timing details:
PClk=72149.00 H.Active=1365 H.Blank=161 H.Offset=35 HSW=50 V.Active=768 V.Blank=20 V.Offset=4 VSW=4

Linux modeline parameters:
"1365x768" 72.149 1365 1416 1466 1526 768 772 776 788 +hsync +vsync

However, even when I "paste timings from clipboard" that into a custom resolution into powerstrip, the resoultion that gets configured is 1364x768, not 1365x768.

- Oddly, in the display profiles screen, my plasma is being detected as "Generic PnP Monitor" with max resolution of 1280x720 at 50hz". Not sure why it's not detecting it as the NEC 50XR5 like it used to on my old HTPC when connected through DVI. (no idea whether it should report somethign different, just watned to give more info in case it helps)

Any help would be appreciated! I'm crazy frustrated
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I'm looking for spare parts for my PX-50XR5A I need a working x/y control board. It would be perfect to harvest this part from a plasma that died because of power supply, broken glass, or dead panel. The electronic control boards should still be in-tact. The boards are small and on the back of the panel.

Any idea where i could source spare parts for my unit online??
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I realize this has come up before- but couldn't find it. I am hopeful that many of the old guard still can receive this thread Q?

My NEC 50 xr5 (2005)- twice in the last month as just turned it's self -OFF- during viewing. No extended hours-no high living room heat..... no other clicker - being used at that time. HDMI video-S/pdif audio. Using the comacst box. Audio stays on-w/ no issues.
No timers in either- gear active.-- at least i know of.
I just take the remote and _hit_on_. back to normal.
Anyone know _why_. What to do.
Do we
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Some of us are still here, but unfortunately (for you), I have the same set from about the same timeframe, and have yet to experience what you are describing. Since it's possible what you're experiencing may happen to others in the future, including myself, please post back with what you find out and what you end up doing. Thanks.
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I haven't had any issue with mine yet. I bought mine in Feb 06. Let us know what you find out. Good luck.
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My 50XR4 did the same thing, except that it turned itself completely off. I brought it to an authorized NEC service center, and it ran fine for days--they couldn't find what was wrong. A few months later, it started doing the same thing again, and I brought it back. Again, they couldn't find what was wrong, but they suspected it was a bad capacitor somewhere in power supply (I'm afraid I don't have more details). I brought it home, and I haven't had any trouble since (knock on wood). That was over a year ago; the plasma's still going strong.
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Originally Posted by Seerden6 View Post

Did Nec mention what they thought the problem could be? And how much it would be to fix? thanks.

Is your NEC stand ST2U still for sale. Houston, Texas.
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I have one still in original unopened box. Wall mounted unit.

PM me if you're interested.


NEC => Fujitsu => Panasonic
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Yes, perhaps.

What is your best price?
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does anyone know/or advise to replace #2 HDMI input?

One of my two HDMI inputs has been damaged. So i would like to fix it{i can live without it/just swap cable when watching cable to DVD}.

The plate screw is right next to it[as you can see] and the others are on top.
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I'm not getting much Love here .
So I take it, there's not much of a value in replacing the HDMI port.

I was hoping to wait out until OLED 60' displays were ready.
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Hooked a Denon AVR 3311ci up to an NEC XR50 and can't get the HDMI to play nice. Below is a link to my question in the 3311 thread but thought I would ping the NEC thread and check if this is simply a limitation due to the age of the XR50 or user error.


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Don't have that AVR, but still have the XR5 and it's going great with no problems or issues, including the HDMI. I've fed/feeding it Onkyo and Pio Elite AVRs, Oppo Blu-Rays and DVD players, and various TiVos, all with no problem - all via HDMI.

Good luck, and hope you find a solution.
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can someone please pm me the service menu code, my remote doesnt have the edit button. the bruzzi link is broken.
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Originally Posted by DAB View Post

I'm not getting much Love here .
So I take it, there's not much of a value in replacing the HDMI port.

I was hoping to wait out until OLED 60' displays were ready.

Get an hdmi switcher 4x1

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Originally Posted by puppydg68 View Post

Hi guys 3 years 3 months my plasma has started to display a white banded pattern about the size of a belt 2 inches from the top of the screen, now a few weeks later i have 2 of these belt patterns about 2 inches below the first. Called NEC the wont' fix it under warranty so it's basically a throw-away.

I am selling the pedestal stand, fix the PX42 PX50 sized TV's. Would prefer to sell in Ontario, since this bugger is heavy.

NEC PX-ST2U Table Top Swivel Stand

I'm still looking for the parts to fix my plasma. I need for 50Xr5

9S890036 - Common Connection Board
9S890037 - Digital Board

If anyone has any suggestions where or how to find them.
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Nearly seven years with my XR5 and still working great.
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I'm about the same with my 42xr4!!! And it still looks pretty damn amazing. Every time I think I want to get something new or bigger, I just don't smile.gif I'm sure it's not as good looking as I think it is, but blu-ray disks look awesome on it.

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My XR5 is going great as well. No need to upgrade and I think 3D is very over-rated!
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7 years, and still a great picture with the XR5 in our family room. We just bought a VT65 for our bonus room and the XR5 more than holds it own....
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Anyone remember offhand how much the XR5 weighs?
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50XR6A since 2006 and still love it. I think the 5A weighs about 93 as mine is 78 lbs. and the glass changed from the 5A to the 6A. People come over and when I tell them my plasma is 7+years old they never believe me.
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50XR5A from around 2005 still going great. Has migrated from the family room to the master bedroom (now), but soon to be relegated to the guest bedroom. Being replaced in the master by a Pioneer 1080P 50", which in turn was replaced in the family room last year by a Panny 65VT50.
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The PX-50XR5G I fixed for my dad is still going. Only fault was the audio amplifier had shorted due to previous owner error.

Looked inside it, really well made, gave it 9/10 only losing points due to the HYBRID-IC design making repairs more expensive.
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Just replaced by 42XR4A - still going strong - with a Panasonic ST60. And that leads to the following question:

My NEC was wall-mounted. The stand is in storage. As I recall, the stand had two raised cubes, right? And unless I am crazy, didn't the panel have "holsters" for those cubes, i.e., you would place the panel onto the cubes and they would slide in? I ask because if that is the case, I removed them when I wall-mounted the unit and I have no clue where they might be... ugh... any help appreciated.
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Originally Posted by peters4n6 View Post

Anyone remember offhand how much the XR5 weighs?

Just lifted it.... ALOT!

It in the manual PX-50XR5A 97.9 lbs., 44.5 kg I am pretty sure thats without the 25lb+ Base

Definitely a 2 man job!

Mine still going pretty strong after 7 years...was a fantastic panel...way ahead of its time IMHO... but jut got replaced with a 60ZT60... which is spectacular

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