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Best Buy is running out the last of these bad boys, on clearance $61.99 while they last, not available online!
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Seen these now for 49.99 on Clearance at Best Buy. YMMV
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sorry to bump an old topic, but i bought one of these early in the life cycle, and did notice some time later the new ones looked more updated.

i really don't like the clickyness of the nav/vol buttons, are the newer ones more like rubber pad buttons, or are they still microswitches?
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Later 360's are clicky too, if that's what you're asking. The 510 looks like the replacement model and appears to have clicky buttons as well. The 700 doesn't have clicky buttons. If I were buying today and could live with the 6 device limit, I'd go for the 700.
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thanks for the reply. there is nothing wrong with my current 360, just those clicky, and perceivablt slow clicky buttons. i was just hoping to find one clearanced or on ebay for cheap.

i have been tempted by the 700. the device limit doesn't bother me any, and amazon has a deal right now, if you buy the 700 (or 900) you get a free harmony ps3 adapter.
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Got my last 360 refurb on amazon a while back for $30. Haven't seen a deal that good in a while. If you run across a good deal, let us know. I'm hoping my 360's last until the 700 refurbs start popping up.
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tigerdirect.com has refurbs for $50.
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Is there a way to set the volume on an AVR when switching between activities?
Watching cable TV through DVR cable box that is running audio to receiver. Volume always has to be turned up on the receiver due to lower audio for whatever reason.
Then, want to switch to Xbox360 which of course is running audio to the receiver also, but it outputs louder to the receiver so the volume on the receiver always needs to be turned down.
I've only seen VolumeUp and VolumeDown as input options, but wondering if there was a workaro
und to 'set' a reference volume level on the receiver and then add inputs to the activities to adjust based on that?

Sure, could just put a number of 'VolumeDown' inputs in if switching from the DVR to 360 or vice versa for the other way, I suppose, but that is 'messy'.

Or some other idea?

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Originally Posted by uubrgeek View Post

I developed the same problem with the glow light but was able to fix it by replacing the clock crystal (FYI it doesn't look like what many people would look for when you say 'crystal', its the same shape as a capacitor.) For anyone who's done any soldering its a pretty easy fix. You can get a replacement crystal at any hobby shop (ask for a 32.768KHz crystal) or you can try salvaging one from a watch. I 'stole' one from my daughters discarded Barbie digital wrist watch. Basically the crystal controls the timing of the glow light and when that fails it no longer understand when to shut off.

biggrin.gif Absolutely fantastic. Never did any soldering or desoldering, saw a few tutorial on YouTube, ordered the crystal through Ebay and BAM! problem solved........Thank you very much for your post!!!!!
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