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January 3rd - The future of movies and TV  

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Today's Show

In this episode we talk about the future of the movie venue - will it be the theater, or the home theater? Then we talk about the future of TV, whether it will be broadcast, time shifted, or on demand.

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You guys must be kidding, DVD as good as the theater? You must go to some very bad theaters. I don't go to the theater much but if (and sometimes the picture quality sucks) the quality is what it should be, it beats even HDTV in the total experience. I don't watch many DVDs. If I don't see it in the theater than I have to wait until it is shown in HD. DVDs don't cut it anymore. I just sit there and think how much better this looked in the theater or will look in HD. Then if the sound isn't DTS then I know the theater sound was better also.
The future of theater is 3D I hope. If you've seen "Chicken Little 3d" or "Polar Express 3D" then you know what I'm talking about. When I came home to watch my fabulous HDTV the picture looked flat. It makes a tremendous difference.
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Bill... you must be confusing picture size with quality. There's no question that the overall theatre experience with great sound and a giant picture is both impressive and immersive. But if you take a moment and look critically at the picture quality you will see it is usually pretty bad. Hard to expect much more when you realize how big the image is. It's the same as watching SD on a 70" TV.
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Not in the theaters I go to and I always sit at least 3/4 of the way back. I can understand where you are coming from. The picture just can't stand up if you sit too close. Just like an HDTV can't stand up if you sit too close but DVD is no where near the quality of the theater. When I go to the theater the back seats always fill up first. With 35mm the screens are too big. They should have stuck with 70mm but they are going to be going digital now anyway,4k I hope but probably not.
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If we can actually watch what we want to, how will corporate America get inside my house to try and "market" their way into my pocketbook? It would be wonderful to be able to choose and weed out all the "garbage" we see on TV. I guess I could always turn it off.

I would like to know, how long did a TV college basketball game last 10 years ago. Commercialism has changed the way games are played. What about the volume of commercials, doesn't the FCC regulate that in some manner.

Just some of my random thoughts and rants that make me look forward to the possible "future of TV."

...and "misleading marketing" as you guys mentioned, it should be a crime.

This was the first radio show I have listened to, good job guys.
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