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D* Dvr R15  

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This device has nothing to do with TIVO, right?

I can simple active this as a receiver and I can record programs? I only pay $4.99 per month - no TIVO fees?
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Sounds right. I'd call D*'s 800# to be sure though.
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There is an additional $4.99 charge per month for the DVR service.
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Actually I believe the DVR service is 5.99/month now.
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I just installed two of the things in my home distribution network mistakenly thinking they were Tivos. Woe is me. Even after reading the instructions (the last thing I do!) I cannot figure out how to record a series, fine tune the recording parameters, etc. The drop down editing menus simply do not appear when I trigger them as directed. :confused:

The devices do not have a default 30 second skip or anything like that, plus when fast forwarding they do not skip back any to compensate for reaction time thus necessitating adjustment to get the full recording of the show. Does anyone know a code that will give the 30 second skip feature, or a forum that deals with this PVR in detail?

Until I can smooth out the R15 I have, I cannot recommend its purchase as they are remarkably inferior to the Tivos I have or an Ultimate TV I replaced with one of the units. :(
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In answer to my own question above concerning a forum dedicated to the Direct TV R15 try dbstalk. Apparently no one has a code or fix for the missing 30 skip yet, but a 6 second rewind can be triggered by hitting the rewind button when FFwding.
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