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Can't create DVD-R's anymore  

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I have a Toshiba RD-XS32 which I have used several times to burn DVD-R's from programs which I had recorded to the hard drive. The last several times I have tried this, the whole routine looks normal, after the copy it goes into its Finalizing Disk step, completes that, ejects the DVD and asks if I want to make a second copy. Everything is fine. However, when I load that DVD again, it loads for a long time and then says I have inserted a blank disk. That DVD also does not work in other players. Pre-recorded DVD's and DVD's which I have burned before all play fine in it so the problem seems to be in the burning although it completes without indicating any problem. Any ideas? The s/w is ZL10 and the DVD s/w is 1309.
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Have you changed brands of DVD-R stock? How long have you had it - is it worn out? I had an HP burner in my puter that did the same thing - quit burning and would only read... although when mine failed - when inserting a blank disc for recording it kept asking to insert a recordable disc. Figured the laser got weak or out of calibration - replaced it with a newer 16x NEC.
You may try updating your firmware (in case it got corrupted somehow) if that is an option with yours - sorry, not really familiar with your Toshiba model.
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Thanks for the reply. The DVD-R's are out of the same spindle pack that I have been using. The unit is about 2 years old but I have mostly used the hard drive. I have only created about 10 DVD's before but never with any problem.

I have never seen any way to update the firmware for this model anywhere on this forum but I would like to know if that is possible. Does anyone know?
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You may try cleaning the laser - maybe it got some debris on it somehow and it's not getting thru to do a proper burn. Just another guess :)
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