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Getting DCT6412 tomorrow -- have concerns  

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Tomorrow Comcast is coming to install the Motorola DCT6412. I'm not sure which phase they'll be bringing, but I assume it'll be the Phase III. However, I'm currently using a DVI connection with my TV (Sony KP57WS510), and the Phase III has HDMI. I suppose I could use component or a DVI to HDMI adapter, but with all the problems reported regarding HDMI and this box, I'm wondering if I should get Comcast DVR at all.

Any thoughts as to whether having a DVR is worth a potential drop in visual quality from DVI to component? This would be my first DVR.

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Get the 6412 DVR...you'll be more than satisfied.

Secondly, re: the transition from dvi to hdmi...well here is what I have found:

a) Fortunately I live near 5/6 high end audio/video retailers. Their input for me was this -- stick with component. Several indicated that on my display (Sony LCD RPTV 42) that I would not recognize a change in PQ between component and hdmi. And that to see such a difference a few indicated that I would have to have a 1080p projector. Additionally, many further suggested that beyond a very hind end video use, hdmi was simply another effort by content distributors to copy protect their content, i.e., totally worthless for the average user.

b) I purchased a $75 hdmi cable the day I got my phase iii stb from Comcast. Plugged it in and sure enough did not see a discernable PQ change watching either a network HD program nor Monday Night Football. I promptly took the cable back.

Plus, I couldn't figure out why I would need an hdmi cable anyway since I was not taking both the video and audio signal from the 6412 to a single unit that would then send the video to the display and play the audio track.

Get the phase iii stb and use component cable to the tv and optical your tv or your home theatre system.
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Enjoy the DVR. My Panasonic Plasma has DVI and component inputs.
I had the original 6412 and now have a 6412 III. Tried the HDMI DVI cable and saw no difference in pic quality verses the component.

Sit back and relax!
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Agreed thrice. I can't see any difference 'tween HDMI & Component on my DLP in picture quality. However HDMI has one big advantage for me and that's 2 less cables to deal with! :D Less always = more in my book. :cool:

75 bucks! :eek: Must be a long cable.
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Reynard, I was a newbie who got suckered into buying a Monster cable at BestBuy. Fortunately I was able to return it and get my money back.
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Thanks for all the opinions -- I'll just go with component, assuming it's a Phase III. Can't wait to get it!
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Phase ii or phase iii just stick with component cable. I swapped to a phase iii only because my phase ii hard drive was so damn loud. But I also noticed what many others here have observed as a noticeable improvement is SD broadcasts with the phase iii box.
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Looks like it's a Phase I box, at least according to the label on the bottom. It's HDMI. My SD broadcasts look far better than they did on my old non-DVI box (I think it was a 6200).

Should I still stick with component?
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if you want to playback in Dolby 5.1, then yes.
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Update -- I checked the firmware, and it's 12.22, so I assume I must have a Phase III. I'm using HDMI out to my DVI HDTV.

Last night I recorded 5.1 Dolby with no problem.
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But did it play back in 5.1?
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Yes. Unfortunately, I'm an idiot. I didn't realize until this morning that they gave me the 3412!
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