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Middleton, WI- Intelix LLC, U.S. manufacturer of audio/video equipment and software, recently announced the release of an HDMI balun capable of distributing a high-quality HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) signal up to 150 feet over two inexpensive structured twisted pair cables, such as Cat 5.

"The Intelix HDMI is the latest addition to our complete line of audio/visual baluns," stated Steve Cohan, Intelix C.E.O. "Because of its ultra-high quality, purely digital connection and user friendly connector, HDMI is rapidly becoming the preferred method of high definition audio and visual distribution in the consumer marketplace. Up until now, the only limitation has been a cost effective method of distributing an HDMI signal over long distances—the Intelix HDMI balun is the perfect solution."

The Intelix HDMI balun supports standard HDTV resolutions and is HDCP compliant. The Intelix HDMI contains a send unit, receive unit, HDMI patch cord, and power supply. The system may be powered on either the source or destination end.

Full product information is available on Intelix's sister site,

Intelix offers the broadest line of baluns in the pro AV marketplace, including solutions for audio, multiple formats of video, VGA, DVI, and HDMI. In addition to baluns, Intelix manufactures an extensive line of serial controlled mic/line, matrix, room-combine, multi-zone paging, and automatic mixers. Complete product information is available from the Intelix web site,, or by calling 1-866-4-MATMIX.