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More stuff arriving and more updates.

Got in my TrippLite surge protector, bluejean interconnects, smart home ir controller, and bluejean banana plugs (not pictured but in the white box).

Started painting the basement - I still have a lot of painting to complete but this will give an idea of the color.

I also finished cutting and routing my trim for the dvd bookcase and primed the top of the shelves. The trim is just set in place for the picture and will be painted and attached after I prime and paint the rest of the bookcase.

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Noticed in one of your photos above that you've got a ton of cables coming though the blue electrical boxes. Did you just drill holes into the back or did they all fit through the slots you can punch through?

Also, what plate covers do you plan to use for them?
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fly - i originally ran all of my cables without using a pipe but before I closed up the media room wall retrofit in a PVC pipe that terminates into the back of the round blue sconce electrical box that I removed the back of. I am planning on using a blank round plate that I am going to drill a hole in and feed each wire through. I am then going to put all wires into some sort of black flexible tubing that should help clean up the appearance a bit.
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Finally. After lots of hard work and effort, I have completed the biggest hump in my basement finishing job. The drywalling effort is now complete!!

Now, back to the home theater for me. I painted the ceiling this weekend, installed the new black metal trims, and put in the top furring strip around the room.

I am planning to continue the furring strips this week along with lots of painting.

More pics soon.
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Last weekend I finished painting minus a few minor touch-up spots. I also was able to hook up the Buffalo Electronics IR Repeater system and used an old Sony DVD player to test. I am very happy with the BE products. I did have ONE dead flasher that about gave me a heart attack since of course it was the first one I selected to test the system. But the other 3 work perfectly so A+ for this repeater system.

Other misc. updates - I finished building all of my speaker wires, painting all of the audio plates, and am getting ready to take delivery of my new Ascends this Thursday!!!

Tonight I am going to HD to pick up lots of wood for furring strips, and stain grade birch to begin the fun job of staining. I will also be entertaining pricing quotes this week from a few floor companies for the carpet to put in the theater. I should be getting in some samples tomorrow or Thursday and I will post to get some opinions.

Plan for this weekend is to install all of my new laminate wood flooring. Should be fun and the wife is excited about helping. We will see how long that excitement lasts. My bet is for maybe 30 minutes.
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You'll definitely appreciate having them.
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Thanks for the tip Keith. I will pick those up tonight as well.
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I would say getting a new toy for furring strips in the home theater is not a bad start...

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and then the icing on the cake

Getting My SPEAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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with a monster sub...

I am off to the basement to start furring strips.
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Hey, that's not a toy, that's a darned nice TOOL.
Hope you have an extremely productive weekend!!
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nice speakers jikkjack

don't hook those bad boys up yet, you will never get the theater done.

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Yep, nice saw. It's hard to find a saw with those features at 2x the cost.

I think you're already going to do this but STAIN THE TRIM BEFORE INSTALLING (both sides). Staining in place is a nightmare.
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Why both sides?
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Why both sides?

I've heard that if you only stain one side, the wood absorbs water at different rates on each side and can warp.
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Thanks guys and thanks for the tips on stain. I was planning to stain before install but not both sides so that is good to know.

Just when I thought I would finally finish my furring strips...the wife and I decided to utilize this weekend to install our flooring instead.

So, I got to use the new saw a lot between yesterday and today and have finished the majority of the new floors. I will post pics later.

My carpet is going to be installed either this coming saturday - the 9th - or on Monday the 11th. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the 9th.

This week I should be able to finish up the furring strips (LOL) and hopefully have everything ready for the speaker install right after the carpet guys are done.

I have lots of new pictures and I will post them all a little later as I have lots of peeps coming over for a grill out tonight and lots of beer drinking.

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Here is one of the many new pictures...unfortunately, I can't upload the others right now but will later tonight.

This is a picture of the carpet that will be installed this weekend. It is called Old Brick. Unfortunately, the flash is washing out the real color and making it look lighter and duller than it really is. In person, the color is a dark brown/amber color with lighter amber brown in the middle of the diamond pattern. You can also see in this picture the black carpet that will be put on the stage and the soon to be gone concrete with ground in drywall dust.

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More pictures and updates.

So bad news on the carpet. They are going to need an additional 5 business days due to some reason...so the new date for the install is the 16th of this month. Then, when it rains - it pours. I called Comcast and they are out of High Def boxes for a month. I am on the schedule for October 5th.

On to the good news. Here are some new images.

Here is a picture of the new floors that my wife and I installed this past weekend. They are a nice Shaw brand laminate floor that are red oak natural. They match the real hardwoods upstairs perfectly and were very easy to install. I had 3 price quotes on professional installation...and oh my god what a scam. We completed everything for 20% of the lowest price quote.

And I am finally working on the furring strips. I actually can't believe it. Here is the first section. You will notice that the top section is missing the two furring strips that will mirror the ones on the bottom. Each box will have a mitered stained piece of wood in it and then there will be a nice stained center molding that will go around the entire room.

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And a couple more pictures.

In this picture you can see the print outs of the design I selected for the theater posted a couple pages back.

This section is going to be interesting. The box is unfortunately going to cover an HVAC Return so I am going to do some creative wood working to incorporate this pannel with the return. I am going to add return horizontal cuts to the panel and mount the black return just to the right of the pannel. Once it is done, it should be seemless and not very noticable. Totally my fault for changing my original design.

more pictures soon.
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Where did you find that nice grommet through which all of you speaker cables exit the wall?
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pathdoc - I built it myself. It is just a round carlon electrical box with a white blank that i cut a hole in the center of with a bit used for drilling door knob holes. :-)
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I may use your idea. Where could I find one of these round electrical boxes and blanks?
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Pathdoc - any big box store will have them. The round boxes are often used for installing ceiling mounted lights.
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Carpet install now scheduled for September 22.

All of the Furing strips that can be installed are in...

Put together my new Audio Pier...

Couldn't resist the temptation...

Installed ALL Ascends...

Installed the HSU MONSTER...

Plugged everything up...

Inserted test DVD...
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Originally Posted by zxlr8 View Post


I second the "And???" !!!
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He'd answer, but he had to change his underwear and smoke a cigarette...

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It was freakin awesome!!! I can't wait to get the carpet in and do the audio calibration - but for now...I have already watched 4 movies in the HT and sampled over 20 movies.

This weekend - I am finishing all of the painting and cutting and installing all of the wood for the columns and inlays. That means I have to pull down the linacoustic and batting from each column and I am also going to move the back two columns out a little more due to the size of the 170's.

Here is a picture of the front but with everything being black - it is hard to see the LCR and sub.

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HT looks great. Those Ascends are one hell of a speaker. I cannot wait to get my speakers built so I can sample the room as you did. :envious:
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Thanks Swithey! You are in the same boat I was in. I had all of this cool stuff lying around and I had to wait for one reason or another. I kept telling myself that patience is a virtue until I finally decided that saying sux and the person that came up with it didn't have a bunch of cool home theater stuff waiting to be installed. ;-)
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