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Onkyo TXSR 503E & Jamo/Onkyo speaker options  

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HI I am planning to buy the Onkyo TXSR 503E which is a 7.1 ch receiver. how is this receiver?-

they have following speaker option with it.

1. Jamo E310 PDD 5.1 speaker package
2. Jamo E350 PPL 5.1 speaker package
3. Onkyo SKS HT530 7.1 speaker package.

Which one is best. is Jamo a good option. how is the Onkyo package.
If any one of you have used any of the above speakers and also the receiver please enlighten me on same. I would also like you to recommend me any other good budget ( 300 USD aprox) speaker combination for this receiver.

Best wishes and thanks.
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i've never heard the jamo's, but i would not buy the onkyo package. they will give you a muddy sound. i had them as part of the 780 htib package, and quickly sold them off for speakers from a real speaker company.

there's a reason thay they are selling 7 spekaers and a powered subwoofer for $249... :rolleyes:
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Jamo makes some great speakers but I have not heard the speakers you mentioned. Onkyo does not make great speakers. Period.

The receiver in question seems to be a very good budget receiver. Certainly better than many in the same price-range.
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What prices for each system?
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I am based in Dubai and the A local dealer is giving following special package prices

1. Receiver Onkyo TXsr503E + jamo E310 PDD 5.1 with subwoofer - USD 545

2. Receiver Onkyo TXsr503E + jamo E350 PPL 5.1 with subwoofer - USD 600

3. Receiver Onkyo TXsr503E + Onkyo SKS HT350 7.1 spkr package - USD 625

4. Receiver Onkyo TXsr503E + jamo E680 5.1 with subwoofer - USD 900
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91 replys and no Jamo speakers users yet.
they are advertised as Europes No. 1 and largest speaker maker
supposedly taken over by Klipsch but yet I do not see many people knowing about them. Not many reviews also? Has no one here heard them?
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They are definately not Europes no. 1

They are not highly developed brand because it is mainly a "custom install" brand. If you want my personal opinion, forget about the surround sound for 300. You want to concentrate on some quality fronts to build a foundation. Many people work their way up to surround sound as the budget allows it. It is far better to have two good main front speakers than a mediocre surround system.

As far as small speakers try these:

Monitor Audio Radius 90
Anthony Gallo Acoustics Micro Diva
Energy Take SAT

Those will run you about 300 for the pair. A good start. If you want a pretty damn good well priced surround setup try the Energy ACT cinema system for 600 for 5.1 setup. This will blow the Jamo's out of the water. Extend the budget a tiny bit for the speakers, you will not regret it.
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thanks for the reply but the problem is I have been going around the market and have not seen the brands you have suggested in Dubai. the brands available here are

Jamo, Infinity beta HCS and Primus, JBL full series , Onkyo in the entry to higher level range

and Wharfdale, velodyne, paradigm, definitive technology etc in pricey higher end
for me.

same with receivers the affordable options are

HK 130 & 235
Onkyo TXSR 503E & 603E
Marantz SR 4500
Dennon AVR 1706

The onKo 503 E seems to be most affordable and powerful too with 100w/ch but dont know is it the best in all the above receivers

It will be great if all you experts can guide me on this.
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