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Originally Posted by REWJR
No that one does not support 1080P or remove flag issue ...

Another forum member measured bulb wrear and found after 3 months it lost 50% lumanence .
I had the Moome input card on my dearly departed 9500 and it did remove tthe flag ... whether it handled 1080p I cannot say (although Moome says it does) since I do not have a 1080p source. Does have gamma issues though!

Can this 'other forum member' share his/her results. I am most curious how he/she did this - must have been a very early unit since it has not been generally available for that long?

BTW, 'BetaRay' .....Nice! :D :D

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I have a component analog projector. Gee, I guess I just didn't excersize proper foresight
in not getting one with digital inputs.....IN 2000!

Blu ray makes a nice computer backup format :)
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I use a Zekkor DVI switcher, feeding DVI signals into a JVC HX 2 FP. I hope one of these HD formats will allow me to use this setup, as I have no plans to change in the near future. Hopefully, a HDMI to DVI will do the job without any loss in resolution.
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This is a useful poll. Could have done in the other forum ... since it affects both formats. I recently upgraded my projector to get hdmi inputs. My other hdtv already has HDMI ...
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Foresight !!! Runco was selling their 1200 CRT ( $54,000) in 2003.( No HDCP).

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1 Component ONLY
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My TV accepts 1080p vai both of it's HDMI inputs.
I own the HP MD 5880N 1080P RPTV.
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My new pj accepts HDCP over DVI input. I hope that's good enough for Hollywood, or they can kiss my butt. I'll get a cable or sat feed and order my HD content that way. In fact, I may do that anyway, while those greedy morons quarrel over who owns the HD market, the HD market will leave them behind. Just like iPod obsoleted the CD while the RIAA was busy suing audiophiles.
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HDCP over DVI is completely usable.
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My 2004 Mitsubishi WS55313 has no HDMI but has DVI - problem is the manual doesn't say anywhere whether that DVI is HDCP or not. (It does seem to say that it's component DTV inputs are HDCP, but I don't think that will buy me anything...)

Does anyone know if the DVI input on these Mits sets is HDCP or not?

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Page 65 of your owner manual, bottom right hand corner: "HDCP compliant"
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You know, I saw that but somehow missread it.
I thought they were saying that the DTV Component input was HDCP compliant - which of course makes no sense so I guess I should have re-read closer.

Thanks for pointing that out!! :)

Good to know I'm Blu-ray ready!
(Now I just hope Sony puts out a PS3 w/ Blu-ray movie support for a resonable price. As to what's resonable, I'm not even sure yet...)

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I use component because both of my HD displays are 20 feet from my equipment rack. A 51" Sony WS and a AE 300 Panny projector. I used RG6 for cable all hidden in the walls when I built my home theater. I also dished out $300 in a component switcher and multipliers. I think both displays will except DVI. How much am I going to dish out to get 40 feet of cabling and a switcher to watch Blue Ray in full resolution? Probably Zero, becasue when they come out, someone on this forum will discover a player that doesn't down rez over component.
This is the most expensive free website on the net.
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I have one HDMI input on my JVC. Problem is, I am going to need more than one HDMI input since Dish Network will take my HDMI when its installed next month. Either need some type of switch or just put Dish on a component input.
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I read a statistic somewhere attributable to CEA that 6 million HD TVs have been sold/purchased without digital inputs. I guess these people will only get 540p from an HD player.
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99% of all statistics are made up.
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CEA gets their numbers from the manufactures.
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The latest catalog from Crutchfield has 4 HD sets that only accept component...
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Originally Posted by CardiacArrest
The latest catalog from Crutchfield has 4 HD sets that only accept component...
Got a link?
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My TV has 2 HDMI inputs, I'm looking forward to Gran Turismo 5 in HD, I'll try some Blu Ray but won't invest big till there is a clear winner in the format war.
I got burned on Beta when the better format lost so I'm waiting this time.

What I'm waiting for is a A/V receiver that has as many HDMI inputs as the ones today have of S/video!!
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No HDMI for me... 2 Component Inputs HD capable but currently in use by my DVDC950 and Replay... I've been digging for HDCP workarounds/bypass but it is so hush hush it's hard to find much.
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Geez luckily I didn't buy my SONY HDTV 3LCD (w/out HDMI) last year or else I'm a BIG time sucker. I just got my set 2 months ago & it has HDMI/HDCP. It's common manufacturers "dump" their "obsolete" products into our country & I pity those unaware consumers who rushed out & bought it.
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I have four component inputs and no HDMI or DVI and no real interest in HD-DVD or Blu-Ray.

Does anyone remember DVD-A and SACD? Neither of those formats succeeded due largely to the competing standards and lack of software.

Because there wasn't a single standard the release of compelling titles was limited and this lead to the eventual death of both formats. The idea of high rez audio, while appealing, died because of bickering.... and HD-Discs are going to in the same direction inexplicably. I won't upgrade to either format. I will continue to use my HD-DVR the HD lite movies I will get from D* are atleast as good as the downrezzed movies I would get from component on HD-DVD or BluRay and I'll have a much better selection in terms of content.
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I apologize for not reading all the responses. If this has already been posted, then you should ignore my response.

My set has HDMI input, but that is a moot point in its current state. HDMI 1.2 is way to buggy to consider it an input option. Maybe 1.3 will fix some of the issues, but it sure doesn't appear to be the case...
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