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Ronnie- when do U want to get together? I can bring my $160 media server over to your place & we can compare notes! Do U have HDMI inputs for both picture & sound(HDMI switching receiver/pre-amp)? If OK, I'll need an address to get to your place(PM me). I can also give you a quick overview of the WDTV, my latest toy which is my server. Later... Scott
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The WDTV is a great little player. Did you see the next version due out soon will have ethernet very compelling!

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Yeah, I saw the ethernet connectivity, but it's not a big deal. I have a small external that is powered by the USB cable, so I just carry back & forth for new movies as needed. Not about to spend $129 on a new one, when my $89.99 works just fine. Now if it could play with chapters like the original disc.... & could handle dts...
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Oh dear I seem to have accidentally bumped this (still fantastic) old thread.
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I think we need someone to start a sticky thread with all the completed and soon to be completed theater threads so all the newbies that pop into our beloved construction forum can see them. Kinda of like the show me stcky but with theater names.
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+1! Excellent idea Scott!
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That's a good idea - I'll create a thread and we can sort through the mechanics. We have the "Show Me Your Completed Theater", but that's not quite what we need. Maybe an "HT hall of fame"?
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Thanks for reviving my aging thread and also for the comments on adding it to a sticky. Im have been pretty much in the "enjoy it" stage for several years now. Really the only thing left on my list is to eventually put up a star ceiling and possibly relocate my sub woofers to a more optimal position.

I have not put up any completed pics, but I guess thats in order soon.

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Great idea W00lly. And, Brad's right, it is a fantastic thread - taught me to fear and crave the IB!
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Glad you're still around on AVS, and glad you're still enjoying the fruits of your labor! What have you been doing with all the spare time since then, other than watching lots of movies? Any woodworking projects, HT or otherwise? Sheds?

Looking at Commando cloth and variants - how hard is it to keep clean, the surface looks like it might want to collect dust/lint easily, since the weave is so tight - or maybe you flipped it over so the side with more texture faced the room? Also, it seems like Duvetyn would work in front of treatments, as far as the blow test, but Commando wouldn't? Or maybe that wasn't an issue for you, and you used GOM where that mattered?
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Back up! Ronnie's theater design inspired a lot of others (including mine, where I did a variation on the angled columns idea), read up noobs.
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Time for the semi-annual Ronnie Jackson bump. So much good stuff in here.
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Agree! Found this an am basing my front stage on this design. Beautiful work Ronnie! And I would love to see completed pictures if you get around it it as well. Enjoyed looking at your personal website as well.


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