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DCT 6412 Turns off and on continously  

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my dct6412 will not stay on for more than 30 seconds. its repeatly turning off and on. what should i do?
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I'm on my 2nd 6412 box in 2 weeks and both boxes have had similar problems. Comcast's doesn't seem to know what to do other than keep replacing boxes...on a weekly basis so I unfortunately don't know either.

I've started searching on other websites and there are some that suggest that it is constantly rebooting due to overheating/bad ventilation but that is only their suggestion.
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The only thing I have seen about this is that it might be updating something software-wise. I can't imagine that would last for more than a day (at the very, very longest).
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LotsOfPhil, I'm on Day 5 of continuously rebooting.

turner03, are you using the HDMI output on the box?
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Is your DVR plugged directly into the wall outlet? I have read in places that if it is plugged into a surge suppressor/power strip, voltage changes can cause the unit to reboot.
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My DVR is plugged into a Monster surge suppressor. I'll gladly try directly into the wall.

I've also read in other forums that it could be due to using the HDMI port and outdated firmware or even overheating issues. Well last night I totally unplugged the HDMI cord and put the box in the open for perfect ventilation and it still kept rebooting so I guess it's not the case.
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This sounds like the problem I've had with my newest Motorola DCT6416 from Cox.

It has rebooted over and over at various delays from minutes to over an hour.

I was told that all the boxes with a certain serial number had the problem.

I never had this particular problem with my previous 6412 but, perhaps this is another Motorola screw up and some of the current boxes that Comcast has are defective.

See if they can give you another box from a different batch.

That's just my opinion, I could be wrong.
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I also experienced the on/off problem with this box from Comcast months ago. I had multiple Comcast service tech come to my house and try to fix it and finally they did.

Basically, the tech on site worked on the unit with guys in remote offices for over 2 hours. They were trying different software patches and box settings and everything seemed in working order. Unfortunately, about 2 hours after the tech left, the box "rebooted" itself.

I left the box alone for 1-2 more days with periodic restarts, and then noticed that during one of the restarts, the channel display on the front had a message (I remember it as something like "P1") and a blinking cursor. That lasted for about 3-4 minutes, as I assume it was some type of patch push by Comcast, and when the box came back on, the problem was resolved. It has been months and the box has been stable.

All I can say is that somewhere within the labyrinth of comcast, someone knows how to fix this problem. I am in the Detroit area is that helps.
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rybiced, it appears that the second DCT6416 that Cox gave me did the trick. It has been stable so far, except for the NBC Olympic broadcast which was cutting in and out.

The good news about that is that someone posted the same complaint on another forum I watch, so it seems to be a problem with NBC's broadcast and not my PVR.

Btw, this box is way quieter than my previous 6412.

Thanks for your thoughts,

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I too just had my 6412 box replaced over the weekend because of the constant rebooting problem. The new box does not have the reboot issue however I've noticed big chunks of the program guide still has not downloaded. It says "to be announced" in random sporadic portions of current show listings as well as future show listings. It's been almost 3 days so it should have had plenty of time to get the whole guide, right?

At least it's not constantly rebooting so I suppose it could be worse.
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Hey! movieman_78,

it's so weird to see how the new technology, with all its promise, turns out to be so problematic that we can't just settle back and enjoy it.

You'd think that a major cable company like Cox would have their sh*t together enough to yank Motorola's chain when thousands of their newest boxes come in with a bad chip (or so I was told by one of the techs that brought out my latest PVR).

Now they're waiting around for a "software update" that's supposed to fix the thousands of "bad" boxes which Cox has no way of identifying from the "good" ones.

So this is progress?

That's just my opinion, I could be wrong.
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Yeah, no kidding; I agree with you. Why release something that doesn't work at or close to 100%? Why release something that rarely works in the hopes that somewhere down the line it could/might work?

At this point, I'd be happy with going back to the older boxes because at least I know they would get the job done.

Good luck!
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