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I have Dish but no locals, get them OTA. Not sure how many people actually get locals on Dish versus cable. I would think more on cable so that might explain the past outrage.

Here is a link to the ARN website talking about the carrier dispute.
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I have Dish and sub to the locals but also receive them OTA in case of bad weather or situations like this. So I can still watch everything (which isn't much on Fox) that I want to but just don't have the guide data.

I am so tired of Dish and these broadcasters doing this. It is greed from one or both of them and who really suffers? The customer does. If they don't get this fixed within a few weeks or months people are going to start leaving Dish, DirecTv has locals on their system now unlike when this happened last time.
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Anyone else having trouble with FOX OTA signal ?
It comes and goes then freezes up. Wonder whats going on with them.
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I call them about this problem about every six weeks. It soon gets fixed but it seems to me they should be aware when it acts up.
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Did you call them today around noon. I notice they are on now 4 pm. I hope the new company that is taking over does a better job. I do give them credit for staying on last weekend during the rain eek.gif in the paper they hinted at starting a new channel 15.3 most likely. It would be nice if it was Antanana tv, but most likely telemundo fox
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MundoFox lists an Abilene affiliate on channel 21. I don't see how we can have a channel 21 when KRBC is RF channel 20. But I agree the new owner could give us MundoFox.
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It looks like Abilene Fox can now show syndicated shows in HD! I turned on Judge Joe Brown (I know, I know) and it was in HD. Judge Mathis was also in HD and it looked great.
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I really wish KTAB would get local HD. The lack of it has me watching KTXS most of the time for local information and weather.
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I do the same thing, when it is time for 6 pm news I switch to KTXS. I was hoping with the remodel KRBC was doing it would include hd.
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The new subchannel for KXVA/KIDZ.
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Thank you John for the info. Also KTAB and KRBC now have news in hd although it does not look very good
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cozi has just showed up on my ota tivo, and it is an interesting channel. Magnum PI and six million dollar man I can watch. I have never seen Banacek but it looks interesting to see him on something other than a-team
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Originally Posted by T-bone2006 View Post

I have never seen Banacek but it looks interesting to see him on something other than a-team

Banacek was part of NBC's second Mystery Movie "wheel" series. The previous year, NBC had launched its first Mystery Movie wheel series with Columbo, McCloud and McMillian and Wife and tried to duplicate its success with a Wednesday Night Mystery Movie series featuring inaugural programs Banicek, Cool Million and Madigan. Banicek was the only one to get renewed for a second (and final) season, so there are 17 episodes of that show

Peppard's last TV appearance was in a peculiar episode of Matlock that Andy Griffith scarcely appeared in. It was intended as a pilot for a new detective series starring Peppard and Tracy Nelson, but he died before it could be launched.
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Has anyone else lost all signals on the 99(s) satellite? I can't get any of the Abilene locals on any of my receivers or DVR's. The signal test shows 0, NA or -- for all transponders on 99(s). All other satellites are okay.
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Apparently we have lost "This" and now have "MeTV" on 12.3. Looks pretty good, with shows that tvland used to show when they were good.
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ThisTV changed owners (from Weigel to Tribune as of today) so Weigel is replacing ThisTV with Me or Movies! in markets that they can
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Interesting I did not find that information when I did a search earlier, thank you. The only problem is it is a ktxs sub channel and anybody that has watched this or cw knows how bad they are at on air switching of commercials. You end up missing parts of episodes or the whole beginning of a show like Seinfeld. mad.gif
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Weigel sold their 1/2 of ThisTV to Tribune......ironically right after they launched Movies! (which is 1/2 owned by them and 1/2 by Fox)
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Since people here seem to know what's going on I will ask about bounce tv. I have noticed for weeks when I tune to ota 9.2 all it shows is a test pattern and KRBC dt2 scroll. So what happened have they dropped the channel? If so get rid of the sub channel to improve 9.1 hd
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Call the station and find out.
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I've not been here in awhile but saw the last post and got my curiosity up. Called KRBC today Jan 14th and asked about channel 9.2. I was told that the contract with BOUNCE TV ran out in October and since then the station is not sure what it wants to do with the channel space.
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It's good to have Telemundo on 9.2 but it sure makes me miss Padrisimo from the early 90's.
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If KXVA 15 doesn't get back on the air soon, there will be riots in Abilene.
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Originally Posted by cdharris View Post

If KXVA 15 doesn't get back on the air soon, there will be riots in Abilene.

WOW! Just looked. They are down via Dish and OTA. This couldn't be a worse day for that to happen and our local FOX affiliate is about the worst local station I've ever seen at dealing with weekend issues.
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Back up now on Dish and OTA. I wonder what was up.
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Looks like it is back up and running. I will unload my shotgun now. wink.gif

KRBC is still off the air however.
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