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Lamp Lifespan - Where Are You?

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As you know we are all on borrowed time with each of our lamps. Am curious to know the amount of hours put on projectors owned by people here? Especially ones who have surpassed the expected lifespan. This is uncharted territory for most of us and there's no reason we can't learn more from each other about what we can really expect from our lamps by trading information. I just crossed the 3000 hour threshhold on my projector this week and knock on wood its still going with no degradation. Its rated to go 2000 hours on non-economic mode and now I am over 3000. How far past the lifespan has your lamp gotten to? Is it still going?
Please include model number expected lifespan. Are there any "millennium men" out there (1000 hours past the life span)? Note: I have kept my projector on video mode the entire time and never used economic mode. I will report when I hit century mark and higher, and then if and when the lamp dies and also the circumstances. Hope to hear your numbers and stories, too. The more we exchange the more we know!

model: BenQ 6100 DLP (ceiling mounted)
expected lifespan: 2000 hour (3000 on economic)
real lifespan: 3035 hours (currently functioning)
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benq 7700

Expected lifespan: 2000/3000

hours: somewhere between 200 and 250 (economy)

Current status: Died last night.

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Fairly new pj a panasoni ae 700, on around the 220 mark, how long has it taken you to get to the 3000hf mark, must be a few years.
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HAve 50 HOurs on a 3 week old bulb, and a spare bulb waiting in the wings. I watch it every night for about three hours. In the fall ill watch it for 12 hours straight on saturdays and 6 on sundays
so i am gonna be through this first bulb realllllllllllyy quick i suspect
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I have less than 100 on a Mists 3000U. I plan on buying a back-up bulb once I end the warranty period on this bulb so that I will have a backup.

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oops...I have 50 hours on a 10 day old bulb. Oh well.
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Originally Posted by projektor View Post

model: BenQ 6100 DLP (ceiling mounted)
expected lifespan: 2000 hour (3000 on economic)
real lifespan: 3035 hours (currently functioning)

I can't help but wonder if your image has deteriorated with that many hours on your lamp. What about dust accumalation on your color wheel?

Please report back. Reading about such good news makes my day.
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Panasonic PTL500 with 1500hrs on the first bulb and still going strong!

The PJ is not every day just a few days a week for a couple hr to watch a movie or two. Very little HD viewing!

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Z3 bought April 2005
215 Hours in low power
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HP VP 6111
first bulb dead at 300 hours
second one now at 168
But who cares... bought at Circuit City with added coverage including bulb for four years. So I never even track this issue (at least for next three years) :-)
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Two Panasonic PT-L500U lamps, one at 500 and one at 1,100. No problems with either.

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There is no degradation in the image that I notice. There is however some faint gray blobs in the right lower third that are only noticeable when the screen is solid black there. It doesn't bother me and frankly I haven't tried to clean until now it for fear of disturbing the lamp. The unit has stayed mounted on the ceiling for over a year without being disturbed. I attribute the long life to that, partly, but it is some guessing. How about your setup?

Is there anyone else out there with using a lamp well past the expected lifespan?
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I have 1745hrs on my Benq PB6200 and i have never used economy mode either. I got it in April of '04. I hope i can get 3000 + hours too! I did get a free replacement bulb when i bought it but i hope i don't have to put it in for a while.
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I've got a Sanyo Z2 with 1600 hrs. Do I have to knock on wood now?
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5000 hours on my first AE300 bulb and 4970 on my second. Didn't make the last 30 hours because I dropped the panel array when I had the PJ apart for a thorough cleaning. The AE300 bulbs are rated 5000 hours in low lamp mode. I didn't get any hours beyond the rated life because I didn't know I could keep the bulb in there beyond the rated hours as the PJ would flash up a warning every time I would turn the PJ on from about 4800 hours onwards. I was going to reset the bulb counter while leaving that second 4970 bulb in there to see how many extra hours I got out of it. Never got a chance to do that in the end for the aformentioned clumsy reasons

1200 hours on my NOV '05 AE900
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My fathers PB6100 is now over 2200 on Eco Mode. Still looks great and working fine.
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calibos: My unit started warning me as I approached 3000 (the upper lifespan), even though I always used on video mode which is rated for 2000. Anyway, I logged the hours and reset the clock and haven't had a problem knock on wood since.

I wonder if anyone has gotten 1000 hours over the expect lifespan of their bulb. Has anyone tried? If you are out there, let us know!
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Might not be a good idea to buy a back-up Dave. Having a bulb sit on the shelf for months and years is not a good idea.
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Other than the warranty, why not?
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Optoma H31
1240 in Brightmode (Bulb life 2000 in BM)
Still looks great and going strong. Now my Bedroom Projector. Can not see any drop in quality, just a small (real small) dip in Brightness (but with the smaller screen in my bedroom, now it is to bright, and I have switched to low lamp mode)

Now have a Optoma H78 in the front room. Only a few hours on it.
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I have a Sony HS51 and have had the unit since April 2005. I have 700 hours on the original lamp which is now used as a back up. I have a new lamp installed which has 320 hours on it.

I am a firm believer in having a spare lamp as a back up.

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Two projectors in my theater: a dlp and an lcd. I use the dlp the most but here's the stats:

NEC HT1000 1030 hours ( dlp )
Yamaha LPX510 205 hours ( lcd )

The HT1000 will be 3 years old in May. Yamaha is fairly new.
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Infocus X1
4,306 hours and counting

Bulb might just now be starting to get noticably dimmer. I had another bulb explode at low hours due to me not cleaning the screen. Now I clean it once every 2 or 3 months. I use the projector for movies/games/internet. It's on at least 5 hours a day.

Rant: Why are people posting anything less than 1,000 hours? Like 250 hours on a bulb, that's nothing, I'd be pissed if any bulb blew at less than 2,000 hours unless it's lifespan is rated very low. Why would you pay much money for a projector with a bulb that doesn't last very long?

Edit: The lamp is actually outliving the projector in a way. They both work fine, but it's time to upgrade. I bought a Z4 from PP this week. Selling the X1 to my parents I think.
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I find it interesting to see how some people use there PJ everyday and others only use it once or twice a week. That's why I posted.
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Projector 1: Toshiba tlp-s30u- exploded at 290 hours. Traded in under Best Buy's "lamps are included" service plan (no longer offered). (they didn't replace lamps- they replaced the whole projector.)Projector 2: TLPs30u- exploded at 500 hours. Fortunately s30u's were no longer made, so I traded in for X1. Projector3: X1- about 1600 hours and still going strong.
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I have a 4+ year old Proxima Ultralight DX1 (got it free from work when they upgraded!) with about 670 hours on the bulb (don't know if it's the original or not). Like others in this forum I'm counting down the days until the bulb goes since from what I've seen it's going to run me close to $400 for a new bulb. At that point I'll need to decide if it's worth it to dump more $$ in older technology or look at consumer-level projectors with HD capabilities.

[off topic - sorry]
Does anyone know any good vendors with decent projector lamp pricing? Also I have it ceiling mounted with a real cheezy setup and am looking at the various universal mounts. Crutchfield sells a nifty universal mount for about $300 but I'm interested in some comparison shopping - anyone know of alternatives?
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Originally Posted by rbyham View Post

HP VP 6111
first bulb dead at 300 hours
second one now at 168
But who cares... bought at Circuit City with added coverage including bulb for four years. So I never even track this issue (at least for next three years) :-)

So you've actually had the bulb replaced replaced under the Circuit City service plan? AFAIK, you're the first on this forum. I'm really interested, because I also purchased the service plan.

BTW, I have 1,534 hours on my SP4805, which I've hd for 10 months. I use it just about every day.
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Infocus X1
Rated lamp life: 4000 hours
Current hours used: 4430 hours

My x1 is on 10-14 hours a day since I'm using it as my main display and surprisingly the picture is still reasonably bright, although It has gotten dimmer of course.

My current dilemma: Whether to buy a new bulb, upgrade to a better PJ, or buy a decent LCD monitor to use as my main display. The DLP image just kills my eyes sometimes, especially when I'm tired. It's especially bad when playing Xbox 360 games; after about an hour or so my eyes feel like they're on fire. I can sacrifice screen size and worse black levels for an easier to look at picture.
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How do you reset the counter in the Benq PB6100. Our menu has it shaded out and can't click anything on it. Your expertise in this would be greatly appreciated. We ordered a new lamp today but are out of stock in both Canada and USA and are back-ordered. Our projector is at 2996 hours and says that the unit will shut down at 3000 hours. We need to buy time on it until we get our new lamp in 2 to 4 weeks time.

PS. It really sucks to go from 110" screen to a 20" tv.
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Projector - PGM20x about 2 years old
Lifespan 2000hrs
Currently - 3695 still going strong. Projector is in a Whisperflow hush box with a cool stream of filtered air blowing into the air intake and a fan pulling it out of the exhaust. There has been no cleaning done to the unit..... ever. If it blows up time for an upgrade anyway since the thing is soo noisy even in the hush-box
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