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Revolution Power Supply  

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..is its' stand! It makes sense, but for some reason it didn't cross my mind.


Yay! No bricks!

Edit: Here are some scans of the upcoming UK Nintendo mag, which has some nice pics/article on the Revolution:

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Its a power brick shaped like a stand. Pretty neat idea actually.
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I hope it's no problem to lay it flat . . . I'm not interested in placing it vertically.
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You could probably just place the power supply behind it then. Mines going upright next to my 360 though, no need to use a whole shelf with the system so small.
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I just hope it makes sense when put in an entertainment center. I don't want to have to keep it out on the floor.
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Looks like there's a power port on the back too.
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Well that was fun while it lasted. Apparently Nintendo has identified this information as a mistake by ONM. Latest word is that the base does NOT double as a power supply.. :(


The official quote is from Nintendo is "We have not announced any details of the Nintendo power supply at this time.". So I guess it's still a possibility, but it seems odd that Nintendo would bother correcting their own magazine if it was just a premature announcement...

Guess it could be something else instead?
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I don't see how it could be invented information. Nobody has ever speculated that it was a power supply before. I'm almost sure they simply weren't supposed to print it. Nintendo has been denying a lot of things lately that have ended up being true, so I wouldn't dismiss it altogether.
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