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Again, awesome job Jim
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Awesome look there Jim! Congrats!
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Thanks guys! I can't wait to start on my CC and Mains.
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Hey all,

I finally got going on my DIY speakers, starting with my subwoofer.

Box design: Sealed 2 cu. ft. cube
Construction: 1" mdf walls; 18.5" exterior size; mitered edges all around.
Driver: Dayton RSS315HF-4 12" High Fidelity Subwoofer
Amp: Dayton HPSA500 500W subwoofer plate amplifier

Here's a couple pics:

I plan to veneer and finish shortly, once I decide on room colors. I'll either use maple veneer and stain with a dark wine red, or I'll use Ash veneer, and go black. Not sure yet.

Then I'm planning on building a set of GR-Research AV/3s, along with a center channel. Then a pair of surrounds... If I'm lucky, I'll finish it all by Christmas!

Also, I've attached a link to my build thread...check it out!


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Looks good. How does she sound?
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I've only got about 3or 4 hours listening on it total so far, but I am pretty impressed. It's more powerful than I would've expected, and it shakes the house more than I would've thought. I'm still planning on integrating it into the room using the Behringer FBQ2496 and some good measurements, but I've been pleasantly surprised at how good it sounds already.

Hopefully that means I don't have big room mode issues.

Note that if you read my build thread, I indicate I'd like to build two... with how good this sounds now, I'm carefully rethinking that, but I already have the other driver, so I might do it anyway.

It sounds tight and accurate, with very little boominess. I would also describe it as fast, and it's quite musical. I'm very happy that I went with this design; it's going to meet my needs very well.

Now I've just got to figure out what finish I want on it!

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Here's some construction pics from my array (4) of Dayton 12" Titanic sealed subs, driven by 4 channels of Crown XLS-402 power through a BASSIS LT. These are 1.17cf enclosures made from heavy duty 16" sonotube.

Baffles in place ready for routing:

Top and bottom plates are made from those round pine blanks from HD:

Legs installed and bottom plate test fit:

Upper chamber created (for concrete):

Concrete poured:

Wrap applied (naugahyde) and top plate installed:
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concrete in a speaker box!
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Originally Posted by zkaudio View Post

concrete in a speaker box!

I wanted to be sure I could use them as tables, and not have to worry about vibrating my Mountain Dew bottle off onto the floor

p.s. I'm glad I looked again at this post. I had erroneously linked the thumbnails. Now you should be able to see a little more detail.
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My Finished Nat-Ps

And the build Thread: http://www.htguide.com/forum/showthr...3&page=1&pp=35
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I'll echo what I said on HTGuide, those are absolutely beautiful!
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Wow, if my Natalie P's came out half as nice as those i'd be a very happy man! Very nice work.
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After building a pair of North Creek Music Vision Signatures and the 18 Leviathan subwoofer back in 1998, I finally finished the matching Vision Center. It only took me eight years. I have the Okara II Spirit kit I'll use as the surrounds boxed up in the garage and hopefully they won't take as long to complete.

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Beautiful, and nice craftsmanship! Lovely roundover fronts.
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Here's My Modula MTs:
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Originally Posted by derekbannatyne View Post

Here's My Modula MTs:

Don't you just love those speakers. They sound so good! Good work on the cabinets.

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Updated pic of my DIY meddling within the new room:

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Yeah these speakers are really nice! I imagine they'll get even better as I don't have them set up properly yet, but how do these compare to your big TMWW towers?
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Derek, those look outstanding...What kind of veneer is that? And, is it bare veneer or is it treated?
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Finally got my TBFC/G version Modula MT's up and running. Heavy-flaked raw white oak veneer, teak gel stain, brushed satin Varathane Pro finish. Baffles are flat black marine enamel finished with sprayed oil-based clear Varathane Pro satin.

The sound...I'm very pleased with everything I've thrown at them so far. The only thing they don't like is badly recorded and produced material. I guess that's what I should expect with speakers as revealing as these.

I'm very, very happy with them!!

Thank you so much, Jon Marsh. You're the man!

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Although I've had the parts for these for over two years, it's been hard to get them done. So this summer I piggy-backed the Modula MT project on this one and it worked out pretty well. Instead of cutting four baffles, I did nine...and so on. I'm very happy with these as well.

The center speaker is quite amazing in its ability to deliver dialogue as well as musical instruments and movie special-FX audio.
Full report is here:
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Nice work!
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Very, very nice. Do you have a more detailed description of exactly how you did the black painting and finishing?
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Originally Posted by Exocer View Post

Derek, those look outstanding...What kind of veneer is that? And, is it bare veneer or is it treated?

Hey thanks, I used some curly maple veneer I got off of Ebay and sprayed 2 coats of lacquer and a few coats of clear enamel on top of that.
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My sonosub:

Design Thread:http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=726584

Design: Vented, 6x27" port, tuned to ~14.5hz.
Enclosure: 24x48 sonotube. 1.5" thick mdf top cap + .75" outer panel, 1.5" mdf + .25" ply bottom cap + .75" outer panel. Driver is recessed in outer panel.
Driver: TC sounds TC2000 SVC
Amp: Buttkicker BKA1000
EQ: None
Fabric covering: Headliner material from JoAnn's fabric. 54" long by 3 yards total.
Total Cost: Approx. $800 for everything, including incidentals.
Prior speaker/sub building experience (0-10): 7, based on doing many car audio enclosures. This was my first home theater build and first sonotube build.

Summary: I am EXTREMELY happy with how the sub turned out, both aesthetically and how it sounds. Coming from the car audio background, im used to deep, loud, and clean bass. This sonosub is as close to that as I can imagine. This thing goes deep and loud and is very tight, not muddy. Building the sonosub design was not hard at all. I would do it again in a heartbeat.
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Originally Posted by Maggie Guy View Post

Here is a shot of my subs and mains.

hey , this is amazing! just a qustion , how much did it cost you the two amazing towers?

i wanted to ask a thing, but with a diy subwoofer you can have a better subwoofer than the nb pb 10 SVS subwoofer at the same price? it's more convinient?can you indicate me some links where to build diy loudspeakers and subwoofer making me undestanding all this kind of stuff?
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Dual sealed 15" RL-p 3.9 cu ft units with the BASSIS.


7.5 cu ft 15" RL-p tuned to 17 Hz. I still haven't done the finish job on this sub.


Dual driver 15" RL-p - 21 cu ft BIG BLOCK LLT.

300 liter 15" RL-p LLT Sono. 52.5" tall 22" ID with 24.5" black gloss base and top caps.

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I'll take the bottom one, thank you very much
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I'll take the bottom one, thank you very much

Consider it done Mike.
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this thread is such eye candy and great motivation,

keep up the good work guys!
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