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How many of you have stopped buying DVD's?  

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... in anticipation of BD? (or HD-DVD for that matter???)

I know I only bought 2 in the last year, with a DVD movie collection count at 450.
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Include me. Also many of the recent releases are not worthy of purchase.
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I've cut back, but there are a few I just have to have (like Red Dwarf S8 to finish my set).
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I stopped 2 years ago :)

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I haven't stopped at all, in fact I have increased my purchases due to getting an Oppo upconverting player that is awesome. I buy a lot of used DVD's from video rental stores, also.
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With the exception of the Everybody Loves Raymond season sets, I haven't bought any DVDs in over three years.
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I buy very few DVD's. I've almost stop all together except for some TVonDVD stuff that I just have to have. As for movies I stopped in 2002, Dtheater was more than enough, getting by with DVD rentals every once in a while. DVR of HD tv shows. Subscription to premium HD movie networks.
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I stopped about 2 years ago use Netflix for the time being. Double or triple-dipping (thanks for superbit sony) will not be fun.
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I stopped b/c of Netflix too, about 2 years ago. I'll buy only my 'must have' library (again!) on BR - no more than say 50-100 movies. The rest I'll rent.

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I've bought less than 10 DVD's my whole life. When I first became interested in DVD, I found out about HDTV, which made me less interested in buying DVD :D With most movies I like, I see them once in the theatre, and rent them with friends once its released on dvd. I'll be attending the Tampa HD-DVD show in March to see if the new HD discs are worth investing in.
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I've pretty much stopped myself. Maybe the occational Disney flick because you never know when they'll "open the vault" for the next restored special edition of their classics.

Perhaps I'd get the Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Daily Show: Indecision 2004 sets if they became "priced to move," bargain bin items because I love both of the shows and I don't think they were taped using HD cameras. If I'm wrong then I'll wait for the HD versions.

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NETFLIX this year cut my buying down 90% and the rest because of the imminence of HD-DVD

One exception w/b certain TV shows originally recorded (generally in the mid to late 1960's) via techicolor 35mm film- before videotape masters took control in the 1970's.

Gilligans Island is one example and another outstanding example which I've bought on DVD is HOGAN'S HEROES, which probably will never be released on HD-DVD or Blu-ray and often looks so good on my 96" screen - one would think it was actual Hi Definition
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I quitg buying dvd's a few months back.
Had slowed way down to a few must have titles for the last year.

And sold at least 400 sd dvd's that either weren't being watched often, or will be replaced with Blu Ray.

One nice thing about Blu Ray is that I can replace almost all of my must have movies on it without having to buy into two formats.
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Me not. I don't buy DVDs very often, but my buying behavior has not changed with regard to BD. As long as it's not compatible with HTPCs under acceptable conditions I'm not interested in it. Though I would really like to switch to BD, if only for top movies that are worth the high prices anyway.
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netflix and hdtv (not bluray or hd-dvd) made me stop almost cold turkey a few years ago.

buying a dvd is imho pointless when i can netflix it. i'd like to purge several hundred of the DVDs i currently own as a matter of fact.
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It will be years before the catalog of HD/BD DVDs come comes anywhere near that of SD DVDs, and many movies will never make it to a high def version. I rarely buy DVDs anymore, but I do occasionally jump on those $3-4 specials at Walmart and CC.
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How many will buy first gen titles or wait for 2nd gen titles when they start using mpeg4 codecs.
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I've stopped.
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I've stopped also because of Netflix, not anticipation of HDDVD or BluRay. Except for a few specific titles, I don't expect to buy many hidef movies.
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I stopped two years ago in anticipation of BluRay.
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I bought one (Dune) in the last 18 months.
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Count me in. I have around 200 DVDs and stopped about 6-8 months ago in anticipation of BluRay.
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I've cut way back, now buying only comedies or other never to be rebought in HD; all the big times favs will wait for HD format...

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I never started. I knew from the first day DVD's were available that an HDTV format
would become available. I do buy DVD's but they were mainly "gotta have" demos,
titles that are not going to get HDTV treatment (old movies and TV shows), and
my kid vids (videos my children have to have, worth it to keep them quiet).

My total collection is probally 20 tops. Another factor is Netflix, so its fair to say that
having an HDTV format might not really change things.

However, I strongly suspect that with a real HDTV format, as in good discs and
the end of the format war would make me want to dramatically increase my DVD
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Me too. Netflix.
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I used to buy a lot of movies but not so much in the last two years. These days I only really get music stuff and TV show box sets where true HD versions are very unlikely to be created.

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I'm still buying DVD's, but mostly stuff that I won't see in an HD format for a while. Examples:

Steve Vai: Live at Astoria
Killswitch Engage: Set this World Ablaze
Rock & Roll High School (GABBA GABBA HEY!)
Wallace & Grommet: Curse of the WereRabbit (for the kids)
Office Space (latest edition)
Doug Doppler: Diatonic Theory and Harmony

I think that's it.
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This thread may have better if it was a poll
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about the same amount new releases if i like them.
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Netflix + *cough* DVDXPress */cough*
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