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Anyone ever hear of the Niko OTP-3211W 32" HDTV-LCD? - Page 3

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Originally Posted by hidefLoans View Post

Kielige, did you figure out the component blue color thing?

I'm now using the component video as the input from my DVD player and there are no issues. I'm pretty sure I have an answer though. When I was checking the TV out as it arrived, I didn't have the DVI input cable so my HTPC was connected to the TV with component video and THAT(the HTPC) was the problem. Now the HTPC is connected with the DVI cable and there are no issues. Its highly likely its the way (I wouldn't call it a problem) the MSI K8NGM2-FID GeForce 6150 mobo - which is what the HTPC is based on - graphics outputs are configured by me ( or as it comes out of the box). The relevant thread in the anandtech forum on this motherboard describes the problem well - basically the same outputs work as both component and composite and if you don't tell the card which you want it assumes the worst. I haven't actually tried it out myself since I don't have the problem any more ( I will when I find time and report back ) but it sounds so, so right.

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I finally played something that's true HDTV - the classic "Alien Insect - Praying Mantis" which is in 720p. I know its 720p because this is off my HTPC and the GSPOT analysis says its 720p ! Wow ! That really shows off this LCD TV capabilities well.
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just want to add quickly to the positive reviews of the Niko, although I bought the 26" version...tons of inputs, 16ms response time, nice and bright, xlnt on comcast hd content, very good on sd content.
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I'm interested in this tv, but I have a question for anyone who already owns one... Do the input buttons on the remote, such as av1 or av2 take you directly to the desired input? In other words, is there discreet input selection from the supplied remote? Thanks
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If I get this I will use it as a computer monitor 75% of the time and a TV the other 25%. With the PIP, does it work if I have the computer using either the VGA or DVI and my DirecTV stb using either component or VGA?

Essentially what I am asking is does the PIP work if you use two inputs AND neither one is the NTSC tuner (which I won't be using).

I am still torn between getting this or the HP LC2600N.


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one of PIP sources has to be sdtv. you can't choose DVI with VGA or DVI with component and etc...

i orderd the tv from tigerdirect 1 week ago and the tv arrived yesterday. when it arrived, the box was beaten up quite a bit by ups. grrr... when i opened it, the lcd looked pristine. i was still nervous that i would be stuck with a bunch of dead pixels. started up the xbox360 and not one dead pixel. whew.

the good

the HD picture looks great. granted, the sharp and sonys would look better but that would also be twice the price. my opinion is that the picture quality is ~90% of the sharps and sonys so this is a bargain. as for the ghosting, ghosting is in every display i've seen. i've accepted that ghosting is a fact of life. for this tv, the ghosting is above average(in a good way). on HD or DVD sources, it's insignificant(although i still notice it). i've hooked up the xbox360 thru VGA and played some GRAW and PGR3 and it looks damn beautiful. march madness on HDTV looks great too.

the bad

you can see the backlight when the scene is dark. it's a very very small portion of the corners of the tv but you can tell its there. i don't know if its just my set that has the problem. but to me this is easily ignorable. picture quality when it comes to SDTV is below average. on SDTV sources, the ghosting is prevalent. don't get this tv if you don't plan on watching mainly DVDs or HD.

i dont regret this purchase one bit. if you have a small room and mainly use HD or DVD sources, i definitely recommend this set especially for the price. keep in mind if you order that niko dead pixel policy is 8 or more pixels. if you get screwed with a few dead pixels, neither tigerdirect nor niko will do jack for you.
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just bought the tv today and it will be delivered by friday
just to clarify ill be sitting about 5-10ft from the tv its big enought right
im using a Io cable box and remote- will it be able to control the tv with it
if i hook regular cable stright into it will it give me a good picture
i have a gamecube will that look good or should i keep that on my 19inch lcd
if you guys could answer these questions that would be great
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Originally Posted by N.REED View Post

I'm interested in this tv, but I have a question for anyone who already owns one... Do the input buttons on the remote, such as av1 or av2 take you directly to the desired input? In other words, is there discreet input selection from the supplied remote? Thanks

There are AV1, AV2, AV3, VGA, DVI, and TV buttons on the remote. And yes, they take you directly to the input implied by their name.
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Originally Posted by bobkart View Post

There are AV1, AV2, AV3, VGA, DVI, and TV buttons on the remote. And yes, they take you directly to the input implied by their name.

Thank you sir.
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Can anyone comment on how fast this thing changes chanels? I will be using primarily for SD with built in tuner. I hate how some TVs take awhile to goto the next channel.
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I havent tried changing channels with just the built in tuner, I will try that tonight for you. I normally just go through my Digital Cable Box.
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Thanks. If it has a delay when changing channels thats going to push my away from this TV. Thanks
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There is a slight delay when using the built-in tuner.
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Yeah small delay... its nothing like 1000ms or anything... I dont think Id get pissed off waiting for my channels to change... its about as fast as my cable box.
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It's faster than my cable box.
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Has anyone wall mounted theirs? I already have a basic max 40 pound 100 x 100 mount I hope I can use.
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Mine arrived a few days ago from tigerdirect and I have not found anything major to complain about this TV yet. well, the tv does not have a working remote control code which is just a minor inconvenience to me. The HD signal looks great on this TV as expected. The SD signal appears to be much much better than the 46" Sony HDTV out in the living room. I hooked up my XBOX for some Halo action and didn't notice any lag in movements at all (the graphics is awesome!!!!). Though i did notice a slight lag watching the talking head on one of those news channels as mentioned in a previous post but that was the only time that i saw. I have not seen the same issue in any other programs, yet. In all, I'm pretty happy with this purchase.
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great tv that is for sure. i do however notice lage on showtime hd and hbohd. the 360 looks great on it.

When there is a working remote code can somone put it on the forem.
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I got this tv about 3 weeks ago now. When looking for a TV, I was set on an LCD, and was debating between the 42" Spectre, 37" Westinghouse, and this one a while back. I needed an LCD because it was going to be used as a monitor more often than not, and I didnt want to worry about burn-in.

I decided to go for a cheaper screen, and, instead, spend the difference on revamping my livingroom that has been refered to as being "stuck in the 80s". I got this TV, a new entertainment system, a new sofa, new lamps, new tables, and new carpeting for about the same amount that I was going to spend on the Westinghouse 37".

My setup:

I have the following hooked up:
HD STB to AV1 via component
DVD player to AV2 via component
PS2 to AV4 via Component
Laptop to VGA

All audio is hooked up to my preamp directly, so no audio on the TV. Not using built in tuner at all. Using a Harmony 520 Remote.

Things I like about it:

7 Video Inputs (AV1, AV2, AV3, AV4, VGA, DVI-HDCP, Tuner)

- AV1, AV2, and AV4 all have component. AV4 can also become an output instead if you want. I think they each also have composite and S-video input as well. This is PLENTY. I do wish I had another DVI or a HDMI, but what's provided is still better than many TV's out there.

Picture quality

- What can I say - Its very nice. SD could be better, but definitly good from a reasonable viewing distance. Progressive sources are amazing. (Maybe its the deinterlacer that isnt good? I havent tried 1080i so I don't know). From my DVD player, HTPC, STB, and PS2, colors are great, picture is bright, details are clear. All my friends that come over comment on its great sharpness when I'm in HD or PC input. Gaming on a 32" widescreen is amazing. I think there was a little lag when I first got it (Noticed via PS2 on a game that required good reaction response). I did turn the phase all the way down and I believe it eliminated it. (Not sure if this was the fix, or if it was psychological over time.) The phase is an undocumented setting, so I don't know what it does exactly. I have never noticed any lag on any other source. Response time seems as fast on the PC on the LCD TV as it ever has with my 2001FP.

Build quality

- This thing seems very well built. Some plasticky parts, but doesnt seem like anythings going to snap off of it.


- Yes the remote is kind of large and feels cheap. I'm not talking about the quality of the remote, as I dont use it. Its the way its controlled. I use my Harmony remote for this tv, and the Harmony software recognized this TV's controls after adding it as a device by the OTP-3211W name; I didnt have to teach the commands. I like how you go directly to inputs, instead of cycling. I like the one button aspect button for 3:4 content (Stretch/Panoramic stretch, or regular). The way it is controlled is good for a programmable remote.


- Self explanatory

Things I don't like about it:

Remote Sensor

This is by far the most annoying thing about this tv. The sensor on this TV is dissapointing. There are IR sensors that pick up signals even when your remote isnt pointed at the tv at all..and then there's this sensor, which misses alot of commands, unless your pointed within a few degrees of the sensor. Once you keep this in mind and make sure you point the remote at the tv, its not that bad of an issue, but this is one issue you really cant work around unless you just don't use a remote.

Built in speakers

Now the integrated sound I had on for only a little bit when I first got it, but I was definitly not impressed. I have been spoiled by my 500w+ speaker systems, so maybe my standards are too high. I feel that anyone buying a LCD TV should be considering some 5.1 system as well, or at the least an external stereo system. No issue here, the volume on my TV is off and my devices are all hooked up to my preamp.


Only one HD PIP source. The other PIP must be SD. That means no DVI/VGA PIP. No Component/Component PIP. Only one PIP source can be Component, DVI, or VGA. I planned to do a bit of PIPing with the PC on DVI. I got around this by making redundant inputs for my STD and DVD source (Hooked them up via SVideo as well as Component, so it uses Svideo instead when PIPing with these sources). Quality is obviously lower when PIPing with an SVideo input, but at least I can get picture that way.

No direct selection for AV4

Ok this one is really picky, but theres no direct selection for AV4. There is AV1, AV2, AV3, and YbPbr. The "YbPbr" brings you to the next component input. I got around this by programming a "AV4" button on my remote, to have it first send the command for "AV3", then "YbPbr".

Color Scheme

Black + Matte Silver border doesnt really match with much. It doesnt clash with my black entertainment system, but doesnt flow either. This isn't that big of a concern though.


This is a great screen to get into HD. Works amazingly as a computer monitor if you use it as a monitor from TV viewing distance. (I think 136*x768 res is about as high as I would go from 5+ feet away. Things would be too small at a higher res). Outside of what I mention above, theres nothing else really bad about it. Everyones been impressed so far, which is alot to say considering the price point its at. No regrets here, and if some new great tech comes out, or new TVs hit a low price, I can always retire this LCD to a wall somewhere else in the house.
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Originally Posted by Jon11582 View Post

I think there was a little lag when I first got it (Noticed via PS2 on a game that required good reaction response). I did turn the phase all the way down and I believe it eliminated it. (Not sure if this was the fix, or if it was psychological over time.) The phase is an undocumented setting, so I don't know what it does exactly.

The only phase setting I can find is for VGA inputs (it says something about it in the manual ) - is that the one you mean ? and will setting that help S-Video or component or DVI input too ?

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can i hookup the cable directly to this and use one of those hd antennas or do i need to get another hd cable box?
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just got this TV from TigerDirect, made the purchase obviously because of a really cheap price. the TV so far is performing very well, no dead pixels, cant really find anything really bad with it, havent hooked up my PC to it yet. so will keep you updated.

here are some bad things,
the remote control and the IR port really lag sometimes and sometimes you have to really point the control at the TV...a little annoying as im used to just clicking without having to worry about pointing..

in the manual for PIP it says when switching the audio source of the PIP press the AUDIO button..that would work, if there was an AUDIO button on the remote..can someone tell me how to switch audio source in PIP..

also, this TV does not respond to my Cable Box Remote Control, i tried to program it, but it does not work..so now i have to use 2 remotes to control the volume...i dont want to buy a Harmony since i only have a TV and a Cable Box...and XBOX..

anyway, will post more once i start gaming on it.
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Just got mine about an hour ago from TigerDirect. Took about 10 minutes from box to hookup. Here are my impressions.

Shipping: 3 days

It is incredible!! No dead pixels. Picture is brilliant and crisp in SD without any manipulation. If yours is fuzzy, by sure to use only S-video connections. Surround Sound is pretty decent for TV speakers. This might be the deal of the year! Get one before Niko realizes their ripping themselves off!! LOL!!!!!

By the way, getting my HD hooked up on monday so will post my impressions of that later.
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just watched Mindhunters in HD from Starz HD, and spotted some ghosting especially during the dark scenes, not too much..but still noticeable....i heard this is normal with most LCDs is this true?
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Originally Posted by yy4u View Post

Got my HD dvr and, as expected, the HD picture is wonderful. You won't be able to tell by these pics I posted, they don't look any better than the SD pics above, but believe me, HD looks great and I am more than satisfied. Can't find anything not to like about this tv.

One thing, this is my first HD unit and maybe this is normal, but the major network HD channels (abc & nbc) don't fill the whole screen, they are stuck in 4:3. All the other HD channels are in 16:9 and the SD channels will stretch to 16:9, but primetime HD network shows are all 4:3. Is this the way it's supposed to be? Anyone?

I dont know if I have a bad set or bad setup, I also have cable HD receiver. Especially close ups, I can see noticible distortions at times with head movements.
Some channels are fine, CNN, NBC,ABC, but with live broadcasts on like ESPN with real close ups there seems to be some slight discoloration and distortion. Is there any thing that can be done or is that just what you get in this T.V.. I've heard good responses about this TV so I'm thinking that it may just be my set up. I would greatly appreciate any help. You can email me directly at skynz71@yahoo

Thank You
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You may want to determine if the signal is coming that way out of the HD box, or if the distortions are being introduced by the display. If you are connected via DVI or even Component Video, it's hard to imagine distortion being introduced by the display with that kind of quality connection. And the fact that it's not always there, some channels have it and some don't, leads me to suspect the HD box.

If you have another display you can watch the same signal that would help pinpoint the component responsible for the distortion. Don't forget to try different cables (for Component Video or less) too.
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Well, first off let me just say the screen looks great from a dvd point of view, a 7 year old non - progressive scan player no less. I can't say the same about my satellite signal, however. I have the dish 2 tuner dvr box, not the hd one. Has anyone noticed faint vertical lines in the signal? They are more noticable on certain programs such as the news, for example. You can also see artifacts. The screen almost looks like an overcompressed jpeg file. The receiver is connected through s - video, the best it has to offer. Has anyone else been experiencing similar signal faults? Also, does anyone see this on sd channels on their dish hd box?

On the phase issue, apparently it is available only through the vga input. But, the menu does not pop up. I assume this has to do with the fact that i have nothing hooked up through the vga input? Why does the menu not come up?
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Is the stand easily removable?
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I'm recently bought the Niko OPT-3211W and i have it hooked up via S-video cable to my cable box. One one of the channels (WB) for some reason the screen keeps switching between 16:9 and panoramic view automatically and it does it every 10-30 seconds. Has anyone experienced this? What could possibly cause this to happen and only on one channel?
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does anyone hear some humming from the display?? i have mine for 3 days and it makes a noticeable humm.. i try to ignore it but it's annoying.. any help will be great..
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